Your Guide To Approaching Dating, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Dating can be fun, sometimes difficult, and often both at the same time. When it comes to dating, the basic traits of your zodiac sign (both the good and the bad) can come into play — and this is a great place to get a little insight into who you are and what approaches you should take as you play the field, trying to find the right person to share your life with. While you're not your sun sign alone, it still says a lot about who and how you are in the world, and it can indicate some of the basic personality traits that you can count on popping up in your life on the regular.

While not always, your element (fire, water, earth, or air) can come into play with how you approach dating, as can your modalities (fixed, mutable, or cardinal). And, while your moon sign may have something to say about your emotions, your sun sign is the main blueprint for who you are on the surface. In the beginning, it's those surface parts of ourselves that people will experience as they get to know each other before things get too deep. And, of course, as licensed relationship therapist Jaime Bronstein told USA Today on the topic of zodiac signs and relationships, "Sometimes people aren't exactly what their sign would say that they should be." So, let's take a look at what your sun sign says about how you should — or are most likely to — approach dating.

Sagittarius needs freedom to adventure

As a Sagittarius, you are someone who loves adventure –- and you're fine taking off on those adventures alone because you'll make friends anywhere you go. Because of Sagittarius' outgoing nature, they tend to attract people no matter where they are. This means that when it comes to dating, Sagittarius is going to want someone who can keep up with them. According to astrologer Francesca Oddie, as she shared with The U.S. Sun, "They don't play games, unless we're talking about sex games, naturally, and they are spontaneous, thrill-seeking, and prone to experimentation."

Fickle is definitely in your vocabulary, so if you find yourself bored, you're likely to move on to the next dating adventure, leaving whomever you were sharing time with in the dust. As astrologer Juliana Rose Teal told Well + Good, "Inconsistency and restlessness can be an issue for a Sagittarius, which can lead them to jump from one interest to another without committing to anything for an extended time." If you are a true fiery Sag with a passion for being on the go, let your potential suitors know this ahead of time — it will help weed out those who prefer to hang about at home rather than enjoying the world around them. Of course, we know you love adventure, and perhaps dating is your greatest adventure of all.

Capricorn wants quick committment

Capricorns don't have time for games, and as much as we wish dating wasn't one, it definitely can be. Capricorn wants to find the right person and settle down, and that person needs to fit into their life perfectly because it's a busy one. This is one of those signs whose modality and element have a lot of say. Capricorns are a cardinal sign, making them leaders who like to be in charge, and their earthly element makes them well-grounded. "Capricorns are practical, and they are goal-oriented, so they don't want just a relationship that's not going somewhere," astrologer Rachel Lang told Women's Health.

Capricorn tends to look for a partner who understands the importance of hard work as well as someone who doesn't mind that you like being a breadwinner. The thing is, you're busy, so you may want to alert your dates that there's a chance you might cancel on them from time to time. Anyone who isn't willing to reschedule definitely isn't the right match for your focused lifestyle. "Capricorns are very loyal to the people they care most about," Lang told Women's Health, so once you've found the right partner, you'll have no issues investing more time in the relationship — without neglecting your work.

Aquarius requires plenty of communication

As an air sign, Aquarius is big on communication, even though they're not always the type to express their emotions easily. What they want are stimulating conversations — an Aquarius wants to talk about the strange and unusual, philosophical questions, and all that is beyond the mundane. Banal small talk just isn't their jam. "In Aquarius' world, it is more valuable to be different rather than to blend in with the crowd," astrologer Kesaine Walker told USA Today

Those differences can come in the form of the way they communicate, as mentioned, or in wanting to be a little out-of-the-box when it comes to dating. "In love, Aquarians are open-minded, sensitive, and passionate lovers who appreciate spontaneity," Walker added. This means that you want to look for people who also love doing things on a whim. Rather than the typical dinner and a movie, you may find it more fun to go to a carnival and ride the rollercoaster, then share a corn dog and some cotton candy. It's not the most luxurious date, and we're not saying you don't enjoy those as well, but it's the type of date that lets you explore without a set plan at hand, and that's what drives you.

