How To Add Volume To Your Curls With Root Clipping

Curls lying flat to the head can be your worst enemy, and getting that luscious volume is not as simple as it sounds. We're sure you have heard a million times about hair teasing, leave-in chemicals, and the best haircuts for volume, but what if there was something simpler?


In early 2022, the root clipping TikTok trend entered the scene, per Yahoo! Lifestyle. Unlike many other viral trends, root clipping is easy, safe, and involves no permanent results. Therefore, root clipping is a great way for those with curly hair to see amazing volume with little to no damage when done correctly. The hack is simple, but like with any hack, sometimes practice makes perfect!

Celebrity hairstylists agree that root clipping is a great way to avoid curls looking weighed down or drab. Hairstylist to the stars Fuat Celik, for example, agrees that root clipping "helps curls not look weighed down or stacked on top of each other" (via Byrdie). If you're looking for a simple way to make your curls stand up above the rest, root clipping is for you.


What is root clipping?

Root clipping is a technique used to create volume and definition within your curls (via Ultra). It involves curly hair being placed very close to the scalp while it dries. No permanent haircut or crazy mixture is needed!


Since your hair is flexible while wet, it can be positioned in many ways. When hair dries in this position, it will attempt to stay in that position, which is why root clipping causes hair to stand up higher; it's trying to stay closer to the scalp. This is similar to how curly hair plopping takes place.

Root clipping is easy in theory but often takes time to perfect. It is not always one-size-fits-all, as there are methods of pinning and placement that work differently for each person. Some people lean over to clip; others stand up. Some people apply products; others don't. The list of methods goes on! It's ultimately best to test out a few different methods and see what you like best.

According to Mane Addicts, root clipping works best on at least type 2B curly hair. It can be performed on straight hair, but a blowout is preferred as root clipping often leads to kinks in the roots that will look out of place.


How to root clip

In order to begin root clipping, you will need nothing but hair clips and a freshly washed head of hair (via Real Simple).

When your hair is around 70% dry, you should begin the hair-clipping process. After applying any lightweight styling products, you will use single or double prong clips to pin your hair up to your crown or wherever you would like to see volume. Most commonly, those trying root clipping for the first time use jaw clips.


Upon pinning your hair up, you will either wait for your hair to air dry or use a blow dryer. Some choose to apply another lightweight styling spray while their hair is pinned, but it's not essential. Your hair must be completely dry before you remove the clips; otherwise, the hack will not work. Once your hair is totally dry, remove the clips and finger brush your hair. Finger brushing will allow you to untangle your curls gently without causing extra frizz (via Odele).

Voluminous and luscious hair is now at your fingertips with root clipping.