Crystal Nails Are Making A Blingy Comeback For Fall 2023

In case you haven't noticed, Y2K fashion is still alive and well for fall 2023. Everything, from hair accessories to baggy jeans, has made the season much more nostalgic. One trend, in particular, is looking to add that same retro touch to your nails. Crystal nails are nothing new, and this contemporary reemergence is throwing us right back to the early '00s.

When it comes to nail designs, it's very easy to go big. Even minimalists can jump on board with the crystal nail trend without worrying that it will ruin their overall aesthetic. But like every other Y2K trend, crystal nails can also be reworked and redesigned to fit in with your style and preferences. If you want something more subdued, you only need to add a little glitz. Meanwhile, for those looking for maximum bling, the trend is a no-brainer. Don't let your nails fall flat this fall, and make a fashion statement with extra sparkle.

Go big with the bling

There's no better way to embrace the crystal nail trend than with a maximalist crystal manicure. Filling up the nail with crystals, whether random or via a theme, will not only create a high-fashion look but will also add some drama to your fall outfits. Whether it's a colorful crystal manicure set or a transparent crystal aesthetic, you can't miss going big with this trend.

Subtle glam

Although going big is fun, there's something chic about a subtle crystal look. You don't need to fill your nails with crystal accents to get this trend down. Simply opt for a single small crystal or two at the base of your nail for a tiny, shiny addition. Pair it with your favorite fall color to stay on top of the manicure trends without overwhelming yourself. This option is best for those who want something more low-key that goes with all styles.

Shiny nail art

2023 is all about graphic nails that paint a picture. Incorporate gems in specific places that add to your overall nail design. Use rhinestones instead of stars or in place of other nail art to bring out some shine and make the story of your nails pop. Mixing rhinestones and nail art is one way to enhance your manicure with a 3D effect.

Colorful crystal vibes

While neutrals tend to be a popular pick for the fall season, there is nothing more fun than a few colorful crystal accents. Use rainbow rhinestones to give some personality to your nails. Even if you opt for a neutral color palette in your fall wardrobe, these specks of color will give you just enough variety to make your autumnal outfits more dynamic.

Classic neutral shine

On the other hand, sticking with neutral colors is one way to give your manicure a cohesive look that matches your fall vibes. If you're adding crystals to your nails, opt for a neutral nail polish base to tone down the overall manicure set. You can even go for a clear nail base that will match perfectly with the crystals. Add small-sized circles to avoid having them overwhelm your nails.

Fun Y2K look

Get the whole Y2K crystal experience by opting for crystals in different colors and shapes that will give you a fun and childlike design. There is no need to keep the style sophisticated or elegant since this take on the trend is meant to transport you back to your tweens — in the chicest way possible.