How To Brighten Up Your Room To Boost Your Mood

Anyone trying to use fashion to improve their mood should know about dopamine dressing. After all, wearing brighter colors is a fun way to brighten your frame of mind. According to Verywell Mind, other ways to get in a better mood include listening to music, laughing more often, doing something nice for a loved one or a stranger, and meditating. Furthermore, more people are turning to CBD massages to relieve stress and unwind lately, so you may want to try indulging in this relaxing process, too.


Another way to boost your mood is to revamp your room. An interior designer and architect named Carolyn DiCarlo explained how the inside of our homes significantly impacts how we feel, saying: "Spaces absolutely affect people's moods... When you walk into a room, you feel it" (via Elite Daily). Thus, if you think your room looks a bit drab and you haven't been in a great mood lately, you should consider making some changes to your space.

Have fun redecorating your room

Revamping your room should be exciting, so try not to stress over it. There are a plethora of ways to brighten your room to help boost your mood from feeling a bit glum to more upbeat. For instance, try to find ways to incorporate more light into your room by opening up your curtains or switching to white curtains or blinds to reflect light (via At Home with Nikki). Plus, try painting the walls a brighter color and adding some art, flowers, and photos of loved ones into your space. It's also crucial to keep your room as neat as you can to avoid overwhelming or frustrating yourself without realizing it; nothing about a mess will improve your mood.


Furthermore, adding mirrors to your room can brighten your space, too, because you'll be able to see your beautiful reflection through them and they'll make your room seem more open, per The Spruce. Additionally, a bright rug can add some fun character to your space. Just be sure to choose one that complements your room and unique style.

At the end of the day, your room should be your special place where you feel free to be yourself and escape the pressure of work, family drama, or anything else that might be causing you stress. So, are you ready to work on brightening your room and your mood?