5 Things That Will Make Your Budget Savvy Outfit Seem Way More Expensive

We all know that inflation has been making life more expensive. With so many prices of essential items rising, shopping isn't as fun as it was in the past. We're also aware that many people have had to start budgeting or tightening their already-existing budgets when shopping for clothes or non-essential products. After all, inflation is driving down Kohl's in-store foot traffic much lower than last year, as many fashion and beauty enthusiasts want to avoid the temptation to spend more money than they can afford.


However, you don't necessarily have to sacrifice style for savings — it's super possible to look great on a budget. If you're willing to get creative, you can save money by becoming a more mindful shopper to find stylish yet affordable items. For example, diligently searching online for sales and deals or shopping at thrift or consignment shops such as Goodwill and Plato's Closet can help you find fashionable pieces for low prices. But no one has to know that your outfit is inexpensive; there are plenty of methods for making affordable looks seem pricier.

Blazers make you look smart and sophisticated

Typically associated with professionalism, blazers have become ultra-trendy for outfits in and out of the office. More than nine million posts popped up when we searched #blazer on Instagram, as these chic garments are versatile for many outfit ideas. Since they're so frequently linked with business-related events and occasions, blazers will instantly make any outfit in your wardrobe appear more expensive. For instance, a traditional black blazer will effortlessly dress up a casual striped top and jeans. Meanwhile, a light blue blazer can elevate a basic white top and plain jeans. Or, a long white blazer can make any minimalistic outfit appear classier.


Considering how blazers have been so trendy and will probably never go out of style, you can find plenty of options for reasonable prices. For instance, the SHEIN Open Front Solid Blazer comes in various colors from navy blue to red to black, and sells for only $16. Plus, it has a near-perfect rating with more than 5,000 reviews. Moreover, the FashionJOA Women's Solid Casual Draped Open Front ¾ Sleeve Outerwear Blazer Jacket comes in countless color options and is available on Amazon starting at just below $20. With 4.3 out of five stars, this blazer is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex and was made in America.

Rock high heels for instant glamour

Although they're not the most comfortable footwear option, there's nothing more glamorous than a pair of high heels. Just think of "Sex and the City's" Carrie Bradshaw — arguably one of the most fashionable TV show characters ever. Bradshaw always seems to be in heels no matter the weather or situation, which is one of the most prominent reasons she looks ultra-glamorous. You can channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw with a pair of reasonably priced heels — no one needs to know that your heels didn't break the bank!


If you want a pair of high heels that make a sparkly statement, you should check out the Glitter Party Mesh Block Heels, available at Windsor for only $20. Featuring an open-toe design and an edgy square toe, these glittery heels will be the focal point of any outfit you can think of, making your look seem significantly more expensive. Meanwhile, nothing beats a strappy pair of black heels for a dressy look. The MARCOREPUBLIC Alexandra Womens Open Toe High Heels Platform Shoes Stiletto Dress Sandals are labeled as Amazon's Choice, although they sell for only around $50. With about 3,000 reviews, they have a 4.4-star rating.

Flaunt a chic neutral purse

We all need purses to carry around our keys, phones, wallets, and other essential belongings when we leave our homes. As tempting as it is to explore bright, colorful bags when shopping for a new purse, those bold hues most likely won't match every outfit in your wardrobe and can make your look seem less sophisticated, lowering the chances of making your ensemble appear more expensive. On the other hand, black purses are sleek and will always be in style, neutral bags in brown or beige look ultra-elegant with any ensemble, and white purses always look classy. Thus, wearing a black, white, or any other neutral purse will make your outfit more sophisticated, creating the illusion of a more expensive outfit.


Anyone hunting for a stylish yet affordable black purse should check out the best-selling Time and Tru Women's Willow Crossbody Handbag in black. Labeled as a best seller, this faux leather bag sells at Walmart for less than $20 and has a perfect five-star rating. Or, if you prefer brown purses, the FashionPuzzle Triple Zip Small Crossbody Bag in saddle brown is Amazon's Choice for brown purses and sells for around $20. With 21,000 reviews, this faux leather purse has 4.6 stars, making it a customer favorite. Moreover, if you want a sleek white purse, the top-rated UO Kez Baguette Bag is available at Urban Outfitters for around $40 and has 4.6 stars.

Wear faux fur for an affordable fashion statement

Everyone with any knowledge of basic fashion history knows that wearing fur was a sign of wealth and luxury for a long time. Nowadays, wearing faux fur is a popular — or arguably more popular — alternative to classic fur coats, as you'll be paying less money for a glamorous-looking product that didn't harm an animal. Over a million posts popped up when we searched #fauxfur on Instagram, as coats, vests, and jackets made of faux fur still look luxurious.


If you're searching for a bold faux fur jacket for a low price, the Checkered Faux Fur Coat is available at Forever 21 for just below $40 at the time of writing, and this faux fur coat has a 4.6-star review. If you also want a faux fur vest, the Tanming Women's Fashion Autumn and Winter Short Faux Fur Vest is available on Amazon for prices beginning at around $25 and has 4.2 stars with over 2,500 reviews. On the other hand, a genuine fur coat made of fur from an actual lamb sells for $2,990 at Nordstrom. If you pick carefully, spending less than $50 on a faux fur item can make your outfit look like it's worth thousands of dollars.

Confidence, confidence, confidence

This detail isn't tangible; it's about how you feel and carry yourself. If you walk around with your head up high, genuinely liking how you look, it doesn't matter if your outfit costs $20 or $200 because that confidence will make you look more powerful. On the other hand, if you don't even like your appearance and try to hide as you shrink in insecurity, your outfit won't look expensive, even if your clothes are pricey. As the confident and stylish queen bee, Maddy, explained to the quiet Lexi in "Euphoria," "90% of life is confidence, and the thing about confidence is no one knows if it's real or not." So, make an effort to be confident about your outfits, and they'll suddenly feel more expensive.


According to GoodTherapy, some tips for becoming more confident include facing fears, consistently reminding yourself of what you like about yourself, and playing upbeat music. So why not take baby steps and compliment your reflection in the mirror after getting dressed and then listening to a happy song? And if you still don't feel so good about how you look, therapy can help.

Therefore, you don't have to spend a lot of money to look and feel powerful!