We Tried Kate Middleton's Signature Scent & It's The Epitome Of Understated Luxury

If you've been keeping tabs on the Princess of Wales over the years, you're likely well acquainted with some of her go-to looks. The British royal favors elegant, clean lines in her wardrobe, frequently sporting British designers like Jenny Packham — though she's even known to rock affordable luxury labels like Reiss. But how much do you know about Kate Middleton's favorite perfume?

Middleton's scent of choice is none other than Jo Malone's Orange Blossom Cologne, according to Susan Kelley, the founder of the Kate Middleton-centered fashion blog What Kate Wore (via Harper's Bazaar). The sparkling floral scent, which retails for $165, launched in 2003, right around the time the now-princess grabbed Prince William's attention at a St. Andrews University student fashion show. Naturally, we can't help but wonder if her continued use of the scent is related to memories of early meetings with her prince.

Designed by French perfumer Jean Claude Delville, Jo Malone describes the Orange Blossom Cologne as "a shimmering garden oasis." With only a handful of notes, including vetiver and white lilac, we can see why this clean, chic fragrance would appeal to a style maven like Middleton. We at Glam decided to try Orange Blossom for ourselves and were pleasantly surprised by its sophisticated scent.

First impressions of Jo Malone's Orange Blossom Cologne

If you're anything like us, you might think that a scent called Orange Blossom would contain prominent bursts of citrus. But once we uncapped it, a swirl of jasmine and lilac filled the air. In our minds, Orange Blossom is an unmistakable springtime scent, though you could easily wear it into the early months of summer. The first spritz smelled bright and juicy — the fleeting aroma of a tangerine blossom top note. We wished the tangerine blossom's sharp, citrusy sweetness would have lasted a little longer on our skin, as it seemed to fade almost as quickly as it arrived.

As the tart tangerine blossom drifts away, a bouquet of white, dewy floral notes emerges. There's also a hint of grassy vetiver, which turns slightly soapy as it settles down. We were surprised by how quickly this fragrance unfurled and how its seemingly simple notes could reveal so much depth. That said, if we had to choose one word to describe Orange Blossom, it would be fresh. But that's not to suggest that this perfume is anything like your run-of-the-mill spring floral. With every passing whiff we caught throughout the day, we noticed something different about it.

Other thoughts on Orange Blossom

We'll admit that we haven't spent much time among real orange blossoms, but we were thoroughly impressed by Jean Claude Delville's interpretation for Jo Malone. To the public, Kate Middleton projects a sense of confidence, cheer, and class, and Orange Blossom perfectly embodies all of these charming qualities and more.

On the dry down, Orange Blossom becomes far more subdued. By the end of the day, all that remained of the fragrance was a powdery floral accord, similar to the smell of clean laundry. Twelve hours after applying it, the orriswood base note still clung to our clothes, but it was barely perceptible on our skin. It's an elegant, unexpected finish for a fragrance with such a bright opening. If we could change anything about its overall formulation, we'd want Orange Blossom to have more projection and staying power. As gorgeous as this perfume is, it may be a touch too delicate for some fragrance fans.

Even if you aren't the biggest fan of white florals, we strongly suggest trying Orange Blossom. There's more than meets the eye with this Jo Malone creation, and it's an olfactory journey worth taking. Moreover, since fragrances can smell different on different people, you may even discover a new side of this delightful scent.

How to make Orange Blossom last even longer

While Orange Blossom is a delight to wear, its longevity could be better. Even scent hounds with sensitive noses may find Orange Blossom a little too light for their liking, as it wears off considerably over the course of the day. However, you're in luck if you can't get enough of its fresh, orange grove fragrance.

In addition to its classic Orange Blossom Cologne, Jo Malone produces several other products in this scent to enjoy. Kate Middleton is also fond of the brand's Orange Blossom Candle and even included it as part of her royal wedding day decor. According to reviewers, the brand's hand-crafted candle performs similarly to the original fragrance. "I absolutely love my Orange Blossom candle ... I have spent years trying to find a candle that is mild and soft," wrote one reviewer on the brand's site.

Beyond candles and diffusers, Jo Malone offers an assortment of Orange Blossom-scented body products that, when used together, could amplify the cologne's intensity. Try using Orange Blossom Body & Hand Wash in the shower, followed by the cocoa butter-based Orange Blossom Body Crème for a luxurious, fragrance-layering experience. You can even mix and match perfumes with similar qualities to bring out your favorite notes in Orange Blossom. Play with vanilla-based gourmands for a sweeter outcome, or choose earthy, fresh scents to underscore its greener elements — the choice is yours.