5 Red-Carpet Outfit Malfunctions That Celebs Totally Owned

Once celebrities begin their walk down the red carpet, they can only cross their fingers and pray nothing goes wrong. But because of Murphy's law and other pesky things like gravity and wind, something inevitably will go awry. We've seen plenty of spills and tumbles (we're looking at you, Jennifer Lawrence), but wardrobe malfunctions are another big oopsie stars have to worry about. Many times, these things are completely out of the celebrity's control, such as an unlucky rip. During an appearance on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," Anne Hathaway reminisced on her own near-calamity: On her way to the Met Gala, the actor sneezed and completely split her dress open. At the time, she was with designer Francisco Costa, who made her pull over to a hotel and had a seamstress sew the dress back up, narrowly missing a fashion faux pas.


Then, there was the time Cameron Diaz's shoe broke while greeting guests at the premiere of "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" and had to walk the red carpet barefoot. The "Vanilla Sky" actor looked completely unfazed as she posed next to her co-stars but as they say, the show must go on. Diaz's red-carpet wardrobe malfunction wasn't the only one, and there are plenty of stars who have had theirs immortalized but brushed it off like a pro.

Tara Reid recovered from her infamous nip slip

Tara Reid should have applied some boob tape when she posed on the red carpet outside of Sean "Diddy" Combs' in 2004 and inadvertently flashed photographers her nipple. The pics made their rounds around the media and the "American Pie" star couldn't avoid the scrutiny. "I had a fur coat on, so when I took the coat off, the coat was heavy, and the strap came out with the coat. They were like, 'Tara, let me see the dress, let me see the dress' ... I didn't see the strap fall down, so I'm smiling like an idiot," she told "Access Hollywood" (via CBS News). She added, "I just hated that the paparazzi were high-fiving each other and laughing. It was so cruel. But it happened and ... you move on."


Two years later, Reid, who has been open about her plastic surgery, shared with "Access Hollywood" how humiliated she was at having her breasts out in the world for everyone to see (via Today). She had previously suffered from a botched surgery and had since gone to another surgeon to fix the mistakes. "I feel like a girl again. I walk out of the shower now and it's like wow I'm back," she stated.

Chrissy Teigen joked about showing her hoo-ha

As a supermodel, Chrissy Teigen can wear anything, but that doesn't mean she should. The "Lip Sync Battle" color commentator showed up at the 2016 American Music Awards in a black Yousef Akbar gown with a slit up to her navel held together by one safety pin, Page Six reported. While posing for the photogs on the red carpet, the daring dress accidentally revealed that she wasn't wearing any underwear. Proving she has a sense of humor about these things, Teigen posted pics of herself posing — covered up of course — and wrote on Instagram, "#AMAs! love you so so so much ... (apologies to anyone harmed mentally or physically by my hooha)." She then hilariously tagged her laser hair removal place, as well as her glam squad.


In 2023, Teigen brushed off another wardrobe malfunction during the Baby2Baby Gala, per Us Weekly. Her long black gown had gorgeous bejeweled flowers along her torso and ended just above a thigh-high slit. It wasn't the slit that gave her an issue this time, however. The mom of four revealed in her Instagram Stories that the dress had ripped all along her back. "Oh lol," she wrote in the pic. Being able to laugh at her own fashion mishaps is why Teigen is a fan favorite.

Jenna Ortega was unbothered by the ink stain on her dress

Jenna Ortega learned that no good deed goes unpunished. When the "Wednesday" star appeared at the "Scream VI" premiere wearing a deconstructed tuxedo dress, she took a moment to sign her autographs for waiting fans, per The Standard. Unfortunately, someone's blue marker got too close to the white part of Ortega's dress, leaving a noticeable blue stain. After the pictures circulated, a fan shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, "THE PEN STAIN. IM S***ING MYSELF I BET SHES SO DAMN MAD RN." A fan account tweeted a clip of Ortega attempting to do damage control by posing with her hand placed over the stain.


As reported by People, in a now-deleted Instagram post, Ortega hit back at critics who trolled the marker incident. "SCREAM VI premiere," she wrote while sharing a picture of herself at the event. In one hashtag, she wrote, "#sharpiestainwhogivesas***." In another, she apologized to designer Olivier Rousteing for messing up his Jean Paul Gaultier dress. We're sure with some rubbing alcohol and laundry detergent, Ortega got the pesky ink stain out of her clothing.

Heidi Klum showed a little too much in her cut-out dress

If you've got it, flaunt it! At least that's what Heidi Klum did at the premiere of "La Passion De Dodin Bouffant" at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival. The Victoria's Secret model dressed to impress in a canary yellow Zuhair Murad gown with large cutouts in the front and an above-thigh slit on one side, per ET. The dress also featured two long capes falling from each of her shoulders, and to show them off, Klum lifted them up like wings. Cameras caught the glorious moment but they also caught a nip slip from the "America's Got Talent" judge. Klum looked thoroughly nonplussed and continued on her way.


"I'm super comfortable naked today," Klum stated in an interview with People. She joked that her kids remind her to put clothes on when they have company over. "As soon as someone is coming, I put my top on. But if no one is there, sun's out, bums out," she quipped. With a body like Klum's, she has every reason to want to show it off.

Emma Watson accidentally flashed her skivvies on the red carpet

Emma Watson could have used Hermione Granger's Time-Turner during the "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" premiere in July 2009. When stepping onto the red carpet, not only was there a downpour, but as the then-19-year-old attempted to adjust her long wrap dress, she gave onlookers a peek of her nude-colored underwear, the Daily Mail reported. Watson didn't let the outfit malfunction deter her from posing with fellow actors Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe, who looked a lot more bedraggled than the "Beauty and the Beast" star.


After the incident, Watson made an appearance on the "Late Show with David Letterman" and was reminded of her embarrassing red-carpet moment, per The Telegraph. "Tell us what's going on here," he stated while showing her a picture. "This was a small wardrobe malfunction that happens. I don't actually remember it happening," she replied. Watson then shot back with, "At least I'm wearing underwear!" Class and sass — we love it.