How To Keep Your Hair Fresh When You Work Out Every Day

If you work out, you know that sweat is a good indication that you gave it your all. Sweat works wonders to cool our bodies, but it can make keeping our hair healthy and fresh difficult. If you schedule your workouts during the day, you are probably torn about how often you should really wash your hair, and what to do with your sweaty strands if you don't. We've all heard that it's good to wait a couple of days between washings, but is that feasible with a consistent workout schedule?

While every hair texture is different and every scalp need isn't the same, most of us can be assured that there are easy ways to maintain beautiful hair while keeping our bodies fit. You need to take the correct steps before you work out, consider the products you purchase, and keep an open mind with how you style it. No matter the intensity of the workout, we have solutions to keep your hair looking fresh.

Embrace the freedom of dry shampoo

One mistake many make is waiting until the workout is over to spray dry shampoo. Beauticians advise that you should not wait until your hair is sweaty to spray dry shampoo for damage control. Dry shampoo is actually designed to work on dry strands of hair, so spraying your hair before your workout is more advisable (via Self). Using your shampoo before you break a sweat actually keeps your scalp dry no matter the intensity of the activity (via Vogue). 

Select quality products

While it can sometimes hurt our pocketbook, it is true that you get what you pay for when it comes to beauty products. In addition to investing in the right products, stay away from shampoos with sulfates in them. Save those products for hair with excessive build-up or chlorine-soaked hair only (via Shape). Experts suggest looking at department stores for highly reviewed products. Brands like Pureology, R+Co, and L'Oreal have products that are affordable and safe to use in your hair.

Give the wet look a try

If your workout was a particularly good one and dry shampoo just isn't going to cut it, the wet look is taking the world by storm. Follow Kim Kardashian and Kerry Washington's lead by leaving in a small amount of conditioner to rock the hairstyle that appears to stay wet all day long (via Self). For another way to get this look, you can put a little hair gel or pomade on your fingers and smooth it through your hair front to back (via Elle). Your hair will feel clean, moisturized, and you'll be rocking a new trend.

Experiment with hair accessories

Use your workout routine as an excuse to get creative with your hair accessories. Experts recommend using silk scrunchies to pull your hair back into a ponytail or bun (via Today). Silk will help to minimize breakage that can be caused by rubber hair ties. In addition to a fun pony, consider a headband, head scarf, or bandana to accessorize. There are inexpensive options out there, and they can really add flair to your everyday look.

Try some post-gym-friendly hair styles

Finally, get creative with the styles you choose for your hair. Today suggests trying your hand at a French braid or something similar. There are easy tutorials out there for every type of hair. Pull your hair up, let it flow down, give it a loose bun, or have a blast trying out new braids. No matter what you choose, you'll keep your hair healthy after your workouts and take the pressure off of yourself in terms of washing.

Maintaining a healthy workout schedule and healthy hair can be done. It is true that most experts recommend avoiding washing your hair every day, so dry shampoo and new hair accessories could be the solution to some of your hair care concerns. With these tips, you'll be killing it both in the gym and the hair department.