The Chicest Ways To Style The Color Red This Fall

Red is associated with more feelings (and adjectives) than any other color on the color wheel. Perhaps most closely associated with Valentine's Day, red conjures up feelings of lust, love, and affection. Christmas may rank a close second since red, the color of blood, represents Jesus Christ, whose birthday the holiday commemorates. For non-followers, blood is associated with a panorama of health, life, and death. Perhaps it's red's symbolism of bravery and valor that led 80% of the world's countries to feature some red in their national flag (via Brilliant Maps). Depending on which marketer you listen to, red either appeals mostly to children (via Psychology Today) or stirs up the appetite of people of all ages (via Business Insider).


But if you think, as many people do, that red is such a fiery color that it can enrage a bull, you've gone a bit too far. West Texas A&M University notes that bulls are somewhat color blind and cannot discern red. It's the fluttering of the matador's red cape that causes a bull to charge.

You can't escape the common thread winding through these theories: passion. There is nothing passive about red. Your interest in the color may be a burgeoning new one or a reignited one from the past. But if you're counting on red to add an element of chicness to your fall wardrobe — meaning, a touch of elegance and sophistication — look no further than these five striking suggestions.

Start small – like with a phone case

Wearing red requires confidence; it's not for the faint of heart. But if it hasn't played a dominant role in your wardrobe, it makes sense that you may resist going full tilt with a full-on monochrome red outfit.


So what's the solution? "Dip your toe in with a small splash of color," Adidas recommends. A red phone case may be an ideal way for you to test the waters. After all, you probably carry your phone with you so often that it's become an unofficial part of your wardrobe. A red case might be a fitting way to graduate it to the next level.

Match your lipstick and nail polish

You can look, but you won't find any hard-and-fast rule that says lipstick and nail polish must match (via Bodycare Vault). Many people believe that fashion should be driven by personal choice and what you think looks best on you (via Stylelifted).


But ooh-la-la, Style Cheer suggests that when you want to "create a polished and put-together look that will have you turning heads," match your lipstick and nail polish. It will look (pardon the pun) supremely polished. Nothing says "I'm in touch with my personal style" more than the color red.

Enter the vast world of scarves

If you associate scarves with cold and winter, then you'll be surprised to know a few things: scarves come in a wide variety of fabrics, textures, and weights. You can wear a scarf every day of the year, no matter what the temperature, and scarves draw instant attention to your face (and your lipstick, too) (via This Season's Gold).


It may be hard to imagine a 6-by-60-inch piece of fabric accomplishing all this. But clearly, you have a lot of catching up to do. The vast world of scarves has much to offer, especially if you tend to favor conservative, muted colors. A red scarf can become the "pop" people hear from a distance.

Pick up a purse or wristlet

Who would mind taking a test you can retake if you're unhappy with the outcome? Like this one: do you think a red purse goes with everything? Answer: yes, because red has a huge range of hues. Are purses and wristlets in style? Answer: they sure are because red is a classic color. Have you been known to be either energetic, prideful, or sometimes impulsive?


If you haven't answered yes to these questions, then go back and reconsider — and then resubmit your answers. You'll pass the "purse test" and rediscover why purses are the most visible fashion accessory of all — and how a red one can be the ultimate sign of fall chic (via StyleCheer).

Jeans with red jacket

When you're ready to literally cloak yourself in red, a red blazer or jacket awaits you. If that invisible bubble over your head says, "Wait; I'm still a little nervous about red," an ideal solution awaits you, too: pair the blazer or jacket with a denim outfit (via Maria France Asia). It's a winning look, both chic and casual or chic and dressy.


The choice is up to you. Just give yourself time to scan the possibilities in your closet. Start by putting the red blazer or jacket on your bed. Tuck a white or cream top (with a collar or without, plain or striped) inside it. Although the red-white combination may look stark at the moment, just wait until you grab a piece of denim. It will redefine the look.

The question is, will the denim take the form of a skirt or a pair of slacks? If it's the latter, think about the cut. With skinny jeans fading fast, Elle suggests asymmetric, baggy, straight-leg, and bootleg jeans. There's nothing like a little experimentation to fortify your confidence — so you can end up making a big splash this fall in red.