7 Times Willow Smith Went Makeup Free And Looked Flawless

Genuine, soulful, and self-empowered, Willow Smith is a natural beauty through and through. She's known not only for being the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith but also as a multi-talented artist and musician with a magnetic stage presence. Furthermore, her vibrant creativity and vision are reflected in her personal style, which sometimes features a glowing, makeup-free face. "I'm the kind of person who never really gets dressed up unless it's a part of my work, which I kind of like because I'm such a simple person that I like my work being the place I go for these things," Smith told Who What Wear in a 2021 interview.

Most people likely remember Smith's spring to stardom with her 2010 hit single "Whip My Hair," but her journey didn't stop there. Fans got to see her step into her creative freedom from a young age, which has now culminated in iconic moments like the mesmerizing live performance of "Meet Me At Our Spot" by Smith, The Anixety, and Tyler Cole — a track that took TikTok by storm in 2022. 

While Smith can certainly rock a glammed-up look, as her long modeling history proves, the singer-songwriter is also widely beloved for her bold style and gender-neutral approach to fashion. The queen of the no-makeup makeup look? We think so. Ditching the foundation and going makeup-free could even be a contributing factor to her glowing skin. Ultimately, from unique piercings to ethereal tattoos, Smith continues to inspire us and the world with her unique, compelling aesthetic and bare-faced beauty.

Willow Smith goes beautifully bare and flaunts her freckles

Always one to dive into the depths, Willow Smith stuns with her clean, makeup-free vibe, beautiful tattoos, and transcendental insights. "She's giving deeply confused and in need of some cosmic ancestral contact," Smith wrote in her July 24, 2021, Instagram caption. The artist is seen here with dainty gold jewelry, black nails, and a glowing, fresh face — a simple but stunning look that anyone could recreate.

Willow's ethereal glow

Willow Smith shared another makeup-free selfie on May 3, 2023, this one featuring natural brows, minimalist jewelry (hello, nose piercings), and a choker necklace featuring a dangling guitar pick. "U r literally ethereal," commented one Instagram user — and we couldn't agree more. Smith glows with a natural elegance that can't be replicated with lotions or potions — the skincare kind, that is. Forever appreciative of the glimpses into her real, makeup-free life, fans continue to adore the artist and her unique, captivating beauty.

Willow Smith: up close and personal

"[I]t is what it is," Willow Smith captioned this close-up, makeup-free Instagram selfie from September 28, 2021. Here, the star showcases her dainty ear piercings and flawless complexion. This personal snapshot exemplifies the artist's glowing beauty, and while she clearly has a superb canvas to work with, she doesn't need a touch of makeup to shine the way she does. Her captivating eyes really do say it all.

She's effortlessly cool, too

Willow Smith posted yet another flawless, makeup-free selfie on Instagram on May 28, 2023, solidifying her status as an ethereal beauty. With stunning braids and a simple black turtleneck, the artist shows us once more how to glow without a touch of mascara or eyeshadow. Her creativity and soulful musings are enough to have fans head over heels, but the glow she exudes is the cherry on top. One adoring fan commented on the selfie, "You are one the coolest people that exist. Period." It's difficult to argue with that!

Bare-faced in bed

For this makeup-free selfie shared by Willow Smith on Instagram on September 30, 2021, the singer wrote, "[Now] I'm even more lost & you're still so fine," in her caption. We see a somber capture in which Smith wears a necklace featuring the word "Loved" and, again, a beautifully bare face. From authentically vulnerable to illuminatingly creative, Smith continues to inspire with a deeply genuine energy.

A beautiful birthday

There's no shortage of photos to choose from when it comes to showcasing Smith's flawless makeup-free looks, which is one thing we adore about the singer-songwriter. Here, she shows herself curled up with a cozy pup on her 22nd birthday — flawlessly makeup-free with a freshly shaved head and bleached eyebrows. Her glowing-from-within vibe is truly one to envy and fans totally swoon for her gentle, but strong approachability. "He absolutely LOVES YOU and your Sweet demeanor," commented one Instagram user.

Raw and real

Firmly rooting her reputation as authentic, Willow Smith shared a selfie of her fresh face in a tender, teary moment on May 20, 2023. Her caption of the emotional moment was brief, with the star simply writing the word "pantomime." A prime example of a natural beauty who can't help but remain breathtakingly beautiful even while wading through the emotional depths of the human experience, we're all for Smith's strength in vulnerability and raw authenticity.