Jennette McCurdy Has A Book Club Now - Here Are Her Picks So Far

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Although many remember Jennette McCurdy from her role as Sam Puckett in the Nickelodeon show "iCarly," she's most recently reentered the spotlight thanks to her literary talent. After the release of her memoir, "I'm Glad My Mom Died," McCurdy has gained many fans of her writing and flair for storytelling. In her book, McCurdy details her experience as a child actor and the complications behind her relationship with her mother. Besides having a #1 New York Times Bestselling book with over 2 million copies sold, McCurdy is also taking this opportunity to shine some light on other must-read books.


In May 2023, McCurdy announced via Instagram a new digital book club where she and her fans could enjoy other pieces of literature together and discover new literary treasures. Each month, McCurdy picks out a book and shares it with her audience, encouraging many to pick up a copy and share their thoughts and experiences. Sharing both fiction and non-fiction, McCurdy's book club is perfect for anyone looking to find new reads — whether for the beach or off — that could be outside your regular picks and share them with a community of readers.

May 2023: Hang the Moon & The Anti-Cool Girl

For the first month of her book club, Jennette McCurdy opted for two books, one non-fiction and one fiction book.

For her fiction pick, McCurdy picked "Hang the Moon" by Jeannette Walls. This novel takes readers through the prohibition era in Virginia, following the main character, Sally Kincaid, as she battles the chaos of the time along with her own personal journey. Having previously written "The Glass Castle," Walls takes readers through another trip that keeps readers hooked from the first page. Via Goodreads, one reader mentions, "Was I intrigued? Yes, indeed! I so enjoy books about strong, stand on your own two feet women, women who are capable of withstanding the hard knocks of life and come back with her fists raised and ready for battle."


For non-fiction literature, McCurdy's pick, "The Anti-Cool Girl" by Rosie Waterland, is a perfect read that mixes tragedy and heart. Life can be chaotic, and Waterland shares her mess with readers in a brilliant memoir that embraces the messiness of life. With a 4.3 rating on Amazon, readers are obsessed with the rawness of Waterland and the messages she throws throughout. "Mind blowing! This book was funny, sad, tragic and at times unbelievable," one reviewer mentions. "Great read. What a woman Rosie is. I couldn't have survived half of what she has." Waterland's memoir makes the perfect read for those eager to take a closer look at the hardships others face.

June 2023: Little Monsters

For her June pick, Jeannette McCurdy shares a book that explores the complexity of family, a topic she writes about in her own book. "Little Monsters" by Adrienne Brodeur takes readers to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where they meet a fictional family, the Gardeners, and relate to each family member some of the complications of the familial relationship. The book takes readers through the perspective of each family member, showing how a father and the lives of each child are affected after the death of their wife and mother.


"During the final scene, I could not control the tears. I wanted to be there!" mentions one Barnes & Noble reader. "I wanted to be loved by these gorgeous, complicated, trustworthy, messy human beings. They prioritize the people in their life and love them wholeheartedly." Set in dreamy, coastal Cape Cod, Brodeur provides the perfect picturesque background to contrast with the messy drama the family faces. Whether or not you relate to the complexity of the topic, Brodeur makes readers feel as if they're part of the Brodeur family themselves.

July 2023: Fireworks Every Night

"Fireworks Every Night" by Beth Raymer also takes readers through a coming-of-age story dealing with the complexities of life and family. Jennette McCurdy's July pick focuses on C.C. and her life in Florida with a family of interesting characters. Via dark comedy and love, C.C. narrates the ups and downs of her life through a story that everyone will relate to in some way. Although it's a work of fiction, "Fireworks Every Night" has found a way to touch readers by challenging them to reflect on their own lives.


As one Amazon reader puts it, "As somebody else who has been displaced to Florida, the parallels are an art form and capture the raw truth of living here perfectly. And when I say truth, I don't mean bad or good which is why this book is so pleasant to read." As McCurdy mentions in her Instagram post, Raymer does a great job of making readers feel compassion towards these complex characters while still being able to laugh at some of the more difficult topics covered.

August 2023: The Many Lives of Mama Love

Per Simon & Schuster, "The Many Lives of Mama Love" by Lara Love Hardin is a tender book that deals with redemption and the shame from trying to move on from one's mistakes, even though life seems to let you never forget. Jennette McCurdy's August pick is a small look into the life of Hardin, who beautifully injects herself into parts of the book that are full of intensity and heart. As McCurdy mentions via Instagram, "The Many Lives of Mama Love" has plenty of heart but is wild at the same time, making it a page-turner.


With a stellar 4.48 rating on Goodreads, many readers of the book have found themselves absorbed into the world of a mother who seemingly has it all on the outside but who, on the inside, is suffering deeply. "This book is beautifully written and painfully honest," starts one reviewer. "I work in child welfare (CPS is how it's referred in this book) and books like this are why I do the work I do." Hardin's book is a painful reminder that everyone is going through something, while giving audiences a sad look at the system's flaws.

September 2023: Everything/Nothing/Someone

In announcing her September pick, Jennette McCurdy took to Instagram to explain how "Everything/Nothing/Someone" by Alice Carrière is simply "spellbinding." McCurdy not only mentions how Carrière's memoir is beautifully crafted but also how readers love how the author turns a painful childhood and experience with mental illness into a work of art. Detailing the experience of growing up neglected by her parents, Carrière shows readers what it's like to grow up with such characters as parents.


Even for those who haven't had such life experiences, "Everything/Nothing/Someone" gives readers a glimpse of the pain that can come with them. "For the longest time, I was on a reading dry spell. Once I started this memoir, I could not put it down," mentions one Amazon reviewer. "It is the most brilliantly written book that I have ever read. My heart goes out to Alice, who, in spite of life's worst obstacles, found herself in the end." While a heartbreaking story, Carrière's memoir reminds everyone of the importance of love and connection.