How To Style Classic Corduroy Pants This Fall

One of this fall's hottest trends is something you may have seen your mom and dad wearing in pictures from the '70s. Now, corduroy pants are a classic staple coming back in full swing this fall. In fact, the power of retro nostalgia is real, and it's shifting fall fashion.

Cotton corduroy pants are comfortable but make a classy statement. Their thick, durable ribbing is perfect for those chilly fall days. After all, nothing is better than being able to brave the elements and be on trend. Celebrities like Bella Hadid have even been spotted rocking the trend in their daily street style. Hadid specifically was pictured in corduroy flares back in April 2021 (via Footwear News).

Originally, corduroy was a fixture of preppy menswear, but just like most items in fashion, it's now seen as a fashion-forward look for anyone (via MasterClass). In fact, most people want to add corduroy to their wardrobe but just aren't sure how. If you are ready to trade in your denim for something new, we know the feeling! This is why we have curated a guide of five trendy ways to style classic corduroy pants this fall.

Try flare corduroy pants

If you are looking to go full retro, try a pair of flare corduroy pants. Vintage-inspired looks are more trendy than ever, so don't shy away from looking like a '70s icon! Pair your flare corduroys with a cute turtleneck, a cabby hat, and heeled booties for a groovy look. Even singer-turned-actor Harry Styles loves a good pair of flare Corduroy pants, wearing them for an outing back in February 2020 (via Harry Styles Fashion Archive).

Mix in denim

A classic pairing for corduroy has always been denim. Perhaps because the two will both keep you warm, or maybe because it just looks incredible together as the two fabrics contrast (via Lands End). Denim is also known for being casual, whereas corduroy has become known as preppy. As they say, opposites attract! Regardless, denim is a perfect match for corduroy pants whether it be as a complementary shirt or jacket. Use a leather belt and add leather boots for even more contrast.

Wear oversized pants

Generation Z has added its own touch to the corduroy pants trend, encouraging the oversized look. In fact, big pants and a little shirt is a staple Gen Z combo. There is no rule saying those pants cannot be corduroy! Try a pair of oversized classic corduroy pants with a tiny long-sleeved top this fall. This is a great way to add a new trend to a classic style. What's more, Priyanka Chopra gave us great inspiration when she was seen wearing this duo back in 2018 (via

Go for a smart-casual combo

Corduroy was originally seen as a preppy style that would be worn by college-educated men. We see this in media, too. Professors in many popular movies such as "Animal House," "The Graduate," and "The Big Short" all have one main thing in common: their sporting of corduroy blazers (via Mr Porter).

In recent years, the style has become more casual but that doesn't mean you can't rock it like an ivy league scholar. Style your corduroy pants in a smart-casual combo by adding a button-down, blazer, and heels. If you are feeling like upping your casual look into something more formal, there are also plenty of corduroy pants suit options.

Keep your top simple

To avoid clashing, it is best to keep your top simple when wearing corduroy pants. Popular tops include white button-downs, plain tees, simple turtlenecks, and cashmere sweaters. Sticking to neutral, simple tops will help the outfit from becoming too overwhelming. A simple pattern, such as flannel, is a great choice as well. The pants are a great way to add a statement piece to your outfit, so there is little need for a loud top. In 2021, for example, Kendall Jenner showed us the chic way to keep corduroy pants minimalist with a silk black shirt (via Want Her Style).