Tips For Styling Curtain Bangs With A Flat Iron

Many people want to rock the curtain bang trend in the 2020s. These longer face-framing bangs are ideal for putting your features in the spotlight and upgrading your look. "When they're done right, they're flattering on everyone... It's a style that every face shape and every hair texture can have," Mark Townsend, Dakota Johnson's hairstylist, told Vogue. But like any other hairstyle, you'll need to think about how to style them, as curtain bangs aren't always as effortless as they look. For this reason, investing in a flat iron is a good idea if you have curtain bangs.


Always be cautious when using the tool — you must be alert when applying heat to your hair near your face. You should also consider whether you want the results to appear straight, wavy, silky, or bouncy. For instance, twisting the flat iron can lead to waves, while adding velcro rollers after using the flat iron creates bold volume. It can be helpful to explore various flat iron techniques when styling your curtain bangs to find the look you like best. 

Opt for a straight look

If you want a sleek, no-nonsense look and don't care about volume or movement, just use the flat iron to straighten the curtain bangs. The ultra-straight curtain bangs look is the easiest effect to achieve with a flat iron, as you just have to pull the flat iron down the curtain bangs as you typically would when straightening your tresses with a flat iron. Anyone with a petite flat iron can get that silky, polished look, as long as they apply the flat iron, "especially in areas that retain frizz," hairstylist Sacha Harford told Bustle.


While many people prefer bouncier looks, straight curtain bangs are stunning. For instance, Oshia Littlejohn — a hairstylist with over 10,000 TikTok followers — posted a video of long, straight curtain bangs, and they looked silky, sleek, and glamorous. If you want to use a flat iron to style your curtain bangs without advanced techniques, consider opting for a straight look to appear polished and practical rather than free-spirited or romantic.

Twist the flat iron away from your face for a wavy look

Anyone who wants a wavier curtain bang look with their flat iron will have to twist it (rather than classically straighten their hair). Additionally, it's best to turn the flat iron in the opposite direction of your face. "Twisting your flat iron away from your face will help give your bangs more direction," Josh Liu, a celebrity hairstylist, told Cosmopolitan. Anyone hoping to give their curtain bangs some wavy movement will have to practice twisting their flat iron to get that exciting look. 


A hair-focused TikToker shared a video showing the difference between twisting the flat iron toward the face and away from the face. After turning the flat iron toward the face, the curtain bangs appeared straighter with minimal volume. Twisting in the opposite direction led to bouncy, wavy curtain bangs with significantly more volume and movement. Both looks were appealing, but if you're looking for a more lively look, twisting away from the face will provide the bounce you want. 

Use your ponytail as a guide

Everyone knows that letting hair of all lengths flow with curtain bangs appears irresistibly romantic and glamorous — but don't forget about the chic ponytail and curtain bangs combination! When following the direction of your ponytail, your flat iron can elevate your hairstyle to the next level. "Grab your favorite flat iron and gently blend the bangs back towards your pony for a super soft feel," Jessica Shakir, a hairstylist, told


A TikToker posted a video showing curtain bangs framing the face while the rest of the hair was back in a ponytail. They claimed to have thin hair, and the hairstyle appeared effortlessly chic, highlighting the TikTok user's facial features. Anyone with thin tresses looking for a livelier hairstyle should consider the ponytail and curtain bang combo. Impressed viewers even commented, calling it gorgeous and saying, "I'm gonna have to pick up my jaw. It's in the basement." 

Get more volume with velcro rollers

Anyone who enjoys ultra-voluminous-looking curtain bangs should invest in velcro rollers to apply after flat ironing the fringe. A TikTok user shared a video showing this technique, saying it only takes one minute. They started by straightening their curtain bangs with a flat iron, then rolling them back with a velcro roller. When the TikTok user first took the roller out of curtain bangs, they were super poofy — they pushed them to the sides of their face and combed them. The end result was a super voluminous and high-glam look that appeared runway-ready.


To try this tip, you'll need velcro rollers to put in your curtain bangs after you classically straighten them with the flat iron. There are several options available to buy online that can help you get started. In the end, you'll have everything you need to nail your the look you want to achieve.