Jessica Biel's Blunt Bob Is The Sleek Way To Beat The Heat This Summer

If you've been paying close attention to the latest celebrity shenanigans, then you must have noticed a spike in one particular trend: the bob cut. From Megan Fox's cowgirl bob to Gigi Hadid's sleek short hairdo, the bob cut is one of those statement haircuts that will define summer 2024. If you're still on the fence about chopping your long locks and hopping on board the bob cut wagon, know that Jessica Biel has recently swapped her long mane for a blunt bob and showcased the fab results on her Instagram page. Fans are raving about the results, and to be honest, so are we (plus, we can't wait to see the next celebrity that embraces the trend!).


So, what's the blunt bob exactly? "The blunt bob is a classic, super straight and strong look that is all the same length all the way around," Amika artistic ambassador James Earnshaw told InStyle. "Classically with no layers, it is just one length of hair cut straight." There are several pros to getting this haircut, but before we jump on to that, let's put this out there. The blunt bob is the sleek way to beat the heat this summer. This stylish cut keeps your shoulders and neck bare during soaring temperatures and definitely beats having to keep your hair in a tired bun!

Let's talk about the pros of a blunt bob, baby!

Back in January, we predicted that wavy blunt bobs would be one of 2024's most popular hairstyles, and we were right. "Blunt bobs will always be popular," celebrity hairdresser Adam Reed told Woman & Home. "It's because the look is super versatile and can be adjusted to be dressed up or down. You can straighten and smooth to create a sharp, glossy look or add waves and volume to create a messy or tousled look." So, if you are looking for a hassle-free haircut that will perfectly match formal or casual looks, this is it.


When it comes to summer-appropriate cuts, in particular, blunt bobs are super easy to style, per L'Oréal Professionnel's UK Editorial Artist Louis Byrne (via Woman & Home). "It's an extremely stylish and chic style. It's very easy to style as the cut already gives you shape — you just need to decide on the texture of the finish, whether that's sleek or textured." When it's so hot outside, and you are constantly in and out of the shower (or the pool), do you really want a high-maintenance haircut? 

Is the blunt bob right for you?

If your hair is thin, you might feel inclined to keep it longer so that it looks fuller. However, the blunt bob is actually better suited for your fine hair, because removing all the wispy brittle ends makes your hair look healthier (and fuller). Additionally, keeping your hair at the same length means less frizz, giving your appearance a more put-together look sans the hair salon visits, so it's a great option for thick hair, too! As celebrity stylist Gregory Patterson told Byrdie, "Blunt cuts are my favorite because they make thin hair look strong and full and they make thicker hair look well-groomed and expensive. Plus, blunt ends make curls look like they are behaving."


We've already established that the blunt bob is a great option for thin or thick hair but what about your face shape and facial characteristics? To this Louis Byrne told Woman & Home, "The blunt bob is quite versatile, it's all about finding the right length for your features. You can use this style to accentuate your unique characteristics like your eyes, mouth, nose."

Ready to hop on board? Byrne advises talking to your hairstylist first about the right length according to your face and hair type. "My top tip is to always ask your stylist to hold your hair to show how the bob might look on you with different lengths before cutting, this will help you find the sweet spot."