'Boyfriend Blush': How To Try TikTok's Latest Viral Makeup Trend

Blush has made a triumphant return to the beauty scene as a must-have product after years of neglect by many makeup enthusiasts. Now in more diverse shades and textures, blush is leaving no excuses for you to skip it anymore.


If you're still on the fence or haven't really mastered the art of good blush placement, try TikTok's latest viral makeup trend: "boyfriend blush." Despite its somewhat confusing name, the trend is just using blush to recreate a naturally flushed look. Makeup artist Mallory Osses revived the trend on TikTok in March 2024, though it's far from new. "I heard about this trend years ago. It's all over high-fashion, runway, [and] editorial types of looks," she explained in a now-viral video. Interestingly, Osses referenced a photo of a young Prince William and Prince Harry to explain the natural cheek redness associated with the trend, hence the unconventional name. "They both have that flush here [in the center of cheeks], and it goes down [toward the jaw]. It just looks youthful [and] sporty," she added.



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Perhaps the best thing about the "boyfriend blush" trend is that it works well with any face shape and can be done with any type of blush, which means you can fully tailor it to your beauty needs.

How you achieve 'boyfriend blush' depends on your face shape

For those looking to jump on the blush train, the "boyfriend blush" trend is the perfect starting point. Because the effect is fully customizable, you can start small and work your way up to a bolder look if you end up liking it. Moreover, "boyfriend blush" is great for anyone who's ever wondered how to apply blush based on your face shape, as it's universally flattering.


To achieve the "boyfriend blush" look, apply blush in a triangular shape under your cheekbones, going down into the jawline and focusing on the sides of your face when buffing it out. The size of the triangle and its exact placement will depend on your face shape.


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Those with round faces will benefit from both a larger and a smaller triangle placement to highlight the fullness of their face (if you contour with blush, this is the opposite of that). Oblong faces will achieve the best "boyfriend blush" look by buffing out a medium-sized triangle placed on the outside of their cheekbones, as the method will add volume to their otherwise slender faces. Individuals with a heart-shaped face can extend the blush triangle across their entire cheeks to make the most of their face shape, while diamond-shaped faces will look great with blush extending upward. Finally, oval and rectangle face shapes can go with the standard under-the-cheekbones placement.


Tips for perfecting the 'boyfriend blush' trend

Any type of blush — cream, powder, or otherwise — will work for the "boyfriend blush" trend. Go with your favorite kind and brand to achieve the naturally flushed look with no fuss, but be wary of the shade. While it's crucial to know the right shade of blush for yourself before embarking on a blush trend, not all colors will have the same effect. For instance, a deeper shade can give you a contouring effect, which doesn't make it ideal for this specific trend. Lighter shades, on the other hand, will effortlessly work their magic in the "boyfriend blush" placement.


If you find that liquid and cream blushes mess up your makeup base, try gently applying them with your fingers first and then lightly blending with a larger brush. Try not to drag the blush across your cheeks; instead, use tapping motions for the best result. In the case that your foundation still doesn't seem to cooperate with the blush, switch to a powder blush to finish off your look.

If you're unwilling to forgo the rest of your usual face makeup, such as bronzer and highlighter, to give way to "boyfriend blush," worry not. Simply apply the desired products on top or around the blush as you normally would, and don't be afraid to experiment until you've found what works best for you.