Resolution Restart: 6 Treats to Get You Back in Workout Mode


Happy February 7th, Glam girls– a day otherwise known as the “Fitness Cliff.” After studying patterns at their workout locations across the US for three years, that's the name Gold's Gym gave the 7th, the day with the biggest drop in check-ins since the start of the year. If you feel the fitness regimen you were so motivated about a month ago slipping through your fingers, try our 6 healthy routine picker-uppers and save your New Year's resolution stat!

1. Pull out your blender and start making delicious and healthy smoothies part of your revamped routine. Looking forward to your post workout treat will help keep your eyes on the prize during a grueling gym session.
“The Big Book of Juices and Smoothies,” available at Crate & Barrel for $21.95

2. A good set of earbuds is worth the investment–they'll drown out outside noise so your favorite tunes can keep you pumped up on the task at hand. These gorgeous gold ones from Beats by Dr Dre are too pretty to not show-off.
urBeats Se Made to Take a Beating Gold Edition, available at for $99.95

3. Polarized sunglasses make a huge difference when exercising outside. Not only do they keep your eyes protected from the sun, they reduce the glare for a clearer experience. Our pick will make you look extra professional on your next jog around the block, and with a pair this stylish, you won't feel silly wearing them to run errands after either.
Ryders Eyewear Gatto Sunglasses, available at Ryder's Eyewear for $69.99

4. Buy your swimsuit now to get yourself excited about the warmer weather on the horizon. In fact, go ahead and start planning that June beach trip you've been thinking about too. Having a tangible end goal with an actual date works as real motivation to keep up with your training. We have our eye on Hawaii this summer–can you tell from the Mara Hoffman lei print bikini we've chosen?
Mara Hoffman Garlands String Bikini, available at for $100 (top) and $100 (bottom)

5. If you've gotten bored with your gym attire, treat yourself to a new sports bra, something you can truly never have too many of. The Supernova Racing Bra by Adidas exceed our needs from a practical standpoint– ventilating, comfortable, and supportive–but it's also aesthetically pleasing. We love when the colorful or printed straps peek out from under our workout tank.
Adidas Supernova Racing Bra, available at Adidas for $40

6. A sensory captivating pair of sound speakers can turn the next time you have to check chores off your to-do list into a productive workout too. Play your music wirelessly with the beautifully decorate Stellé Audio Piller for the ultimate at-home dance party amidst dusting, laundry, and vacuuming. With the pillar's lithium-ion rechargeable battery and universal power adapter, you'll have 15 hours to take your speakers with you as you carry on your grooving outside the home.
The Stellé Audio Pillar, available at for $349