What To Expect If You Get Freckles Tattooed On

Adopting a fabulously fresh vibe or an exciting new look may be as simple as picking up a shade of lipstick that you've never worn before or trying out a chic liner hack that you've been eyeing. You could also apply a certain handy-dandy makeup tip to give you faux freckles. At the same time, if you really love the resulting effect of the latter's adorable yet temporary option, then you can take it a step further by getting freckles tattooed on your face, which happens to be a pretty popular ink-related trend.


"I receive emails, DMs, and phone calls every day regarding freckle tattoos," Bethany Wolosky, a tattoo artist who works at Cosmetic Tattoo in Brooklyn, told Harper's Bazaar. "There is definitely a trend right now to look as natural, youthful, and fresh-faced as possible. Freckle tattoos help achieve this without the negative consequences of actually spending time in the sun. [They're] also a great way to camouflage or detract from acne scarring or hyper pigmentation."

While you might already be eager to book an appointment to have charming little dots added to your face, there are a few things that you should know first. 

The cost of freckle tattoos may vary

Along with other aspects, you'll need to consider if you can fit freckle tattoos into your budget. Just like all body art, good tattoos don't tend to be cheap and cheap tattoos usually aren't very good. Fortunately, inked freckles aren't on the high end of the scale when it comes to the cost of tattoos. The typical fee will be around $150, according to PMU Hub. However, the final price will be based on a few factors. That includes the number of freckles you want, how many sessions it will take to take to create the desired effect, and the skill of the person who does your tattoos.


On that note, before you choose which artist to work with and potentially put down a deposit, you want to do a little homework. Be realistic when it comes to your expectations around the cost and the potential result. Cosmetic tattoo artist Liarna Jessica Yearwood told Yahoo! Life, "Look at their qualifications, reviews, and before and after pictures. Don't make the cost of the treatment the most important thing that you consider when choosing an artist. If the price is too low, that is usually an indication that they are cutting corners somewhere."

That means that while freckle tattoos don't tend to be too pricey, opting for a cheap tattoo could cost you more in the long run when it comes to facing the result and perhaps having it fixed.


Freckle tattoos aren't terribly painful

Getting your rib cage tattooed is apparently painful, the same can be said for your armpit, ankles, and shins, according to Healthline. If you can't handle tattoo-related physical torment, you might also want to avoid getting inked on your elbows, kneecaps, neck, or over your spine. Your face also isn't exactly a painless place either, however, faux freckles are a little different than a typical tattoo.


"Although cosmetic tattoos [actually] tend to be more gentle and painless than most body tattoos, some may still feel discomfort and sensitivity," cosmetic tattoo artist Shaughnessy Otsuji explained to Byrdie. While it may not be unbearable, you still have to face the fact that you're getting the ink placed into your skin with a needle. That's inevitably going to cause a bit of irritation and could make you rather uncomfortable. You're also having this done on your face, which is a part of your body where the skin tends to be more fragile. Beyond that, Otsuji added, "[I]f the skin is thin, scarred, or delicate, special care must be taken to ensure the area is not overworked."

At the same time, Otsuji pointed out, "Nowadays there are products that can help keep you numb and relaxed during any tattoo session." That can certainly be put to good use while you have your freckles done. Then when the work is done, you can begin to focus on the specific kind of aftercare this kind of tattoo will need.


Aftercare is key during the healing process

The first thing you need to remember is not to panic after you've had freckle tattoos done. That's because the skin on your face might be irritated from the process. On top of that, the ink usually looks much darker than it will once it's healed, according to Stories and Ink. This may have you freaking out as you worry that your artist has massively messed up. But have faith and take a few key steps to ensure your new freckles heal properly while also putting up with a particular inconvenience.


On the second or third day after getting the freckles done, you'll notice that scabs start to appear on top. Although this may be a little itchy, it's incredibly important not to scratch or pick at the scabs, as you can lose ink in the tattoo if you do. When a few more days have passed, the scabs should fall off, and new skin will form over the ink.

To make this process a success, keep your face clean. However, you should ensure that your hands are spotless, stick with water that's room temperature, and use soap that's not scented. Also, be sure to be gentle and not scrub. When you're done, dry up by softly dabbing your face with a towel. If you pop on makeup, keep it away from the freckled area until they've healed while also keeping them safe from the sun.


Freckle tattoos will fade beautifully or can be touched-up

Giving your freckle tattoos the proper TLC after they've first been done can certainly be a key factor in how good they end up looking and how long they might last. At the same time, they won't stick around forever. Unlike other kinds of tattoos, freckles are semi-permanent. The exact time that you'll be able to enjoy them will depend on a few different details, such as your skin type, habits, and overall health, according to PMU Hub. For instance, if you spend multiple hours outside every day and don't always use sunscreen on your face, then the rays may end up fading your tattoos faster than if you keep them safely protected.


Of course, no matter what you do, your freckle tattoos will eventually disappear. In general, most people can expect to have them for around one to three years. Over that span, your freckles will slowly fade and become lighter until they fully disappear.

On the other hand, if you fall in love with your freckles and want to keep them around as a permanent part of your look, then you can have them redone or touched up on a regular basis. In order to avoid an awkward faded phase, PMU Hub notes that artists tend to suggest having your tattoos refreshed once a year, which is something that you'll definitely be able to handle since you now know exactly what to expect.