6 Fun & Functional Festival Hair Ideas

Getting ready for a music festival involves more than just putting together a killer outfit. Hair and makeup can make or break a look no matter how well you fuse fashion trends with festival style. However, traditional beauty rules don't quite apply in the heat and humidity of a festival setting. Who would want their meticulously styled hair to turn into a frizzy mess within minutes of stepping outside, let alone dancing? Not us, and probably not you.


Being able to freely move around without hair constantly in your face or sticking to your neck is crucial for enjoying any festival. If you're not keen on simply putting your locks up, look no further than these six fun and functional festival hair ideas we've selected as the most fun options. Festival enthusiasts with tough-to-tame curly hair will feel and look good with space buns, a scarf wrapped around their heads, and more, but if your strands are straighter, try a chic twisted half-updo or bubble-braid pigtails, for example. No matter your style, there's a festival-worthy hairdo here for you, so get ready to get your groove on.

Accessorize your space buns

To make an updo more interesting for a night of dancing, opt for iconic space buns. Whether you like a polished or a messier look, space buns are the ultimate hair canvas for you to express your individuality.


For a more playful vibe, braid the two front sections of your hair and secure them with eye-catching clips or colorful elastics. The buns themselves are also a great spot for embellishments, so feel free to add your favorite hair accessories. Large floral clips or bold bows can make a statement, while hair gems will effortlessly elevate the style — just let your creativity shine.

Half-updo with a twist

If you're not quite ready to commit to tying up all your long locks for a festival but still want to keep your hair out of your face while dancing the night away, consider a half-updo. Yes, it's very 2012, but hear us out. What's great about this hairstyle is its versatility. You can keep it simple and minimalist or go all out by adding embellishments like feathers, floral details, ribbons, or rhinestones. Simply gather the front sections of your hair and twist them away from your face, letting the rest cascade freely down your back. That's it!


Bubble-braid pigtails

Is it even a festival if there are no pigtails to be seen? If you love the playful look but want to add a trendsetting touch to it, bubble braids are where it's at. The eye-catching style is incredibly easy to pull off and can be customized to fit your mood. Once you've settled on the size and tightness of your bubbles, the fun really begins with accessorizing. Think bows, ribbons, gems, or adorable clips nestled between each bubble, and don't forget to add the larger versions at the top of the braids. These babies are built to withstand festival humidity, so forget about frequent touch-ups.


Fun scarves are your best friends

One of the easiest ways to keep your hair in check at a festival is to wear a scarf tied around your head. This iconic look adds a touch of cool to your vibe, whether you opt for a plain or a more out-there scarf, and keeps you cool in the heat. Underneath, curly hair will look fabulous braided (take it a step further and embellish with beads), while those with straighter hair can opt for a low ponytail. Once your scarf is tied in place, you can enjoy the festival boogies without fretting over your hair.


Get creative with your braids

Cornrows are an underestimated festival hairdo that perfectly blends functionality and style. Regardless of your hair length, cornrows will keep your locks neatly off your face and neck, ensuring they stay in place during your dancing sessions.


Don't hold back here — infuse your cornrows with playful designs to elevate the look. The sides of your head are perfect for showcasing your ideas, whether it's weaving in intricate patterns, swirls, or your favorite shapes. This doesn't mean you can't add extra embellishments, too, so have fun with cuffs, beads, and charms.

The sleek bun doesn't have to be boring

The slicked-back bun is still going strong, and it's the perfect hairstyle for festival-goers. However, the look can be a bit underwhelming for a fun event. Still, it might be one of the easiest to zhuzh up with little to no effort.


Basically, anything goes here. Floral embellishments, crochet bun covers, pearl tassels, XXL organza scrunchies — add whatever you like to your bun. Your hair will look sleek and stylish from the front, while the unexpected party will be happening in the back. Make sure to follow our tips for rocking this chic look without damaging your hair, and you'll be good to dance.