15 Makeup Looks That Are Perfect For Your Next Date Night

Getting dolled up for a date night can be just as exciting as the date itself, if not more so. Besides choosing the most stellar outfit and the right hairstyle, finding the best makeup look is one of the main ways to prepare.

According to Science of People, 44% of women don't leave the house without makeup on, and the makeup they wear serves two primary functions: to hide perceived flaws and to make themselves appear more attractive and confident (via Journal of Cosmetic Science). Still, there are some people who choose to wear makeup simply as a form of self-expression. Take Zendaya, for instance. "Honestly, it's an art form; it's fun," the "Euphoria" actress said in an interview with Fashionista.

No matter your reason for wearing makeup, choosing the right look can be incredibly time-consuming given all the choices you have. Whether you decide to go with a sultry smoky-eyed look or something a bit more clean and fresh-faced, this list of 15 best makeup looks for your next date night will help you narrow down which style is right for you.

Make it all about red lips

It's amazing how adding a simple coat of lipstick can change your entire look. But did you know that the color of your lipstick plays a significant role in your level of physical attractiveness? According to a study reported by Psychology Today, red is perceived by men to be the most attractive lip color on a woman. If you are going to go with a bold red lip, makeup artists suggest you keep the rest of your look subtle and simple, or turn up the volume completely and make a statement with a smoky eye too (via Vogue).

Play up the baby face

According to Luvze, research suggests baby-like or neotenous facial features are linked to high mate value. The best way to achieve this innocent look through makeup is to concentrate on lighter colors. Give your reflection in the mirror a big smile before applying a cream blush to the apples of your cheeks. "Use a cream blush — in pink and peachy tones — on top of the apples of the cheeks," suggests Trish Mcevoy, renowned celebrity makeup artist (via New Beauty). "Use a makeup brush to swipe it across your forehead. This will bring more color to your face, keeping your makeup looking bright and fresh."

Try out the no-makeup makeup look

The clean girl aesthetic and the "no-makeup makeup" look is all the rage. According to makeup artist Jason Hoffman, the best way to achieve the minimalist makeup look is to focus on your skincare first and foremost (via Vogue). The better the quality of your skin, the fewer makeup products you will have to use to hide scarring, lines, and blemishes. Concentrating on exfoliating, cleansing, and moisturizing will guarantee that your makeup will go on smoothly and flawlessly.

Rock a '90s aesthetic

The '90s were all about embodying stone-cold minimalism. The decade's top look showcased thin eyebrows, brown lips, and matte everything. And while some might consider the '90s look too retro to pull off nowadays, there's something incredibly endearing and nostalgic about the dialed-down look. "There's a beautiful minimalism to '90s makeup that's so refreshing right now!" celebrity makeup artist Westman tells InStyle. "It was just cool and confident. It was simple, pared down, but never boring."

Aim for a sultry smoky eye

This sultry, shadowy look can be especially suitable for a late night out with your beau, whether at a nice restaurant or a jazz club. And while it can be rather intimidating to attempt a smoky-eyed look, with the right tips and tricks you can master it in no time. The way to do it? Professional makeup artist Amy Conway told Glamour, "A long-wear cream shadow and a long-wear gel eyeliner blended together is a quick and simple way to create a smoky eye with minimal products."

Stick to the classic look

Classic makeup styles typically replicate looks that were popular in the days of Old Hollywood (via Blende). We're talking about that vintage Audrey Hepburn look. According to Ida Gál-Csiszar, a master chemist who formulated makeup in the '70s, one awesome beauty trick of many vintage starlets involved an unexpected use for lipgloss. "Use a clean disposable mascara wand, dip it into your lip gloss, and brush it through the high points of your brow upward and outward to lift the eye and give the illusion of higher cheekbones," she told Marie Claire.

Channel your boldest Euphoria look

Feeling bold? Why not try a funky rhinestone or glitter gel look just like the girls at Euphoria High? "I think bright color combos of color-blocked or ombre faded eyeshadows and winged liners with a rhinestone component (either an arch above the crease or floating on the lid or eyebrows) are trending right now," said Doniella Davy, the creative genius behind all the expressive makeup you see on "Euphoria" (via HudaBeauty).

