6 Times Brittany Mahomes Went Makeup-Free And Looked Flawless

As an ex-professional soccer player, fitness entrepreneur, and co-owner of the professional female soccer team Kansas City Current, Brittany Mahomes is no stranger to the spotlight. Mahomes is also the proud spouse of Kansas City Chiefs award-winning quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who was her highschool sweetheart, and she is mother to their two children, Sterling Skye and Patrick "Bronze" Lavon Mahomes III.


Brittany Mahomes has been a subject of frequent news due to her relationship with Patrick Mahomes and, more recently, since striking up a friendship with singer Taylor Swift. For someone who remains in the public eye and has faced bullying on social media in the past, Brittany Mahomes is someone who isn't afraid to face the world without makeup, as demonstrated by a number of her Instagram posts and stories. In fact, there have been at least six times when Brittany Mahomes shared photos online where she's makeup-free, and she looks gorgeous every time.

Spreading inspiration to others

On April 27, 2020, Brittany Mahomes posted a fresh-faced selfie that showcases her natural beauty. The ex-sports star captioned the Instagram post with an inspirational quote to pair with her bright blue eyes, soft smile, and radiant skin. This pre-pregnancy photo was taken before daughter Sterling Skye Mahomes' birth on February 27, 2021.


With her natural brows and healthy skin, Mahomes effortlessly pulls off the no-makeup look.

Posing with an ocean backdrop

Brittany Mahomes shared a dazzling yacht photo on June 22, 2022, which she captioned, "Just traveling the world with these two." The photo shows her enjoying a beach trip with her husband Patrick and their daughter Sterling Skye, who inherited her sparkling blue eyes and blond hair.


In this post, Mahomes rocks a healthy glow and a clear complexion while highlighting her natural freckles and sun-kissed skin, not to mention a cute swimsuit and cover-up ensemble. This photo was posted just over a year after giving birth to her daughter, which makes it an adorable vacation memory for the new family.

Sharing her post-workout glow

Brittany Mahomes shared another bare-faced photo in a giveaway post uploaded on July 26, 2020. The Instagram post shows Mahomes at the gym wearing a workout co-ord as her loyal pitbull Steel enjoys some rest on a yoga mat nearby.


In her fun gym photo, Mahomes flaunts her radiant complexion and beautiful smile while flexing her — rather impressive — bicep muscles in a classic fitness pose. Regardless of whether her glowy skin is a result of a post-workout sheen or natural lighting, everyone can agree that she looks fabulous without makeup.

Captured in a heart-warming hug

A young Brittany Mahomes uploaded a photo back in July of 2018 that captures a sweet moment she had with a newborn baby. In the post, which she lovingly captioned, "Baby Evolet is the cutest little babe ever," Mahomes grins at the camera in a messy bun with natural brows and no makeup.


Her down-to-earth look reveals a spattering of nose freckles and charming smile lines, which complement the warm and authentic makeup-free photo. With no shortage of fake freckle hacks circulating online, it's wonderful to see Mahomes flaunting her natural freckles and luminous skin.

Basking in her success

Brittany Mahomes poses in another bare-faced selfie posted on November 17, 2020, in which she shows off her Brittany Lynne Fitness (BLF) program apparel. The photo shows her sitting in front of a mirror with only the natural light shining through her window to act as a filter. Mahomes' makeup-free skin appears clear and rejuvenated in this flattering lighting.


She captioned the Instagram post, "Thank you for all the love and support on my new BLF Apparel. Means the world to me that many of you want to rock Brittany Lynne Fitness! I appreciate you all so so much ..."

Surrounded by family

In this Thanksgiving photo posted by Brittany Mahomes on November 26, 2020, she is flanked on both sides by the Mahomes brothers, with her husband Patrick on her left and Patrick's brother Jackson on her right. Sitting in front of the trio are Steel and Silver, two aptly named pups that belong to Patrick and Brittany Mahomes' growing family.


Brittany Mahomes once again sports a makeup-free look in this family photo where she shows off her even tone and blemish-free complexion. Based on the number of fresh-faced selfies shared on her social media, one thing is clear: The ex-soccer player certainly is comfortable in her natural skin. Beauty fans should take note of how Mahomes manages to appear fresh-faced without wearing makeup.