The Romance Novel Kindle Readers Agree Is Worth Your Time

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Every now and then, a debut novel comes along that is so captivating and poignant that it wows the world and leaves readers wondering how it could possibly be the first one penned by the author. This is exactly what Bonnie Garmus achieved with the vibrant "Lessons in Chemistry." While perusing the Kindle library can leave some readers overwhelmed in the sea of options, this romantic and feminist tragicomedy is well worth your time and money, if its rave reviews are anything to go by. More specifically, "Lessons in Chemistry" has garnered over 262,000 ratings on Amazon, culminating in a 4.6-star rating, and more than 1 million ratings on Goodreads, where it has 4.31 stars. 


Even if you aren't much of a bookworm, Garmus' debut title may have still been on your radar, as "Lessons in Chemistry” was quickly adapted into a series for Apple TV+, airing in the fall of 2023, less than two years after the book was published. The #1 New York Times Bestseller also received Best Book of the Year accolades from Oprah Daily, Entertainment Weekly, NPR, and more. So, suffice it to say this one is well worth the use of your understandably precious reading time.

Lessons in Chemistry is a romantic, whimsical, and historical story

Bonnie Garmus' "Lessons in Chemistry" is set in the early '60s and follows brilliant chemist Elizabeth Zott as she maneuvers through a male-dominated field at the Hastings Research Institute. Here, love also begins to brew, as Nobel-Prize-nominated Calvin Evans falls for Elizabeth's genius. After a series of grave injustices and tragedies fall upon her, Elizabeth finds herself in an unexpected position: the host of an adored American cooking show. Weaving her chemistry expertise into her commentary, Elizabeth inspires women to rise not only in the kitchen but also in society, rattling the present state of socioeconomic affairs. 


While "Lessons in Chemistry" does have a satisfying enemies-to-lovers storyline, the novel might be better categorized as historical fiction. "... The novel deftly mixes comedy and tragedy, with only one very clear villain: the patriarchal culture of mid-20th century America, the days of which are numbered because of women like Zott..." the Historical Novels Review wrote of "Lessons in Chemistry." So, whether you're an avid romance reader or not, this one is likely to leave quite the impression, and who doesn't love discovering new books?

What readers are saying about Lessons in Chemistry

Some may have downloaded the novel for its bright and bubbly cover, but "Lessons in Chemistry ” is a dynamic read full of depth that has left Kindle readers feeling refreshed and emotional. Moreover, the historical romance made waves for all the right reasons, and it continues to receive 5-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads alike.


"Lessons in Chemistry should come with a black box warning: The author assumes no liability for readers who lost sleep, skipped work, forgot to eat, or neglected childcare duties because they felt compelled to continue reading nonstop," one reviewer enthusiastically wrote on Amazon. "... And as so many other reviewers have said – you CAN'T judge this book by its cover! Don't let the pink Barbie look fool you! ...," another reviewer added. 

So, if you're on the hunt for your next romantic, inspiring, and well-written Kindle download with a strong woman lead, Garmus' debut novel might be just the book for you. An impressive 72% of Amazon ratings are 5 stars, so we imagine it'll be tricky to not see what all the well-earned hype is about when it comes to "Lessons in Chemistry." Ultimately, if you're looking for romance books to snag for your Kindle, especially if they have deeper meanings and issues involved, this one's for you.