5 Sweater Trends That Are Totally Outdated In 2022

It's finally time! Time to break out everyone's favorite fall staple- the sweater. This year, it seems sweaters are even bigger, if that is even possible. With a sweater going completely viral on Twitter and Gigi Hadid releasing her new knitwear line Guest in Residence, sweaters are seemingly everywhere we turn. Though sweaters stay a favorite clothing item year after year, specific sweater trends change. It is hard to imagine there are so many sweaters varieties, but hundreds of combinations exist. Fibers, knit, color, and fit all come into play when it comes to the perfect sweater (via The Creative Curator). Each year we wait to see which combination trickles down from the runways so we can snatch it up.

Unfortunately, this means some of the current sweaters may not necessarily be trending anymore but luckily, new replacements are right around the corner. This year's sweater trends seem to be more minimalist-focused rather than last year's bold knits. We are all about comfort this fall and winter as well, which means putting up your constricting fashion pieces and bringing out the basic comfy knits.

Here are five sweater trends we are putting in storage this fall and what we're buying instead.

Open, loose knits instead of fitted cardigans

Comfort is key in 2022, so it is a given that fitted knits are not as popular this year as they once were. Instead, we see open, loose knits popping up everywhere from high-end designer boutiques to fast fashion stores. These loose open knits are perfect for comfort on the early fall days, as they leave breathing room, but can also be used for layering in late fall. The trend is easy to style with a simple pair of boots and jeans (via Instagram).

Swap argyle for stripes

Argyle was all over our Instagram feeds for the past two years, but in 2022 its replacement is officially stripes. Specifically, navy or black stripes on a cream background are trending. Continuing with the minimalist theme, stripes are a simple pattern that can be paired with almost any look. Striped sweaters are neutral in our book! The striped look is effortlessly preppy while also giving a nautical look perfect for early fall beach trips. We love to see striped sweaters styled with classic denim and boots (via Instagram).

Trade one-shoulder sweaters for collared knits

Showing lots of skin and trying to be sexy is just not on our radar for this fall, which is why we are ditching our one-shoulder sweaters. Instead, we are focusing on academia looks with blazers, slacks, and, most importantly, collars. Collared knits are having their moment this fall. These knits give us all the preppy vibes. A collared knit even went viral on TikTok, as creator Sal Croker showed us that girls everywhere are wearing the style.

Out with the frilly in with the fisherman knits

As the coastal grandmother aesthetic has blown up, so has the appearance of fisherman knits. Truly, it isn't much of a surprise, as fisherman knits provide the perfect amount of chic and comfort. Once worn by fishermen off the coast of Ireland, the fisherman sweater is a staple in the neutral girl's wardrobe (via Aran Islands Knitwear). While last year we flocked toward the feminine delicacy of puff sleeves and lace, this year's fall vibe is more focused on minimalism and comfort. The intricate knit of the fisherman's sweater, along with its traditional cream color, make it the perfect piece for fall.

Hairy knits over chenille sweaters

While soft chenille sweaters are tempting, they are being replaced this fall by another cozy alternative — the oversized hairy knit. An ode to the angora trend of the early 2000s, hairy knits are shaping up to be one of the biggest trends of the season due to their Y2K touch. They are simple to layer, as well as extremely versatile. Simply throw on your favorite denim or leggings for a casual work-from-home look (via Instagram). They are also perfect to pair with low-rise jeans for the full Y2K effect.