New Fake Freckle Hack Dropped, And It's Giving The Subtlest Summer Look

The darling faux freckle trend has been gracing noses and cheeks for the past few years and it doesn't seem to be losing any steam. From henna tattoo freckles to freckle pens, makeup enthusiasts always seem to have something up their sleeve when it comes to innovative techniques and tricks — and some are easier to replicate at home than others. The latest to make the rounds on TikTok is a brilliant and simple hack that'll have you wondering why you didn't think of it first.


All you need is a freckle pen in the hue of your choosing — but rather than applying your fake freckles for a fresh summery vibe with the applicator wand as you may be accustomed to doing, you'll be using your finger. It may sound a little messy, but don't worry — the tip is truly genius and the results are beyond natural. Let's take a deeper dive into this subtle, sun-kissed, summer look.

The natural looking hack

While some may have been less than enthused about their freckles as a kid, they are definitely now a feature to be envied — so much so that some have even opted for a permanent option of the sun-kissed look, tattooing the freckles on. If you aren't ready to take that leap, experimenting with some of the faux freckle tools out there is a great place to start. To jump aboard this TikTok hack, all you'll need is a product to create the faux freckles, like this one from Sephora.


While you can use the wand to apply your freckles, try this instead: simply dot the tip of your finger with the product from the wand several times and then press your fingertip along the bridge of your nose and cheeks to leave the prints of the freckles. It's pretty much fool-proof and the results are incredibly natural looking. Use some variation in the size and spacing to achieve a more organic look.

Similar methods and tools

While many on TikTok are all over this hack, others have also turned up the creativity and found methods of their own involving unsuspecting tools, like a toothbrush. "I dip a toothbrush in water-soluble brown makeup (face paint, eyeshadow, etc.) and just flick the toothbrush into my face then pat them in!" commented user @lemonyemi on @mariellegreguski's video. Freckle stencils, brow pens, waterproof eyeliner, dotting them on freehand — there are a lot of avenues to take to achieve this summery vibe and we are more than here for it.


The youthful beauty of the freckled face has us ready for an endless summer — just make sure to apply your sunscreen as well as your faux freckles to avoid any potential sun damage — as cute as the resulting freckles may be. 

We love this freckled look combined with simple, clean natural beauty, as well as a glammed-up full face of makeup. You really can't go wrong with the timelessness of sweet freckled cheeks.