Summer 2024 Makeup Trends You Should Have On Your Radar

Warmer weather is officially here, so it's time to put away your winter makeup. With the rising temperatures, you'll naturally want to swap out your full-coverage foundation for a tinted moisturizer to show off that gorgeous bronze glow. We get that many makeup lovers don't want to put anything on their faces other than some SPF and tinted moisturizer, but before you put all of your products into summer hibernation, remember that there are always new beauty trends to try. And this summer, you definitely don't want to experience FOMO.


Last year was all about dewy, glass-like skin and latte makeup, but the trends have shifted. Matte skin is definitely still not on the radar this summer, but you're going to see more of a shimmery finish this year rather than last year's wet look. Oh, and those who love color will be happy to learn that there will be lots of it this year. From sunset shades to mermaid vibes, you won't want to miss out on these 2024 beauty looks.

Pearlescent skin will be the highlight of summer 2024

Summer is all about playing up that hydrated glow, and this year, we're using shimmer to accomplish it. That said, we're no longer doing the glazed donut look that Hailey Bieber popularized the last couple of years. Instead, a similar but still-unique trend called "pearl skin" is in vogue now. "Pearl skin is a makeup base using reflective, metallic finish highlighters in both powder, liquid, and cream formulas to highlight the high points of the face," makeup artist Emily Gray explained to PopSugar. "It's not glowy or dewy; it's reflective, and [adds] a pearl-like finish to the skin."


To achieve pearlescent skin, moisturize and prime your face. Then, choose a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer to even out your skin, and finish off the look with either a powder or liquid highlighter applied to your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, the area right above your eyebrows, and your Cupid's bow. If your skin is on the drier side and you prefer not to use powder, you can use strobe cream to brighten up your makeup routine.

Colorful lashes are fun and flirty

Sure, you can reach for your basic black mascara, but why would you when there are so many other fun colors to try? "I definitely think that is going to be the summer of colored mascara. It's a quick, easy, and foolproof way to add an unexpected pop of color to any look," makeup guru Amrita Mehta told Cosmopolitan. Think blue and purple, which are two mascara colors that make brown eyes pop in particular. Blue eyes do well with yellow or gold, while pink or red mascara make green-eyed babes shine.


You don't have to just stick with one color, either. Mix things up by swiping one mascara shade on your top lashes and another on the bottom. You can try opposing hues like blue and gold or create a fun monochromatic look with pink and red. There are also colorful falsies available if you want to go full-on glam for a fun evening summer jam.

Glossy lips are replacing matte textures

Lip gloss was big in the 2000s, but since then, it's taken a back seat to regular lipstick. This year, high shine is the way to go for the summer as matte lipstick is over, according to 2024 runways. In addition to runway models, Hailey Bieber and Ice Spice have been seen with gleaming pouts, and if these two trendsetters are embracing lip gloss, then we're all for it. The best part about glosses is that they not only give color but they're also hydrating, so we can officially say goodbye to flaky winter lips.


If you're not into the sticky feel that some lip glosses have, you may want to give lip oils a try — and not just because they're all the rage right now. Unlike lip gloss, lip oils don't contain polymers, so they don't have a tacky consistency. They can also contain moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and fatty acids to help nourish your lips. "In most cases, lip oils are used for aesthetic reasons and are usually glossy and tinted, but there are plenty of lip oils that double as intensive night treatments," dermatologist Ryan Turner told Fashionista of the trend. Basically, some lip oils give "beauty sleep" a whole new meaning!

Ocean-colored eye makeup will bring out your inner mermaid

The '60s are back, baby, and blue eye makeup is going to be the theme of the summer. In fact, Pinterest predicted that blue-toned beauty looks would pop in 2024, and it was right; Gen Zers and millennials are clinging to this briny color en masse in 2024. Therefore, there's no better time than to bust out your mermaidcore makeup skills than this summer. We're not just talking about blue shadow, either. Eyeliners and the aforementioned blue mascara can be used to create a wash of color over your peepers. For a fun, mod look, try a light-blue shade of shadow all along your lids. If you want something more dramatic, you can let electric blue totally make your eyes pop.


Green is also big in 2024, becoming an unexpectedly popular makeup color. But what shade of green should you choose for your eyes? Well, sage is a subtle take on the trend that looks amazing on literally everyone, and forest and hunter greens will be amazing for smokey eyes. Finally, emerald green will look absolutely stunning on darker skin tones, but don't let this advice hold you back. Anyone can rock any shade of blue or green this year to look perfectly trendy.

Sunset-colored blush is a TikTok phenomenon

Move over, strawberry girl makeup — sunset blush is the next big thing, and it's taking over cheeks everywhere. TikTok user Alissa Janay started this trend by applying two dots of bright-pink liquid blush on the highest point of her cheekbones, followed by a couple of orange shades below. She then applied a gold cream highlighter above the pink and orange colors and blended them with a flat, angled brush.



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Blending three liquid shades can be tricky, especially since you don't want to over-mix them, which would result in a muddy look. "Make sure to blend each shade individually," makeup artist Joseph Carillo shared with Allure, adding, "I like using a damp beauty sponge because you can use all sides, easily rotating to not mix one color into another." The effect is supposed to be shimmery and dewy, but if you want to set your face, Carillo advised using powder blushes in the same colors as your liquid with "a fluffy blush brush or a tapered brush with soft bristles." Summer sunsets have never looked so good!