Biker Fashion Is In For Fall. Here's How To Achieve The Look

When it comes to fashion, we can see how it's a symbol of the overall moment of society. Recently we saw trends like cottagecore and cabincore show how hopeful and dreamy people were feeling. These trends were meant to romanticize the summer season and bring a sense of fairytales to your daily life. With fall around the corner, we can see how the overall shift is turning into establishing your confidence and showing more realness and grit. Because of this shift, the fall season will see the rise of biker fashion.

Biker fashion, also known as bikercore, is the newest micro style to pop up when people long for a sense of confidence and to embrace the darkness. Although on the rise, biker fashion is nothing new in the fashion world. Biker fashion has been around for a while, starting from the punk and alternative scenes of the '70s, and has recently been seen on celebrities like Julia Fox.

However, for the fall season, we will see a repetition of what many recent trends have faced. With the rise of many nostalgic trends, the biker fashion trend will take a modern twist to fit in with current times.

1. Invest in leather

When you think of biker fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is leather. There's no better staple of this style than a good-quality leather piece. Whether it's a leather jacket or leggings, this fabric is a must-have if you want that biker style.

If you want to encapsulate the biker fashion, you have to embrace leather. Alexander McQueen's Fall 2022 Ready-To-Wear collection is the perfect example of going head-first into the trend. On the runway, we saw how designer Sarah Burton went for head-to-toe leather looks for the McQueen brand. Going for top to bottom leather is the perfect way to present biker fashion in a sophisticated and chic way. Long gone is the need to wear a faded leather jacket over a torn-up graphic t-shirt, you can now choose structured pieces in leather to get the same style.

With so many alternatives for real leather, these pieces are bound to be a staple for the fall. The best part of working with leather is that it tends to be a classic choice that can last years. Vice president of womenswear and kidswear at, Tiffany Hsu, tells British Vogue, "If you find the perfect shape, [leather pieces] are timeless and can be worn season after season." Hsu's comments are a testament that even if your love for biker fashion only lasts for the fall season, your leather piece will last you long after the trend is gone.

2. Boots are back

Like the rest of the biker trend, the more intimidating the item, the better. That is why you want a shoe that will be strong enough for you to walk on any surface you would want. Enter the biker boots.

When searching for the perfect biker boot, you want to keep in mind a few factors. Like the Courrèges Fall 2022 Ready-To-Wear collection, you want to reach for knee-high boots, leather boots, Chelsea boots, and boots filled with buckles. However, in this new modern twist on the biker fashion, you want to add a new flair to this statement shoe.

The importance of your shoe is to continue the edginess of biker fashion. As Jill Jacobs, stylist to singer Rosalia and icon of the current biker trend, tells Refinery29, "Just get a cool, chunky boot and then keep adding materials to your outfit." To get the complete biker boot, Jacobs recommends adding as many twists as you can to the shoe. This can be from taking it to a knee-high or reaching for an ultra-platform boot. Either one of these will give you that intimidating shoe that you need.

3. Add silver accessories

Like any good trend, you need to have a good set of accessories. Thanks to bikercore, silver jewelry is taking the spotlight as the hottest trend for accessories for fall. Because bikercore is partially made up of its hardware, having silver metal throughout your look is essential for a biker-chic style.

Stitch Fix's Amberly Reese tells The Zoe Report, "One of the things to keep in mind this season is that silver is the new gold, which lends itself nicely to [2022's biker fashion trend,] whose core staples utilize silver closures and embellishments." Reese adds to this the fact that currently many of the hottest bags are ones with plenty of chunky hardware on them.

Reinforcing this notion of silver being the new gold is the Saint Laurent Fall 2022 Ready-To-Wear show, which showed silver accessories to match their other biker details. You could take a cue from the Saint Laurant and go for big, statement pieces that will most likely turn heads or go for small dainty pieces to add an aura of sophistication.

4. Motocross details

Part of the reason why biker fashion is exploding is because of the addition of motocross details, adding a bit of grunge and edge to the biker trend but doing so in a colorful and youthful way. Although the motocross and biker styles can be separate, they have a lot of common details that make them similar. Motocross has more leeway for bright colors and designs, while biker fashion is scaled back in tones. Take it from Kim Kardashian, who opted for a Balenciaga moto jacket with all of the vital motocross details but wore it in a sleek black.

You can also take the example of model Bella Hadid, who wore a yellow and black racing jacket and matched the motocross style with a pair of baggy leather pants. Matching these two forms of style is a great way to put a twist on the biker fashion we remember from decades ago. Instead of opting for a dark and grungy biker fashion, go for this motocross mix that adds color and design to it instead.

5. Throw in feminine details

Just because you want to have biker fashion in your wardrobe does not mean you need to get rid of all your feminine details. Like all of the trends of recent times, you don't have to choose between all of your favorite details. Like humans, our fashion is multi-faceted and can represent different versions of ourselves. Dior's Fall 2022 Ready-To-Wear is a stark reminder that both feminine and masculine details can coexist in one look. Take a look at Dior's mixture of soft, feminine silhouettes mixed with leather gloves as an example of how biker fashion can come in small details.

Another high fashion example of how to throw in biker fashion into a feminine look comes from Miu Miu. At Miu Miu's Fall 2022 Ready-To-Wear show, we saw how the brand combined its now iconic rebellious schoolgirl style with harsher biker fashion. Pairing flowy lace and floral skirts with tough leather jackets is an ode to the nostalgic biker fashion with today's vulnerability.