Add Villain Makeup To Your List Of Must-Try TikTok Trends

Princesses have always been idolized in Disney movies, but we think it's much more fun playing a villain. Angelina Jolie, for example, proved that bad guys aren't all evil while rocking the witch's striking signature look in the movie "Maleficent." In fact, many makeup lovers agree that looking like a villain is much more interesting than a heroine and have recreated their own versions of this vampy trend. For example, for TikTok user Diana Montoya, the focus for looking like a villain was having strong brows, super-contoured eyes, and a deep red lip. Mirta Miler, another makeup maven, used a red liquid blush that she joked was "the blood of our enemies."

One thing's for sure: villain makeup is all about looking snatched, so be prepared to have your contouring stick and liquid eyeliner on hand. Flawless skin is also a requirement, so you'll want to use a full-coverage foundation and concealer. While red lips aren't mandatory, they do have to be a dark color, such as magenta or burgundy. If you're ready to look like the anti-hero, grab your makeup tools and magic mirror — and prepare to slay.

An exaggerated cat eye is a villain must-have

If you're trying out this villain makeup trend, be prepared to apply super-precise eyeliner, going with a liquid one, which will give you the best results. Don't just opt for a regular flick at the end either — you'll need to elongate the tails on the outer and inner corners of your eyes. As for brows, going strong at an upward angle with a pointed top will add to your evil look. And don't forget your blood-stained lips!

Shimmers aren't just for princesses

Soften up your villain makeup look with a pretty iridescent purple shadow on your eyes. To look more "Descendants" and less "Cinderella," smudge a black liner on your top lids in a V-shape going upward. You'll also want to make your brows super arched with black pencil or brow powder and highlight your browbone with a light concealer. For the lips, a dark brown liner and shiny lipgloss add spice to your character makeup.

Smokey eyes and mahogany lips are a villainous combo

The darker the lips, the more villainous you'll look, and we love a reason to wear a deep red. This mahogany shade screams evil witch, especially when paired with smokey green eyes, as seen above. Blend the outer corners way up towards your brows and under your eyes. Then, smudge the shadow a bit under your eyes to create a disheveled, running-in-the-forest look.

Latte makeup is a hot take on the villain trend

Combine the bronzed goddess latte makeup trend with the current villain makeup craze, and you've got yourself a sultry, coffee-colored look. For this, create a reverse cut-crease shadow effect by priming your lids and applying a light beige shade all across. Then, take a chocolate-colored eye shadow and make a sharp crease right above your eyelids. Blend the color up toward your brows, making sure not to disturb the line. Finish off the look with sharp-edged brows and mocha-colored lipstick. For extra drama, apply long false lashes.

Embellished eyes add dazzle to your villain makeup look

Villains love sparkly things as much as the next princess, and this makeup trend is a great way to incorporate rhinestones onto your face. Black and pink ones, for example, are the perfect combo to highlight your cut crease. To apply face crystals so that they stay in place, dot a tiny bit of eyelash glue onto the back of each one and place them on carefully with a tweezer. You'll want the glue to dry a bit so it gets tacky and adheres to your skin better.

Create a futuristic villain look with graphic eye makeup

You can't be a villain without dramatic makeup, and this graphic version gets a round of applause for originality. To create this look, grab an eyeliner pencil in your favorite color and make geometric shapes around your eyes. They don't have to be perfect, but be sure the lines are sharp. Then, fill the geometric shapes in with a lighter color and highlight the edges with a white pencil. A black face mask with a silver chain adds an evil allure.

Villain makeup isn't just for the bad guys

If you're going for the villain look, why not go all out? Get into character with a face fit for any Disney movie. This makeup lover, for instance, flipped the innocent Snow White aesthetic around and made her into the bad one. Amp up your eyes with super-lifted winged eyeliner and shadow. For the brows, lift the ends with a black eyebrow pencil and use the same pencil to outline your lips. Fill in the center of your mouth with bright red lipstick, and be prepared to strike terror into the hearts of your enemies.