Aries gets bored after the thrill of the chase

As a fiery and passionate Aries, you find joy in going after the person who interests you, but you can easily get bored once you get them. As professional astrologer Stina Garbis told Bustle, "Once they decide they love you and fall into passion fast, they will do everything to have you," but an Aries' passion can fizzle out just as fast, as Garbis also points out. Plus, Aries, even if you stick around once you win someone over, you could soon get bored if things slow down. 

While this may seem a cruel path to go down, we don't think you're a bad person at all, Aries. You have good traits, as well. As astrologer Monisha Holmes told Well + Good, "They can be compassionate, but I think sometimes they can get caught in their own reality bubble and don't necessarily recognize where someone else could be coming from." You like the excitement of going on fun dates, but less so the boredom of just being a loving couple hanging out at home. Mars is all about those things we know red (the color of this planet) to be — aggressive and full of passion — and that's just how Mars-ruled Aries approaches dating and relationships.

Libra is all about romance

This air sign loves to communicate through romantic gestures, and while your desire is to lavish your dates with the best, you'll want to keep in mind that you might just sweep them off their feet — before you even know if they're right for you. As astrologer Desiree Roby Antila told StyleCaster, "Libras are the archetypal romantics of the zodiac, and their search for partnership drives their every move." However, as astrologer Rachel Lang said to Women's Health, "Libra has a reputation for falling in love easily, but when it comes to commitment, they take their time."

You fall in lust and puppy love easily because of your ruling planet, Venus. But there is something important to know about yourself when it comes to love — as a sign symbolized by the scales, balance is important to you. "They need as much space as they need together time," Lang told Women's Health. You definitely want to be sure that you're getting your alone time to refresh and that you're not spending too much time with your love interest, which could drain your energy and make it hard for you to focus on other important areas of your life.

Scorpio will pursue love endlessly

Scorpio has the intensity of a fire sign with the emotions of a water sign, which is what they actually are. When dating, they can dive right into intimacy, but they tend to struggle with trust issues. Scorpio wants to be trusting, but that trust has to be earned. As astrologer Desiree Roby Antila told StyleCaster, "[Scorpio] requires complete loyalty from the one they love; you are either all the way in or all the way out. There cannot be an in-between." She added that honesty is important to you, dear Scorpio, and if someone breaks your trust, it's a deal breaker.  

According to astrologer Carolyne Faulkner in Well + Good, "Scorpio rules the hips and the genitals," and while this makes them enjoy what goes on behind closed doors with a sex-positive attitude, their tendency to be secretive means that they'll often only share the most private parts of themselves with someone they see a future with. "A Scorpio will treat you as if you are their ultimate heart's desire, even when you don't know each other's middle names yet," astrologer Inbaal Honigman told BestLife. But when a Scorpio feels that it's not right, they'll trust their gut and walk away without a second thought, leaving broken hearts in their wake. 

Virgo could be too giving

Oh Virgo, we know that you love to do acts of service, but we also know that sometimes you do them for people who are undeserving. You may love to be the helper and the fixer, but it won't help you find love if you're giving all of that energy to someone who takes you for granted. "It's all about managing your expectations about what your role [is] in this life, what you can do to make the world a little bit better without feeling like you have to take on everyone's problems," astrologer Renée Watt told USA Today

"Many see Virgos as overly critical and nit-picky due to their meticulous nature," astrologer Lauren Ash told Today. "As an earth sign, they are incredibly loyal and won't run at the first sign of conflict." You're looking for something that is meant to last, which is why you work hard to care for those who come into your life in a romantic fashion. Our suggestion? Take the time to get to know someone before you start doing too much for them, or they'll expect your above-and-beyond approach all the time and you could find yourself being used.

Taurus loves the finer things in life

Because you like the best of the best, from the best restaurants to the most popular nightclubs, you have this to offer the folks you date. As the other sign ruled by Venus, Taurus is a sign that finds joy in luxury, which the AstroTwins pointed out to Parade. If your potential love interest is not into this extravagant lifestyle, they may turn away before they learn that you're a balanced earth sign who loves comfort just as much as opulence. "Since Taurus' senses are so finely tuned, they adore beautifully prepared food, fine wine, and also bodywork — regular bookings for massage, reiki, or a facial are deeply nourishing," astrologer Courtney O'Reilly told Well + Good.

