Should You Invest In Permanent Jewelry?

Thanks to influencers on TikTok and Instagram, permanent jewelry has take the fashion world by storm. Jewelers all over the world are finding their services in demand to measure and weld together permanent bracelets and necklaces. Although this trend is growing in popularity, getting an appointment for your very own permanent piece may be easier than you think. The process is painless and quick. 


This social media craze has made it even easier for you to purchase a dainty piece of gold at your favorite jewelry shop, and some jewelers even come to your home to fit you and your loved ones with permanent chains (via Vox). On any social media site, you can search the hashtags #permanentjewelry or #permanentbracelets to view millions of consumers getting their own custom-fitted pieces of art. Stores like Catbird in Brooklyn, New York, and Spark Studios in Toronto, Canada, are credited with the rise in interest in permanent jewelry (via the New York Post).

Couples purchase this jewelry to commemorate special occasions, friends get them as permanent best friend pieces, and others are just intrigued at this new craze. Many report appreciating the ease of wearing a dainty piece of gold that they cannot easily lose (via the New York Post). No matter the reason, the popularity of permanent jewelry has taken off, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon.


What is permanent jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is a piece of jewelry that can last a lifetime. The jewelry shops that provide this service can finish a permanent bracelet in 15 minutes or less. The process is simple. The jeweler measures the chain around your wrist or neck and welds the chain's ends together so that the wearer will never have to clasp their bracelet or necklace. The welding heat never touches your skin making the process painless (via Insider). Bracelets and necklaces are the most common pieces chosen. They are popular because they are dainty, stackable, and basic enough to look good with any outfit (via the New York Post). Many consumers prefer this type of permanency to that of tattoos and piercings. It's less intense and painful than the other permanent options.


Those interested in permanent jewelry can choose their chain's length and style. Some wearers opt for a safety pin or a heart charm, while others stay with a basic gold chain (via Insider). Wearers who are interested in getting matching jewelry usually do so to commemorate the start of a relationship, a big moment in their friendship, or a special event. Still, others opt for getting one on their own symbolizing something to themselves (via Vox). Although they are labeled as permanent, there is always an option to remove the chains. It simply takes a wire-cutter. If your bracelet accidentally breaks, many jewelers will fix it the first time for free.

Things to know before getting your permanent jewelry.

So, what should you know before trying out the latest trend in fashion? Although these pieces are dainty and minimalist in nature, they're still luxury items. Unlike friendship necklaces from stores in your local mall, these bracelets start at about $100 dollars a piece at Catbird's studio. In addition to the higher cost of the jewelry, most jewelers provide welding for free.


In addition, wearers may have to come to terms with the fact that their jewelry may have to be removed in the future. Competitors cannot wear jewelry in many sports, and you can't have any metal on you at all if you have to get surgery (via New York Post).

No matter what, the permanent jewelry trend is a creative way to commemorate a special event or demonstrate commitment to yourself or someone important to you. Most are lightweight and simple enough to match any outfit. If you and your loved ones are in the mood for something classy and a little different, permanent jewelry may just be for you.