Strong, Bold Brows Are In For Fall 2023 - Our Tips For Getting The Look

While the summertime was all about natural, brushed-up brows, with fall here, it's time to amp up the drama. Thin '90s brows and the bleached look have been trending for some time, but dark statement lips and smokey eye makeup are making the rounds this season, and you'll want to balance them out with strong and prominent eyebrows. Models walking the Bottega Veneta and Alexander McQueen Fall-Winter 2023/2024 shows sported thick, heavy brows.

If your brows are on the thin side, don't worry — there are plenty of ways to beef them up. You can go the semi-permanent route and try microfeathering, the more natural alternative to microblading. However, not everyone has the funds or the pain tolerance to endure the process. Thankfully, there are plenty of non-invasive options to enhance your brows, such as pencils and brow gels. Different styles of eyebrows are also appearing this fall, from dramatic blocked offerings to brushed-up, fluffy designs. By following just a few tips, you'll be on your way to achieving your bold fall brows.

Fluff up your brows like Florence Pugh

Fluffy brows have been trending for a while, and you can get yours to look like Florence Pugh's with just a few tools. Prime your eyebrows with a brow gel and brush your hair upward. Fill in any gaps with a pencil, mimicking the strokes of your natural hair. Finish off your brows with a few swipes of tinted brow gel for extra fluff.

Use an eyebrow liner to get precise hair strokes

After you fill in your eyebrows with either a pencil or powder, add hair strokes along the inner corners of your brows with an eyebrow liner pen. Like a liquid liner, the tip is tapered and fine, so you can be precise. When you're done, give your brows a spritz with a makeup setting spray to stay budge-proof.

Create a microshade effect for a super dramatic look

While microblading was a popular option for many years, powder brows soon took center stage, and microshading became all the rage. You don't have to get yours professionally done to achieve this look. All you need is an eyebrow powder and a stiff, angled brush. Use short strokes to fill in sparse areas, starting from the inner corners of your brows. Ensure you apply the color to the skin underneath your hair — not on top. Finish the ends with a fine point and clean the edges with concealer.

Highlight your arches

While you want your strong, bold brows to be the focal point, you can boost them by highlighting your brow bones. Apply concealer underneath your brows and sweep on shimmer powder below your arches. Make sure to tweeze any stray hairs so that you have nice, clean lines.

Thinner brows can be bold too

You can still rock a strong, bold look if your eyebrows are thinner. Draw in your brows with a pencil using the eyebrow mapping method. Next, go over your brows with a powder and brush, blending any harsh lines. For a pretty ombré effect, use a lighter shade at the start and a darker one at the ends.

Make your brows even bolder with lifted ends

The shape of your eyebrows can do so much to change your face's appearance, and ensuring that they don't droop down at the ends will give you an instant facelift. Draw them slightly upward instead of bringing the tails down as you usually would, stopping right at the outer corners of your eyes. Your brows will automatically pull your features up, giving you that snatched look without the plastic surgery.