Which Sign Is A Scorpio Most Compatible With?

If you were born between October 21st and November 23rd, you surely already know you are a Scorpio. If the date you were born doesn't signify that you're a Scorpio, your intensity and passion sure do. As one of the most intense water signs, your fierce personality defines you. Most signs are drawn to a Scorpio's serious nature and their wild commitment to their chosen people. Scorpios -– much like their sign's predatory arachnid, the scorpion -– attach themselves fully to what they're after. What makes them such incredible lovers also helps them create deep friendships (via Your Tango). They look for meaningful relationships with the potential for unwavering loyalty. True Scorpios have little time for those who are flighty and non-committal.

Scorpio's tumultuous feelings could mirror the time of year they are born. For many, the seasons are changing rapidly at the end of October, and the anticipation of winter is alive and well. Scorpios feel all emotions intensely and prefer to be around others who do the same (via Well + Good). If you are considering dating a Scorpio or are a Scorpio wondering who is worth your time and affectionate energy, there are two signs, in particular, that will provide fierce pleasure when it comes to conversation and love.

The most ideal signs for a Scorpio

The Scorpio and Taurus connection can be a very deep one. While Scorpios are water signs searching for depth and energy, Taurus is a fixed, earth sign grounded and steady. Because they are opposite signs, they have been known to balance each other. They are both passionate and committed, and this pairing can be one of the most sensual and long-lasting relationships that exist. However, because they are both wildly stubborn, this coupling has a tendency to end in turmoil (via In Style). Mostly, Scorpios and Tauruses create a beautiful pairing, evening each other out. A balance like theirs is most likely a deeply devoted relationship.

Perhaps the most intense and satisfying pairing of all the signs that are coupled is a Scorpio and a Pisces. Both are water signs and wildly loyal. They are also both known to be extremely possessive in nature, so this can make them double down on the affection and intensity (via Times Now News). Pisces is only four signs away from Scorpio, making it one of the best pairings out there. One frustration between the two could be Pisces' passive nature interfering with Scorpio's drive, but the two can also help each other in this area. Pisces' go-with-the-flow attitude can calm an intense Scorpio, and vice versa. Scorpios are oftentimes instrumental in helping a Pisces achieve their dreams.

Incompatible signs for Scorpios

While every sign has its perfect match, there are also unions that tend to crash and burn. For example, Scorpios and air signs like Gemini tend to fizzle before they ignite. Geminis are constantly on the hunt for excitement, making them flakey in the eyes of a Scorpio, and in turn, Scorpios tend to be too intense for the fun-loving air sign. This holds true with Libras as well. Scorpios need depth and intensity to feel fulfilled, and this can be a bit overwhelming for Libras (via InStyle). In addition, a pairing between an Aquarius and a Scorpio tends to be problematic. Both are very fixed in their ways, and this can make conflict resolution between the two unproductive.

If you do make a connection with a wildly intense Scorpio, or if you are a Scorpio on the hunt for a compatible mate, there are so many fun personality traits to consider. If you find yourself incompatible on paper with a Scorpio but have your heart set on a relationship with one, do not fear. There are more things to consider besides the sun signs (via Allure). Before getting into a relationship with a Scorpio or as a Scorpio, knowing these traits can help you understand and communicate with your desired match.