How To Make Curled Hair Last All Day

While some people have naturally beautiful, curly hair, some of us are left trying every trick in the book to help our straight hair hold a curl through the day. Straight, fine hair seems to suffer the most, according to celebrity hairstylist Graham Nation, as this hair type lacks volume and the natural oils on the scalp weigh the hair down (via Sunday Riley). In the morning, you might leave the house with beautiful, bouncy curls, but by the time the end of the workday rolls around, your curls have lost their perk and are suddenly shapeless strands.

If you have tried every TikTok trick and every overnight hack and still cannot make a curl last, we understand. Oftentimes, the key to making your curls last isn't some magic trick. Instead, it is simple changes that just tweak the steps you already take. Now, we have curated a list of stylist-recommended tips for making your curled hair last all day.

Don't wash immediately before

While too many natural oils can weigh your hair down and prevent curls from lasting, a freshly washed head of hair can do the same (via Luxy Hair). This is why it is important to use dry shampoo to soak up some oils on the scalp while leaving the hair somewhat dirty still. Curls tend to hold better in grittier, dirtier hair. While it seems hypocritical, your scalp's oils can literally both make or break an incredible head of curls.

Use the correct tool

Luckily, with the advances in technology, "any hair should be able to hold a curl," explains Sarah Potempa, creator of the Beachwaver (via Byrdie). It's all about choosing the right tool for your hair type and understanding how to operate it.

Curls can be created with a curling iron, rollers, a flat iron, a beach waver, and more. Everyone's hair is different. You will need to find not only the tool that works best for you but also a temperature, metal, and, possibly, barrel size. Talk to your stylist to see what they recommend or test out different products for yourself. After all, curling your hair is not a one-size-fits-all process.

Prep your hair

It's important that your hair has the correct texture to hold a curl. Natural oils on the hair can help give your hair grit. To add to this grittiness, use a texturizing mousse. Jessica Page, the founder of Blondies & Co., explains that applying mousse root to the tip will help give the curls an extra hold (via InStyle).

As always, you should also use a protectant before using any heat to avoid damage. Damage caused by heat can cause future curls to look frizzy, dry, and brittle.

Don't stray from clips

Clips are great for many uses while curling hair. Using clips to separate the hair as you curl separate sections is a great way to ensure you don't miss any pieces. Another way to use clips in the curling process is to use them to pin curls to your head while they cool. This will help the curls keep their shape longer as they are trained to stay tight to the head (via Nume). Some people even choose to apply a holding spray while the curls are pinned up.

Hands off

One of the biggest mistakes people make after curling their hair is immediately brushing out the tight curls. Prose recommends avoiding touching your hair for at least two minutes after curling or until the hair is completely cool to the touch. This will allow the hair to set tighter to the scalp. Once your hair is cool, tussle your hair by finger brushing it. Voila! Your hair will then have an effortless look that has a great chance to stay put all day.