Everything You Need To Know About One Of 2022's Trendiest Hair Colors, Expensive Blond

We know how excited everyone has been to get in on the copper-colored hair trend at home, as flaunting red-tined locks has been one of 2022's most prominent hair color choices. Some more hot hair hue trends this year include vibrant, non-traditional colors like pink or green. Another popular choice has been the expensive brunette look, which focuses on accentuating brown hair through shininess and depth, creating an expensive effect (via Hair.com).


According to Metro, people with blond hair can now get the expensive look, too, because the expensive blond hair color is set to be another significant trend throughout 2022. Metro further explains that this warmer spin on traditional blond locks is similar to the expensive brunette look because it also features blending and depth rather than the usual platinum or yellowy blond hues. But, of course, the expensive blond hair color is typically much lighter than the expensive brunette hues. Since this color is so involved, it's recommended to get it done by a professional rather than attempting it from home.

The expensive blond look is everywhere

As if we needed another reason to obsess over the expensive blond hair trend, many celebrities have been rocking this mesmerizing hair color. For instance, Margot Robbie, who used to be the epitome of the classic "blond bombshell" trope with a super-bright, light shade of blond, now flaunts a softer, more blended blond hue that certainly fits under the expensive blond category. Furthermore, Jessica Alba has been seen rocking expensive brunette and expensive blond hues, and she looks beautiful with both (via Mane Addicts).


If you want to more clearly visualize this hair color, you can find plenty of examples of what it looks like on Instagram by searching #expensiveblonde. As with most hair colors, you'll find a few variations of the glamorous hue. While most expensive blond hair colors follow the same idea of a shiny, dimensional appearance, some are still a bit darker while others feature some more icy strands.

So, are you ready to not just go blond, but go expensive blond?

You'll have to take care of it

As exciting as it is to walk out of the salon with any new hair color, you should remember that you'll be responsible for taking care of your hair to ensure the new look will last as long as possible. This rule applies to any hair color, including expensive blond. One method that can help you maintain those light locks is washing your hair with purple shampoo weekly, or at least biweekly, per Pretty Designs.


Furthermore, you should consider investing in hair masks and partaking in the process one or two days each week to keep your hair hydrated, as well as to preserve and enhance the expensive blond color (via All Things Hair). This process shouldn't take too long; try to enjoy it! Plus, try not to wash your hair too frequently, as excessively washing your locks isn't great for dyed tresses. Of course, if your hair starts looking greasy or dirty, give it a wash, but try not to wash it every time you shower. As a bonus, you'll have some extra time during your morning or nighttime routine if you don't wash your hair each time!

You'll have to go back to the salon for touch-ups

Unless you want an ombré effect, salon visits are needed for maintaining most hair colors. So, how often will you need to head to your hair salon to keep your expensive blond locks looking good? "The maintenance on expensive blond is six to eight weeks. The combination of highlights and lowlights makes the grow-out look more natural than an all-over dye job but is more maintenance than the lived-in blond looks," Bradley Leake, an ambassador for Hidden Crown Hair and Color Wow, told Mane Addicts. So, expect to visit your hairdresser at least every two months.


However, if your hairstylist touches up your locks with a gloss, you probably won't have to get touched up as often. "I encourage my clients to come in every eight-10 weeks for a quick gloss to refresh the highlights," celebrity stylist Amanda Lee told InStyle. Thus, before booking an appointment to go expensive blond, you should look at your schedule and bank account to consider whether you think the time and money needed to keep up with touch-ups is worth it.

Expensive blond hair is flattering on everyone but is easiest to achieve for blonds

Let's be honest and admit that not all trendy hair colors work for everyone. For instance, not everyone is bold enough to pull off dauntless blue hair or even intense chunky highlights. However, the expensive blond look's warm, soft appearance makes it a flattering option for anyone. The expensive blond trend is best for "anyone that wants to change up their color, especially those looking to add some warmth, dimension, and excitement," hairstylist Robert Ramos told Mane Addicts. So, if you want to add some beautiful light-yet-warm depth to your tresses, why not give the expensive blond look a chance?


While expensive blond hair will look attractive on anyone, it's easier to achieve if you're a natural blond since it's within the blond category. "This look would best suit people who already have blond hair as if you head to the salon with dark brunette hair, it's unlikely you'll be able to achieve the golden blond 'expensive' look with just one visit, so keep your expectations realistic and discuss your desired outcome with your stylist," Faye Riley, a hairstylist for Doll HQ, told My Imperfect Life. Therefore, if you naturally have platinum or bright blond hair, you should take this as your sign to try the expensive blond look.

As indicated by its name, don't expect it to be cheap

Getting your hair colored is super fun and an excellent splurge if you want to treat yourself to a new look. However, it's an investment that could dent your bank account; hence its name, the expensive blond trend isn't known for being super affordable. Expensive blond locks are all about unique depth through various highlights, so expect to sit in the salon chair for a long time — and to pay for all that work (via All Things Hair).


Of course, the exact price of getting the expensive blond hue will likely depend on factors, including where you get it done, your natural hair color, and your hair length. Thus, we can't determine precisely how much you'll have to pay. However, getting full highlights typically costs at least a few hundred dollars, and going blond usually costs a minimum of $400, per BehindTheChair. So you should be ready to spend at least a few hundred dollars if you're planning on exploring the expensive blond look.

Are you willing to invest in stunning warm-blond tresses?