Introduce your dates to luxuries on the lighter side of the scale at first. Planning dates around your less lavish hobbies is also a good idea. As O'Reilly said, a Taurus is "also super creative, affable, calm, consistent, and persevering — they're some of the most thorough people you'll ever meet." That creative side could come out by sharing some art classes with your dates or going to local museums where you can explore creativity throughout history — together.

Pisces goes all in on emotion

Pisces, you're likely to try to win over your dates with your emotional and creative sides. It's Pisces' mutability trait that makes them somewhat of a social butterfly, but they're natural introverts who need alone time in order to collect themselves and recharge. "Mutable signs are known for their changeable nature. However, with Pisces, it's better to describe them as 'energetic chameleons'. They're able to look beyond superficial appearances to adjust their approach accordingly," astrologer MaKayla McRae told Bustle. In other words, a Pisces can see deeper into you than even you can.

While you're also one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac, you live in a dream world at times. So, be cautious that you don't get attached too fast only to discover that the person you're falling for doesn't have your best intentions in mind, and is simply a fan of all your fawning. "They need to be careful not to fall in love with the fantasy of someone or that person's potential," astrologer Rachel Lang said to Well + Good. "They can build an idea up in their mind that seems ideal but isn't practical or grounded. Therefore, their dreams need grounding through collaborators, other leaders of organizations, or time with friends." Add to that list a romantic partner who has your best interest in mind — and at heart.

Gemini loves fun and flirting

Noted as the twins, Gemini folks tend to have two sides — the side that wants to be the life of the party and the side that wants to be the homebody. The AstroTwins described it this way to Parade: "Gemini has a tendency to ride the roller coaster of life, spiraling skywards one minute and plunging into lows the next. If you can keep up with these vibes, though, you'll have one helluva thrill!" You're the life of the party, but at the end of the day, you also want to get your butt home and relax on your own terms.

Should I stay or should I go? It's not about falling for someone and leaving, it's about getting out or staying home — you might make plans (like a date) but change your mind last minute to stay home for Netflix and popcorn. While you're used to your indecisiveness, remember that not all people change their minds at a moment's notice. "They'll change a value or a plan or an idea without also considering the fact that there are people who are a little bit more committed [and] a little bit more attached to results," astrologer Colin Bedell told Well + Good. Let your potential lovers know this about you and you'll spend less time arguing or breaking hearts.

Leo is loyal and possessive

You're loyal, like the lion. As the AstroTwins told Parade, "[u]sed properly, Leo energy leaves others awakened and revitalized in an empowering way." It's that warm, sunshine-powered energy that gives you the power to energize others, but we also know that Leo has a dark side too. The AstroTwins added, "Leo energy can cause us to upstage those around us, forgetting that each and every person is a valuable member to a team." So, depending on your mood, you may be the person to lift up those around you or you might make them feel invisible, and when it comes to love, you definitely want to focus on being that empowering partner.

When you find someone you want to be with, you want that person to focus on you — your ego demands it. "Strong and at times ego-centric, Leos can find themselves a little too attached to their ideas and opinions," astrologer Leon Moon told Well + Good. Be sure that you remember that those you date want to be your equal partner in the future if things work out, which means you'll want to put your ego to the side when you're ready to settle down.

Cancer looks for comfort

Cancer is family-oriented and enjoys staying home, so you are looking for a person who feels like home to you. As a water sign, you're often fueled by your emotions. You also keep your heart undercover until you know you can trust someone. "Love can enhance this water sign's sense of self when they are truly seen and loved for who they are," astrologer Mira Zaki told Parade.

You don't give your heart away to someone who doesn't seem like they'll be with you for the long haul. As astrologer Arriana Fox put it to Bustle, "This sign sees love as a long-term commitment and not meant to be trifled with." While dating for fun isn't something you're totally opposed to, you can see through people who aren't looking for anything serious or don't have your happiness in mind. Fox advised those looking to date a Cancer, "If you want to be serious with a Cancer, you must be prepared to open your heart honestly and sincerely for them to see what's within you." As an emotional water sign with a penchant for wanting to play house, you should also be sure you're upfront with your potential love interests when you start feeling those twangs of love creeping in.