Embracing The No-Mascara Makeup Trend Is Easy With Our MUA's Tips

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Thanks to society's warranted obsession with long eyelashes, mascara seems like the be-all-and-end-all of any makeup routine. Having had more than 100 years of mascara, the world of makeup officially relies on this product to complete the majority of beauty aesthetics. So imagine our surprise at the emergence of the no-mascara makeup trend — a craze embraced by celebrities and beauty gurus all over the globe that creates stunning makeup looks without a hint of traditional mascara. While the concept can be difficult to wrap your head around if you're attached to your mascara, this strategy can actually lead to surprisingly good results.


Glam spoke exclusively with celebrity hair and makeup artist Denise Madrigal, who revealed that there are actually several ways to make your eyes pop without using mascara. Whether you hate mascara, find that it irritates your eyes, or just want to follow in Hailey Bieber's footsteps, Madrigal assures us that you can still look fierce without it. If you're leaving your mascara behind, you'll just need a lash curler, eyeliner, and vitamin E oil to help your eyes remain the stars of the show.

Use a lash curler

Just because you're embracing the no-mascara trend doesn't mean you have to neglect your lashes altogether. Rather than using product to enhance your lashes, make them pop with a lash curler. Denise Madrigal, who's worked with the likes of Hilary Duff and Vanessa Hudgens, is a fan of the tool. "An eyelash curler will be your best friend to achieve this look and really create an emphasis on your lashes," she tells Glam exclusively.


While a lash curler may look intimidating to someone who's never used one, the technique really couldn't be simpler. Bring the curler to your eye and open the clamps over your lashes. No part of this process should be painful, so make sure you don't accidentally nab the skin, but hold the curler quite close to your eyelid. Once you've got the right position, press the curler so it squeezes your lashes and hold for up to 10 seconds. The final result should be lifted lashes that look naturally curled. 

Apply vitamin E oil

Mascara is the most famous lash product, but it isn't the only thing you can add to your lashes to enhance them. In an exclusive chat with Glam, Denise Madrigal reveals that vitamin E oil works just as well. "Not only does vitamin E oil provide nutrients to your lashes but it will also mimic the look of wearing mascara without the annoyance of having that black or brown fallout throughout the day," she tells us. "Just simply curl your lashes and lightly coat a spoolie with oil and gently apply."


Many beauty gurus and brands have cottoned on to the positive effects of vitamin E oil on the lashes, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, per Healthline. These days, there are several vitamin E serums available that have been designed specifically for eyelash health. Some are purely vitamin E, while others contain additional ingredients that are also believed to enhance the lashes and promote lash health. One of the most popular and highly rated is Isabella's Clearly Eyelash Growth Serum, which also contains castor oil and coconut oil and is available from Amazon for $19.98 at the time of writing.

Tightline with black or brown eyeliner

You can closely mimic the effects of mascara with a good brown or black eyeliner. While eyeliner doesn't coat the lashes, the darkness of a black or brown liner can emulate the overall effect of heavier lashes. There are endless ways to make eyeliner work for you, but if your goal is to replace mascara specifically, Denise Madrigal recommends the technique known as tightlining. This involves applying your eyeliner onto your waterline, which ultimately makes your lashes seem more dense. "By using this method you're creating depth in your eyes by darkening your upper waterline," Madrigal shares exclusively with Glam. "This often gives the illusion of wearing mascara. Finish the look by curling your lashes."


If you're struggling to choose between black or brown eyeliner, try to envision the final aesthetic you want. Brown eyeliner is ideal for those who want a softer or more natural look, while black is more dramatic.

Swap regular mascara for clear mascara

Clear mascara is technically still a form of mascara, but its lack of pigment means that it's still allowed in a no-mascara look. This product won't darken your lashes, which is the primary reason why many people use mascara, but clear mascara does still have a ton of positive effects and is one mascara hack that will up your makeup game. "Most clear mascaras have hydrating and conditioning benefits," Denise Madrigal tells Glam exclusively. "Applying a thin coat of clear mascara will lift and separate your lashes without the bulk and clumpiness of darker mascaras."


In addition to defining your lashes and helping them to stand out, clear mascara will last on your face because, as Madrigal explains, it dries "with almost a gel-like consistency." If you're going to use clear mascara, be sure to apply it after you've curled your lashes, as a lash curler should only be used on clean lashes. You'll also want to apply it after your eyeliner, as eyeliner can be difficult to apply to the waterline when your lashes are coated in product.

Highlight and brighten with nude eyeliner

While brown and black eyeliner can imitate the effects of mascara, you can also apply much lighter products to the inner corner of your eyelids to help your eyes pop. "This is one of my personal favorites," Denise Madrigal tells Glam exclusively. "If you're a sucker for brightness, you'll love this one! Applying your favorite highlight to the inner corner and brow bone of your eyelids will instantly open your eyes." There are several highlighter formulas on the market to choose from, including compact powder highlighters, loose pigment highlighters, liquid highlighters, and cream highlighter sticks.


To end up with a doe-eyed effect, Madrigal advises reserving the darker eyeliner for your upper waterline, and applying nude eyeliner to your lower waterline. As the dark upper waterline will deepen your top lashes, sculpt your eyes, and add depth to the look, using a brightening color on the lower waterline will make your eyes look bigger. Hello, Disney!