Hairstylist Tells Us What To Ask For To Get Sabrina Carpenter's Iconic Haircut & Color

It's safe to say that Sabrina Carpenter is having her "it" girl moment. The "Girl Meets World" actor's songs "Espresso" and "Feather" are certifiable bops but her music is not the only thing that's trending. Carpenter has had a stunning style transformation, and that's not even to mention that her effortlessly layered buttercream-colored hair always looks so perfectly coiffed. Her fringe isn't just your run-of-the-mill straight cut either. The curtain bangs are blown out in a soft rounded style that gradually grazes the tops of her cheekbones.


Carpenter's hairstyle has been making the rounds on TikTok, with many fans emulating her cut. Before you hop on this trend and run to the hair salon, you'll need to know what to ask for. Luckily, fashion and red carpet hair and makeup artist Luna Viola exclusively gave us the lowdown on the singer's hairstyle and how best to recreate her iconic look. With these tips on hand and a few tools, you'll be looking like Carpenter's twin in no time.

Ask your stylist for face-framing layers and a golden blond shade

The first step in recreating Sabrina Carpenter's hair is getting a long layered hairstyle. As Luna Viola exclusively told Glam, "[Her] hairdo is what we call a 'French layers' inspired hairstyle, which is essentially face-framing layers with tousled bangs and a lot of movement. The epitome of French chic." When speaking with your hairstylist, the Los Angeles-based artist advised, "Ask for airy, possibly razor-cut shorter layers that embrace the natural contour of the face, soft bangs, and longer layers that add softness and body to the length of the hair. Complete with a bouncy blowout for a glossy, glamorous finishing effect."


This style will look simply gorgeous with any hair color but if you want to go the complete route and get Carpenter's hue, you'll have to get strands processed. "Sabrina's hair color is a combination of honey high lift tint shade and soft bleach; the two shades are alternated and applied on the hair with very natural thin sectioned foils. Once highlighted, the hair is then toned with a golden blond," Viola shared with us. Carpenter's hairstyle doesn't just end with a cut and color, however. Once those steps are achieved, it takes some practice getting the blow-dried look to a tee.

Sabrina Carpenter's hairstyle is all about airy volume

In order to style your hair like Sabrina Carpenter's, take this exclusive advice from Luna Viola: "To best showcase the layers of this style, you want to get the maximum volume and bounce just like Sabrina's. I recommend a spray thickening powder applied at the roots, a little tease with a tail comb, and a quick round brush blowout or big rollers set for the best result." And, if you don't have a round brush, we have the perfect blowout hack that gives you ultimate volume with hair rollers and a large-barreled curling iron.


Your new look will require some maintenance. According to Viola, you'll need a trim about every eight weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows. "Colorwise, it can be maintained by washing the hair with a honey blond colored shampoo at home. If left on for 10-15 minutes, the shampoo acts as a toner and it can really revamp the blond," she stated. Finally, Viola advised, "Use color-protecting shampoos and conditioners and avoid swimming in chlorine water pools as that can make blond shades dull and ashy." After all, you'll want to preserve all the work that went into achieving Carpenter's best hairstyle to date.