North West Will Have Swag in Tiny Leather Jogging Pants


Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel hashed out their Twitter beef in person and on camera on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night. Don’t get nervous, the encounter resulted in a gift for little North West.

As if Nori needs anything else, considering she was lavished with designer gifts from Alber Elbaz, Alexander Wang, and Martin Maison Margiela—but more on that in a moment.

6 years ago, West and his friend interned at Fendi and presented the leather-jogging pant, but it wasn’t picked up. And West can’t stop talking about it. “People made whole careers off of the leather jogging pant,” North's daddy said. “It became a phenomenon the past three years.”

West recounted that story in an interview with the BBC's Radio 1, which, subsequently Kimmel spoofed on his show, causing a Kanye Twitter rant of epic proportions. Fast-forward to last night. Kimmel invites that rapper onto his show, allowing him to get his feelings off his chest. After showing a clip of the spoof, which notably, West laughed at, Kimmel presented him a gift for his daughter: tiny leather jogging pants.

Kanye brushed off Kimmel’s claims that the pants looked “sweaty,” saying “fashion isn’t always practical. It’s more about swag.”

Did you hear that, Nori? It’s all about swag? Daddy knows best.