Come on Barbie, let's go party

When it comes to the hot pink aesthetic otherwise known as "Barbiecore," The Washington Post says the iconic doll-inspired fashion and makeup looks are here to stay. "People want to escape, and they are latching onto something colorful and nostalgic and playful," said Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute.

One of the most important elements of the makeup trend is to not shy away from daring colors, especially pink. "Everybody looks pretty in pink," professional makeup artist Katrina Kaif told Vogue India

Rock out with the Bratz Baddie trend

It's no secret that the Bratz Baddie look has been dominating the makeup scene for quite some time now. This look is primarily focused on neotenous and rounded features. The bigger your eyes and lips appear, the more you will embody an iconic Bratz doll. 

To get the look, makeup artists Arti Nayar and Namrata Soni told Vogue, "Use a white or flesh-colored eye pencil on the waterline to brighten and widen." Another must-have for the perfect big-eyed look is to "apply a soft brown color on the crease of the lid to bring more dimension to the eye." This trick gives the illusion of a wider lid. Grab your favorite lip liner pencil and overline them as the final touch.

Pull off the E-Girl aesthetic

Another bold makeup style is the "E-Girl" look, which stands for electronic girl, according to Parade. This means you're more likely to encounter this sort of aesthetic online on platforms like TikTok, Tumblr, and Pinterest, rather than in real life. According to Makeup.com, this digital look "combines emo and punk rocker vibes with a playful twist," and typically features lots of blush and exaggerated doe-like eyes.

Try a dewy sun-kissed look

With the right makeup application, you can master the effortless dewy, tanned look all year-'round. That way, even in the dead of winter when you haven't left your house in days, you will look as though you've just gotten back from being kissed by rays of sunshine.

Model Kaia Gerber shared her best tricks to fake a sun-kissed look with Vogue. "We're not getting sunburned, because we don't want wrinkles, so we're going to fake it." To do so she applies cherry red lipstick to her lips and other parts of her face to mimic a mild sunburn.

Channel your best flapper

Instead of wearing the expected 2020s looks, take it back about 100 years and try out your best 1920s aesthetic instead. According to Cosmopolitan, the best way to rock the flapper-girl look is to make your eyebrows as thin as possible and incorporate dark shades for your eye makeup. And voila! Simple as that. Now get out there, and channel your inner Daisy Buchanan. Just be sure not to hit anyone with Gatsby's car.

Soft girls rule the world

The soft girl aesthetic is all about embodying your most feminine self, regardless of your gender. And although softness and femininity are traditionally considered passive traits, newer generations are flipping the script on what it means to be "soft." In fact, according to The Guardian, some people consider the soft girl trend to be a source of strength and empowerment.

Pastel colors are a key to this look, so stick to light pinks or blues. Be sure to add some fun hair clips and bubbly clothes to compliment your makeup. Have fun and get creative with it!

Try the princesscore look

With the right makeup, you can go from looking like your everyday self to looking like a princess on her way to a royal ball. In an interview with Bustle, "Bridgerton" makeup designers Lynda J. Pierce and Molly Thompson Tubridy offer advice on how to perfect the "princesscore" look.

After putting on your favorite concealer and foundation, be sure to apply cream blush to your cheekbones as opposed to a powder. "The creaminess gives you a dewy complexion and enhances the cheekbones in a flushed and natural way," said Pierce.

Go blue or go home

A sign the '60s have made a comeback is the resurgence of blue eyeshadow. "The late-'60s aesthetic inspires that vintage look of blue color wash across the lids that created a bold statement on the eyes while downplaying the other features," Makeup Forever's Eddie Duyos says in an interview with Allure. "Color is exciting and eyes continue to be the focal point for the season as people are looking to the past for creative ways to play up their makeup." 

Ultimately, the best makeup choice is the one you feel most like yourself in. So grab some mascara and lipstick, and get creative with it!