The 3 Types Of Aquarius Sun And The Differences Between Them

The visionary, eccentric humanitarians of the zodiac wheel, Aquarians are known for their intellect, sense of community, and tendency to rebel. Aquarius suns may identify as lone wolves who will always prioritize their personal freedom and often see life through an esoteric lens. The detached, fixed air sign is ruled by Uranus and these individuals make for great acquaintances, but few will truly know them as close friends. "The air element really works with intellect, flow, and movement," astrologer and wellness expert Corina Crysler told Well + Good. "And Aquarius is a fixed sign, which really brings stability, determination, and depth, so these people tend to be extremely intelligent and very much connected — they can easily channel information that exists out in the ether and bring it into reality."

If you were born under the sign of Aquarius between January 20 and February 18, but don't quite relate to the archetype of the airy, quirky personality, the reason may lay within your Mercury placement. Mercury is always within 28 degrees of the sun and if you're an Aquarius sun, then your Mercury placement will be in either Aquarius, Pisces, or Capricorn (via Alice Sparkly Kat). Mercury is the planet of communication and represents how we interact with the external world. Its placement can shed light on the power of your voice and how you advocate for yourself, express your inner world, and connect with others. 

Aquarius sun with an Aquarius Mercury

This double Aquarius placement makes for an individual who is brimming with knowledge. They may be a jack of all trades and you'll also likely come to learn they have a proficiency for divination. This personality has an eye for aesthetics and tends to dress in a captivating manner, always making a statement. These are charismatic individuals who are self-assured and inherent leaders — though in a different respect than fiery Aries. Aquarius suns with an Aquarius Mercury aren't urgent in their revolutionary endeavors, but hold a steady, long-lasting strength, knowing they'll accomplish what they've set out to conquer in due time.

These individuals are likely to have a habit of playing the contrarian, always sitting on the other side of the table, so to speak, offering an opposing perspective to stir things up (via Cafe Astrology). They also have a deep love for the metaphysical and the paranormal, always willing to dive into the depths.

Aquarius sun with a Pisces Mercury

This Mercury placement is one of ethereal softness. These individuals are poetic, extremely open-minded, and highly intuitive — as just about all Pisces placements are. A Pisces Mercury can't help but put themselves in another's shoes and always notice the undertones of what's being said. They tend to avoid conflict and struggle with directness, finding themselves caught in muddy miscommunication often. The world is not black and white to these personalities and you'd be hard-pressed to have them commit to a stance on any given topic.

Aquarius suns with a Pisces Mercury are imaginative and make for great artists. They're non-linear in their thinking and can hold an array of concepts in their mind all at once. This placement needs time to daydream and integrate their musings and intuitive feelings (via Astrostyle). They likely require more solitude than those without Pisces placements. Pisces Mercuries may come off as naive, just as a Pisces moon does, and they'd be wise to practice boundaries to avoid being taken advantage of. Aquarius and Pisces makes for a highly whimsical, esoteric quality that can come off as unrealistic and impractical, but these beings will surprise you with their ability to carve out a life that's just as dreamy as their disposition.

Aquarius sun with a Capricorn Mercury

When the planet of communication is in straightforward earthy Capricorn, we'll see a persona who can't help but shock and confound those around them. Anarchists at heart, Aquarius suns with Capricorn Mercuries get a thrill out of the response their wily ways elicit. These individuals may struggle with being too direct and demanding, resulting in distancing themselves from close relations — but their authoritative influence can be quite valuable in work environments.

Mercury in Capricorn makes for a pragmatic individual who may come off as insensitive to others (via Tarot). These personalities simply aren't ones to coddle or sugar-coat; not being much for small talk, they get right to the point in order to be the most productive, useful, and successful individuals they can be. Essentially, an Aquarius sun with a Capricorn Mercury isn't afraid to stir the pot and tell it like it is, especially when it comes to the big conversations in life.