You Go Natural: What Happened To The Brand After Shark Tank?

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Appearing in front of the panel of wealthy investors on ABC's hit entrepreneurial reality series "Shark Tank" is no easy feat, especially when you walk in with your company having an estimated valuation of $8 million already despite you not reaping a profit in some years of operation. This was exactly the position Monique Little and David Dundas found themselves in when they entered the Tank on Season 14, Episode 21 of the show. In spite of the big ask, the brother-sister duo remained confident as they presented their protective hair wraps and their business's background.


In the end, at least one Shark bit, entering a deal with the TikTok-viral brand. But was it enough to keep the company afloat after the buzz of appearing on the show faded away? We've done the digging to piece together what's been happening with You Go Natural since they snagged an ABC Shark to help fund the future of their business so you don't have to.

You Go Natural's Shark Tank pitch

As the CEO and COO of You Go Natural, Monique Little and David Dundas, respectively, faced the Sharks and asked the panel for a sizeable $400,000 investment in return for 5% equity in their company. After demonstrating their satin and silicone-lined hair wraps and headbands, the founders got down to business, informing the Sharks that they'd already made an astounding $15 million in sales. Unfortunately, they shared, the company had actually lost money the previous year (2022) due to the decision to invest too much in advertising and inventory.


Once the pair revealed that it'd agreed to trial retail deals with Target and Urban Outfitters stores, Kevin O'Leary and Barbara Corcoran quickly dropped out of the running. "I think you should stick with your lane," Corcoran advised, referring to the brand's online approach to sales. Lori Greiner and Daymond John quickly followed suit. "It would take me five years just to break even," John explained. 

The only Shark to make an offer was Mark Cuban, who offered $400,000 for 20% equity "because of all the uncertainty." Dundas countered with the idea of a debt deal with repayment through royalties. After a brief period of negotiation, the Shark and the founders came to an agreement on $400,000 repaid through a royalty fee of $3 per headband and $5 per wrap, then ending with 7% equity in the company. 


You Go Natural after Shark Tank

It's unclear whether or not You Go Natural's deal with Shark Mark Cuban actually closed after the show was filmed. There doesn't appear to be any mention of "Shark Tank" or Cuban on the brand's Instagram or TikTok pages, and while its appearance on the program is highlighted on the company's website and "sealing a deal" is referenced, Mark Cuban is not. This lack of public affiliation could mean that the company actually opted to continue operating on its own once the cameras stopped rolling.


After its appearance on the hit show, You Go Natural expanded its product line to include the Active Collection. This collection of headbands, turbans, and dread sleeves features triple-layered fabrics designed to wick away sweat and ventilate heat during sports and workouts. Men's and women's fall 2023 collections have also been released, featuring bands, wraps, turbans, and sleeves in a variety of fall shades like the golden-hued "karat" and the perfectly red "wine." 

Is You Go Natural still in business?

You Go Natural is very much still in business, judging by the company's operational website and its active social media accounts. All the products that were demonstrated on "Shark Tank" are still available for sale online, along with the new active and fall 2023 lines. Several You Go Natural headbands and wraps are also still available for purchase in Target and Urban Outfitters stores. Furthermore, the lifestyle blog Geeks Around Globe estimates that the company now has a net worth of around $5 million.


The brand continues to engage with its customer base online, recently teasing the release of satin-lined bucket hats and hosting an Instagram poll regarding the best color of silk-lined sleep turban. On TikTok, You Go Natural frequently posts short demonstrations of how customers can use its products to style various types of naturally curly hair. At the time of writing, no evidence points to the brand struggling to stay in business.

Outlook for You Go Natural

Overall, the future looks bright for You Go Natural. After all, there's a growing need for products that cater to individuals with textured hair that needs protection from harsh fabrics and chemicals like cotton and chlorine, respectively. According to technology firm Solvay, which aims to build innovative solutions to everyday problems, between 65% and 75% of women worldwide have textured hair, with 40% to 50% of women in the United States having textured hair. It's clear to see, then, that there's no shortage of folks who could benefit from textured hair-protecting products.


As for the company's founders, David Dundas is currently listed as both the COO of You Go Natural and the CEO of an influencer agency by the name of HelloConvo on LinkedIn. Monique Little is listed solely as the CEO of You Go Natural on her LinkedIn page and proudly reports that she continues to "build the future of ethnic beauty through beautiful and innovative products that revolutionize the natural haircare experience." Ultimately, both founders and their business appear to be headed for continued success.