Witchy Fashion Is On Trend. Here's How To Capture The Style

With colder weather in the air, the smell of pumpkin and cinnamon everything, fall clothes galore, and darker nights, autumn is here, and with that, so is spooky season. For some people, spooky season is a lifestyle they represent all the time, especially in their fashion choices. In other words, they fully embrace the season of the witch year round. Combining ethereal mystery with that of a gothic accessorized look comes the whimsigoth aesthetic that is all the rave right now. In fact, this particular style is trending with 47 million views on TikTok under the search for #whimsigothic.

The name of this style, which combines "whimsical" and "gothic," was coined by architectural designer and cofounder of the Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute, Evan Collins. Collins says this style emerged in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Whimsigoth can be used to describe interior design, personality, and fashion. Collins explains on Twitter that before whimsigoth, there was an arts and design scene he described as a "wonderful, playful, free, and hedonistic atmosphere." The whimsigoth era emerged when artists in that scene began to vanish in the '80s. "It's odd but I think it makes sense that design & arts scene developed a fascination with darker neo-gothic, spiritual aesthetics to deal with the loss, in the late 80s & early 1990s," Collins wrote in a tweet.

In fashion, elements of whimsigoth include lace, bold colors, Celestial themes, velvet, layering, and jewelry. It's where bohemia, goth, and spirituality meet to create a unique look. It's fun, playful, and fashionable, making it all the better to give it a try for yourself.

Flowy is key

By definition, whimsical means "playfully quaint or fanciful, especially in an appealing and amusing way." This is one of the main aspects of whimsigoth. The key to achieving it is by incorporating flowy pieces like a dress, bell bottoms, maxi circle skirts, shawls, or long, loose cardigans. For this majestic feel, opt for textured fabrics such as velvet, suede, lace, or chiffon. This same concept can be applied all throughout the look in the garments, the shoes, the hair accessories, and even the jewelry.

Layer up

Another important element for whimsigoth is in the layering. This gives the outfit a multidimensional, detailed look — and, according to REI Co-op, can help you stay warm. This is the perfect opportunity to add in a choppy look as well. It further adds to the playful quirkiness of it all, giving it endless opportunities to add as much detail as you'd like. This can be a long-sleeve lace top under a spaghetti strap dress with a cardigan on top. To make it more whimsical, throw in a pair of tights and a unique pair of shoes, usually boots, to really tie it together. Or, it can be a long-sleeve top tucked under a pair of bell bottoms paired with a shawl and a hat. It offers a flexible technique to wear it how you'd like.

Magical accents

The story is in the details — and Story Behind The Cloth even points out that what we wear tells people who we are. Because this style incorporates a Celestial element, this means imagery or symbolism of moons, suns, rays, stars, and more. Find pieces that contain some of these images or designs on it to fully embrace it in all its true whimsigoth beauty. You can find these features by the design on the fabric of the garment, embellishments or sequins, or accent jewelry. Accents can also be added through the use of hats, belts, or miscellaneous accessories such as gloves.

Bold earthy colors

Because it is often associated with a witchy, spooky feel, the colors for whimsigoth tend to be darker and muted at times. However, this doesn't mean they can't be bold. It can usually be accomplished by incorporating earthy tones like orange, brown, forest green, or maroon. Splashes of color can be thrown in with purple or navy blue. Of course, black is an easy go-to for this style. It does have the word "goth" in it, after all (via Teen Vogue).

Detailed jewelry

Jewelry tops off the look by combining many of the other elements of whimsigoth. Popular metals for this kind of jewelry are usually in gold or silver tones. They can be dangly, big, or small. They are usually layered together or as one standalone accent piece. Often, they follow the Celestial look with shapes of moons, suns, and even earthy elements like mushrooms, plants, or intricate leaf designs. It's also popular to include gemstones or crystals for the spiritual aspect of it all. Companies like Wild Roots Creative have a plethora of whimsical options.