Eva Longoria Is A 'Skinny Jean Girl' But She's All In On This Pant Trend - Exclusive Interview

Eva Longoria has been a fixture in the entertainment industry for decades. Since her "Desperate Housewives" days, the actor, director, and entrepreneur has cemented herself as a multi-hyphenate in Hollywood. Longoria also knows how to deliver when it comes to beauty, fashion, and women's empowerment. Since 2005, she's served as a brand ambassador for L'Oréal Paris, a makeup brand that doesn't just make a difference when you're looking for a facial serum to bring out your inner glow. L'Oréal Paris and its ambassadors uplift women through campaigns like their annual Women of Worth celebration, which honors upcoming changemakers and community leaders.


On top of voice acting and onscreen roles, directing new projects, and founding her own media company, Longoria spends her time supporting the causes she cares about. In her exclusive interview with Glam, the star discussed her philanthropic efforts through L'Oréal, spa-worthy self-care and skincare products that use nourishing ingredients, and parting ways with skinny jeans for a trend that makes a powerful statement. 

She's all about self-worth and self-care

You've been a beauty ambassador for L'Oréal Paris since 2005. How has your role has changed over time, and what's exciting to you about a future with L'Oréal?

I've been with L'Oréal nearly 20 years, so my role has evolved into a very philanthropic stance, which is why I love nights like [November 16] with L'Oréal, with the Women of Worth, and celebrating women doing extraordinary things in their communities. I've always felt like my values align with L'Oreal's values, which has been more than selling makeup products and hair products. It's about women finding their self-worth and life, and [this night] is so special because it exemplifies the work that we do with L'Oréal as a global brand.


I want to ask you about must-have products, because L'Oréal does have some incredible products, like the Revitalift eye serum that you've said you love.

Yes, that's definitely one of my favorites. The whole Revitalift line, to me, is like a savior to my skin because of the hyaluronic acid, and it feels like you're getting dermatologist, spa-quality products at home. All of that, that whole skincare routine, the moisturizer, the hyaluronic serum, the eye serum, it feels like I've stepped up my self-care in my bathroom.

Do you have a favorite step in your beauty routine or your self-care routine in general?

Longoria: It's definitely my skincare, when I feel like my skin is breathing and it's shiny, and glowy, and vibrant. You can't have good makeup if you don't have good skin, so it's definitely taken priority.


Eva Longoria's favorite menswear trend blends beauty with comfort

You've played so many iconic characters. I wanted to know what you think their go-to beauty products might be — like if fans are trying to channel Gabby from "Desperate Housewives." 

God, for Gabby, I feel like it would've been lashes. She's such a big personality, a big diva. She shows up in big ways, and lashes, when you walk into a room, you want those eyes to light up.


Yeah, she was always getting her way. 

The batting of the eyes.

You've talked about balancing comfort and style in your everyday, and red carpet looks. Your friend, Victoria Beckham, has also told you to keep things simple. What are your favorite wardrobe basics, and are there any fashion risks you've been tempted to take recently?

My classic is a blazer. I love a good blazer, whether it's with jeans or leggings or trousers. I love a good classic blazer moment. I was a skinny jean girl forever. I still am a skinny jean girl, but now that jeans have gotten so wide-legged, it's been something I welcome, because I'm not really a jean wearer anymore. I'm more like a trouser person, so when I do wear jeans, I don't want them so restricting and so tight. I'm so happy that the trend now is a wider fit, a looser fit.


Menswear is really in, and that comes with a kind of oversized look, typically.

Yeah, the oversized and the unisex. I just bought a men's blazer that I'm obsessed with.

The star is recognizing Women of Worth

How has your relationship with L'Oréal enabled you to support causes you care about, like Latinx and Hispanic representation?

They've always been super supportive of my philanthropy and my activism. The Eva Longoria Foundation helps Latinas reach their full potential through educational programs, entrepreneurial programs, and L'Oréal has been so supportive of all of my philanthropic endeavors. They're a brand that cares about women recognizing their self-worth, recognizing that they add value to all aspects of their lives, their jobs, their marriages, their families, and their communities.


That really shines through. You were recently honored among other women at Glamour Mexico's Woman of the Year Awards, where you won the Latin Icon Award. What was it like to be celebrated for your work in the entertainment industry, and beyond, with these other powerful women?

It was amazing. It was so great to stand alongside all those other women doing amazing things. What I love most about [Women of Worth] is we're honoring women that aren't on the covers of magazines, that aren't on those red carpets, and they're still doing amazing work. This myth that you have to be rich and famous to make a difference is false, and [Women of Worth] proves that there are so many women doing incredible things to create changes that they want to see.


Fame is a platform, but you still have to put in the work, which it sounds like you and these Women of Worth honorees are absolutely doing. Some of the issues that they're addressing are gender inequality, healthcare, disability empowerment, and climate change. Would you encourage people to nominate the women around them?

Yeah, for sure. You don't have to look far to see somebody making a difference, and that's what Women of Worth encourages, is for you to look around you. Look at who's making a difference and let's not only applaud them, but let's celebrate them.

L'Oreal Paris' Women of Worth 2023 honorees were celebrated on November 16, 2023. To nominate someone for the 2024 awards, visit their website.

This interview has been edited for clarity.