How To Create The Perfect Bubble Pony

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Many Y2K hairstyles have been making a comeback in the 2020s, particularly in 2022. For instance, playful tendrils and the face-framing baby braid look you're going to want to copy ASAP have been everywhere and won't be going away anytime soon. Another early 2000s-inspired hairdo that hair enthusiasts can't get enough of is the bubble ponytail. This hairdo looks how it sounds: it's a ponytail with sections of hair throughout the pony divided in a way that gives the illusion of round bubbles.

This trend is so popular that more than 36,000 posts popped up when we searched #bubbleponytail on Instagram. We most frequently see bubble ponies on people with long hair, but no matter the length, everyone with enough hair to make a ponytail should give the hairstyle a chance, whether you have blond, red, or brunette hair. Even ultra-famous supermodel Gigi Hadid rocked a slim, face-framing variation of this trend when she had auburn tresses in 2021. Furthermore, the love-obsessed Cassie from "Euphoria" wore her long, blond locks in a bubble pony as part of the look that she spent hours working on in hopes of getting her forbidden crush's attention (via YouTube). So, are you ready to channel your inner model by creating your own bubble pony?

How to rock the bubble pony

Bubble ponytails aren't too advanced compared to many other hair trends, so why not try to make one? Alex Gaboury walks through the process on YouTube, beginning with her long hair in loose, wavey curls. Then, she puts some of her hair up with a clear ponytail holder but, importantly, leaves some pieces out. She says you can use your hair to cover up the elastic with a bobby pin, but that this isn't required. Next, you should take some hair behind your head and tie it with another clear hair tie and pull on that section of hair to make it look like a bubble. Keep doing this throughout your tresses until you have a full bubble pony, and always remember that practice makes perfect. If it doesn't look perfect the first time, don't be afraid to try it again. 

If you hope to make the bubble look as intense as possible, you should use a spray to add volume. "The secret to getting the perfect bubble without it looking flat is texturizing or volumizing sprays," hairstylist and wig maker Daniel Koye tells Allure. So, before you try to create a bubble pony, you should consider investing in a spray to volumize your locks and create better "bubbles."

Use these sprays to add some texture

There are a plethora of volumizing sprays available to prevent your hair from looking too flat for the bubble look. For example, we recommend the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finishing Spray. This spray will help fine hair look more voluminous without looking too overbearing. You can purchase it from Walmart for under $15, and it has 4.4 out of five stars with more than 700 ratings. Furthermore, the Goldwell Surf Oil Spray is excellent for volumizing curly or wavey hair. You can buy this spray from Walmart for less than $20, so it's accessible for many. 

Moreover, the Living Proof Full Dry Volume and Texture Spray will help volumize any type of hair and retails at Sephora for around $30. It has a 4.5-star rating, with one happy reviewer writing, "This is THE BEST texture spray on the market!" However, if you have naturally flat tresses, the Verb Volume Dry Texture Spray will help you add some volume to your hair. Available at Ulta for $20, this spray has 4.5 stars with more than 400 ratings, with one customer writing, "This stuff is AMAZING, it leaves a texture on my hair almost like dry shampoo but in a good way and not just at the roots." So, now's the time to check out these volumizing sprays, choose one, and make your voluminous bubble pony!