Everything You Need To Know About Moon Water

The moon serves many more purposes than being beautiful to look at and leaving you no choice but to whip out your phone and snap a photo. As one of the two luminaries in the sky, more people than astrologers and mystics can appreciate its power. After all, the moon does affect the tides.


If you're in tune with your mystical side, you are likely already aware of the magic that full and new moons hold. In fact, you probably have your very own ritual in place to help you harness it. The moon cycle can impact our lives much more than a simple horoscope, too. While the full moon brings with it the freeing ability to release that which holds you back, the new moon brings with it the promise of new beginnings (via Astrology Zone).

There are a number of ways for you to bask in the lunation's powerful energy. You could choose to set aside the time to meditate and feel its power, or you could use the full and new moon energy to set intentions and put pen to paper in the hopes of manifesting what you want in life. There's also an even simpler and even more impactful way to harness the moon's energy, and all you need is a simple glass of water.


Fill your cup with some moonlight

When the time comes for a full or new moon, you may already find yourself wanting to set a little time aside to step outside and look up at the sky. If you're particularly into astrology and mystical healing, you may even dedicate an entire ritual to the lunation. But what if there were a step you could take that could last you throughout the entire moon cycle?


"Moon water is a magical water programmed by the moon's gorgeous energy — usually under the full moon, sometimes the new moon," astrological author and poet Lisa Marie Basile explained to InStyle. "It collects the moon's radiant light and its phase properties, and it can amplify your magical workings or intentions." 

Making moon water is one of the simplest tasks you can do to tap into the moon's power, and you can reap the benefits for days to come. Once you figure out how easy it is to make moon water, it'll climb its way up to the top of your lunation ritual steps.

How to make moon water

Before we get into all of the benefits, the first step is understanding the simple process behind making moon water. Nothing as magical sounding has ever been easier. All you need is a jar and mother nature, although it doesn't hurt to take some crystals outside to charge while you're at it. 


Making moon water is ridiculously simple; the hard part is the intentions you set behind it. Once you select a clear jar, you need to fill it with filtered or distilled water, per Healthline. Then, when you head outside to begin your new or full moon ritual, simply place the water-filled jar in direct moonlight if possible. Keep it close to you while you set your intentions and declare your manifestations. In fact, it can even be powerful to whisper your intentions into the jar (via Spirit of Change). 

Once you've completed your ritual, you simply have to leave the jar of water outside overnight. This allows the water to absorb the moon's energy, and you're left with a supercharged cup of water. It's all the more powerful if you place a healing crystal on top of it as well. Also, if you personally prefer to write out your intentions or manifestations, then a pro tip is to place the piece of paper filled with your wishes underneath the jar of moon water. 


The deeper you get into the majestic world of lunation rituals, the more you learn. In general, you can't go wrong when relying on the moon's powers to guide you. But the more you learn, the more you recognize how many different effects the moon can have on us depending on what phase it is in.

When to make moon water

If you're a fan of moon rituals, you're likely already familiar with the stark differences between full and new moon energies. Well, the same goes for the moon water made under them, and understanding what each moon stage can mean for your moon water can help you use it to its full potential. 


Full moons are all about release. The lunar cycle is coming to an end, and it's the perfect time to release any energy that's been dragging you down. Full moons are typically used to release negative energy, and your full moon water can be used for the same purpose, per the Farmers' Almanac

On the other side, new moons bring with them the promise of new beginnings. New moons are ideal for setting intentions and manifesting whatever you'd like. New moon water is perfect to be used to empower your new intentions and breathe the power of the moon into them. 

There's just one important thing to note: when it's time for an eclipse, you might want to keep that jar of water hidden inside. "As a general rule, eclipses are absolutely not moons you want to harness the energy of," astrologer Chani Nicholas cautions Well + Good. "Eclipses cast shadows, revealing to us what lurks there, usually revealing things that are toxic or in need of cleansing. We want to work with eclipses in ways that help us gently remove impurities from our system."


How to use moon water internally

Now you're ready. You've made your moon water, you've chosen the moon phase that works for you, and you're ready to go with your jar in hand. So, how can you use this magical water you've created? There are countless ways! But, let's start with ways you can harness the moon water's healing abilities internally. 


The good news is that it's simply water at the end of the day, so it's perfectly safe to consume. That's why some people choose to simply sip on the water over time as a way to renew their commitment to their intentions and manifestations. Sipping your moon water can rejuvenate your body with the power of your manifestations. "Moon water is a way of really bringing [the moon's] energy into ourselves and carrying it with us," spiritual wellness coach Emma Halley explained to Healthline.

Of course, there are also a few beauty uses for moon water, too. Victoria Beckham even revealed that she enjoyed drinking moon water during a retreat to help her skin, per the Daily Mail. But, you can also apply it directly to your skin. Moon water can be used in any beauty step that requires water. You could spritz it all over your hair before hopping into the shower, or even use it to wash or mist your face with it throughout the day. 


Moon water is simply a potent healing liquid, and so using it for any beauty purpose can yield better results. There's a reason why some people believe that planning your haircut schedule around the lunar cycle can help your hair grow healthier and thicker, per Almanac.

How to use moon water externally

It's not only you that can benefit from your moon water. Sure, getting to bathe in it is definitely one of its pros, but you can also use your powerful moon water to cleanse your space. If you've fallen into the trap of becoming a proud plant parent recently, then get excited because your love for lunar cycles can exist harmoniously with your love for plants. Using moon water to water your plants is a very popular use. In fact, the co-founders of The Woke Mystix, Imani Quinn and Ellen Bowles, explained to MindBodyGreen, "Plants also enjoy being spritzed with a bit of moon water to revitalize their energy." 


Aside from your plants, your home in general can reap the moon water's benefits. Placing the moon water into a spray bottle can allow you to incorporate a few spritzes into your house cleaning routine, which is ideal considering the fact that cleaning your home under a full moon is a great way to release negative energy. Wherever you choose to spray your water, you will be spreading its energy. On this, Jewish shamaness Michele Lefler explained to InStyle, "Using moon water in place of 'regular' water will transfer the energy of the moon to whatever the water is used for."

Now, go forth and set your intentions to make moon water during the next full moon.