Makeup TikTok Has Gone Too Far With The Viral All-Over Blush Technique

It's no secret that blush has enjoyed a massive renaissance in recent years. Formerly cast aside by sun-kissed bronzer and matte, one-dimensional foundation, the cheeky product has become a must-have in makeup bags across the globe. What's more, you've probably noticed that the standard blush application has changed quite a bit, too. Forget tracing the number three along your temples, cheekbones, and jawline. These days, you'll find that blush is appearing in unexpected areas of the face. In fact, it's not uncommon to see beauty lovers sweep blush across their noses, under their eyes, and even along their chins. Lately, however, online makeup artists have taken things a bit too far by using all-over blush. 


Recently, dozens of videos have popped up across TikTok that have us seeing red – literally. Heavy-handed blush is nothing new, whether you're more into the Douyin makeup trend or alternative e-girl styles, but some social media users have begun using excessive amounts of rouge in attempts to emulate a healthy glow. If the thought of full-faced blush has you raising your eyebrows, you're not alone. The all-over blush technique has stirred up a fair amount of controversy. Not only is the practice pretty wasteful — Rare Beauty's blush isn't cheap! — but simply put, it's not a good look. Now, let's take a closer look at this viral beauty trend that absolutely no one asked for.

Why you should skip the all-over blush technique

The most blatant example of all-over blush comes from TikTok creator Rachel Carlisle, also known as @rachelmadisoncarlisle. Carlisle's videos, which have amassed millions of views, demonstrate her using cream and powdered blush alongside concealer and foundation. The makeup maven has even experimented with a variety of colors, from hot pinks to crimson reds. Now, the underpainting makeup trend is an excellent way to color-correct. For example, blue mixers can be added to foundation to match olive skin, and red can mask the appearance of dark under-eye circles. However, a recent TikTok clip of Carlisle's all-over blush routine is catching fire for all the wrong reasons.


Though her colorful videos continue to generate plenty of views and likes, their comment sections are a completely different story. The creator's multistep process involves copious amounts of product, and many users are questioning whether it's necessary. "Seems to use an excessive amount of product to (kinda) cover all the red," wrote one. Still, others pointed out that the underpainting technique was a waste of product, stating that a drop of liquid blush mixed into foundation or tinted moisturizer would yield similar results. Our verdict? Save your time and money — skip the ultra-filtered look and apply blush only as needed!

Try these blush tricks instead for a healthy glow

Look, it's perfectly natural to want to try everything you see on TikTok. From toying with colorful liner looks to adding DIY highlights, we've all been there. But there's no need to waste your entire bottle of Freck Cheekslime on the all-over blush trend! Rather than pouring out pigment in pursuit of the sunburnt look, why not use something that's makeup artist-approved instead? Enter the blush sandwich technique, which still incorporates underpainting but involves zero wasted product. Plus, this rosy-cheeked look is super easy to pull off — and we can't say the same for color-correcting layers of full-face blush.


To begin, apply a thin layer of BB cream or foundation just like you normally would. Nam Vo, the makeup artist who helped popularize the trend on Instagram, suggests using a formula with a glowy or radiant finish for effortless blending. While your foundation is still slightly damp, use a cream or jelly cheek stain, like Kaja Jelly Charm, to place a small amount of blush wherever you need a pop of color. Next, dab a bit more foundation over your blush to create a natural glow, and set it with your favorite powdered blush. There — now you can enjoy this rosy, feminine trend and still feel fresh-faced!