The Best Fall Activity For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Fall has graced us with its warm, golden presence once again. The season is one many look forward to with its promise of autumn-specific activities, changing leaves, cozy sweaters, and pumpkin-flavored everything.


Psychologically speaking, fall is beloved by many for the nostalgia and comfort it brings to our lives, per HuffPost. It is a more casual time of year, with less expectation to look a certain way or spend money on summer vacations. Furthermore, the cooler weather often helps us think more clearly, while nature's stunning display of red and gold leads us to spend more time outdoors while we still can (via Verywell Mind). The autumn air perpetually smells of crisp leaves, hearty cinnamon, and bonfire smoke, while spooky traditions and fun fall activities abound.

The sheer number of fall-related activities can make choosing the right one feel like an impossible task. Depending on your astrological sign, carving jack-o-lanterns or curling up with a terrifying Stephen King novel and a delicious chai tea latte might be ideal for you. Some may prefer the excitement of a lively Halloween party or football game, while others might like to scare themselves silly with ghost tours and haunted houses galore. To really make the most out of the season you can use this guide to help determine the best fall activity for you based on your zodiac sign.


Aries: Take a nature hike

There is nothing an Aries loves more than being physically active (via Thrillist). This adventurous, energetic fire sign craves spontaneity and new experiences, preferring to break free from the chains of routine at all costs, per Thought Catalog. The fall is an exciting time for Aries signs because there are so many fun outdoor adventures to experience. According to Astrology Zone, they prefer to be active and thrive in challenging team sports. But slower-paced activities that get the heart pumping are also good to help an Aries avoid boredom at all costs.


As a result, autumn is an ideal opportunity to strap on some hiking boots and a favorite flannel shirt, prep a flask with whiskey, and hit the trail for a long nature hike in the wilderness. The stunning fall foliage will take their breath away, while the physical exertion will quiet their buzzing minds. If possible, visiting a picturesque hiking trail in a new city or state is also a great idea. Aries are always on the hunt for new places to explore and conquer, so hitting up a national state park with ambitious trails is ideal for this sign.

Gemini: Attend a costume party

Fashion-forward, extroverted Geminis are big on personality and known to be loads of fun. As the social butterflies of the zodiac calendar, Geminis also love a good party. They will never turn down an invitation to a Halloween bash where they can put their fashion sense to good use. Geminis love to dominate a costume contest, especially considering their wide-ranging style can vary drastically day-to-day (via Astrostyle). A Gemini is often more likely to attend a spooky Halloween party than host one, as they prefer mingling and showing off their outfit over taking care of party guests.


Geminis really love bringing people together at social events, which makes them great attendees. They are also very charming individuals who can fit in with any vibe, conversing with wallflowers and extroverted people equally well, per Co-Star. Their adaptable social energy means they're great at introducing new groups of people to one another at parties. 

It's no wonder that with their social skills, Gemini is the zodiac sign most likely to be the center of attention.

Scorpio: Host a scary movie marathon

The ideal fall activity for a Scorpio is hosting a scary movie marathon with their best pals. Scorpios are intense people with an endless amount of courage. Many people are drawn to a Scorpio's magnetism, per Astrostyle. They usually don't scare like other people, finding solace in the shadows that would have others turning away. While their friends scream in horror or hide under blankets during the gruesome parts of movies like "The Hills Have Eyes" or "Insidious," a Scorpio will have their eyes glued to the screen, most likely chuckling with delight.


In fact, it might be because Scorpios are born around Halloween, but they are one of the signs that digs the holiday (via USA Today). Magic intrigues Scorpios both in fiction and real life, so cue up "Hocus Pocus 2" for a night full of laughter and mystery. If a Scorpio can't get their loved ones on board for a night of scary flicks, a marathon of movies with intricate, mysterious plots and fantasy elements will be sure to satisfy.

Libra: Take a ghost tour

As the leader of the autumnal equinox, Libras find great value in empathy and often seek variety (via Co-Star). The fall-centric sign wants excitement and craves adventure on a daily basis. This longing for newness also makes Libras big believers in magic, ghosts, and supernatural beings, per Pinkvilla. They are open-minded and agreeable individuals with an innate ability to see every side of an argument or issue. This well-balanced, harmonious approach to life and their attraction to paranormal entities makes going on a ghost tour an ideal fall activity for them. Libras can see the logic and romanticism behind ghosts, or at the very least agree with people who believe in them. They are also intrigued by a spirit's lingering presence in the corporeal world.


Libras may love the idea of going on a ghost tour, but their indecisiveness will make it difficult for them to actually plan it. If you are looking to hang out with a Libra friend this fall, know that you're probably going to have to organize the outing for them.

Sagittarius: Go to a haunted house

Going to a haunted house is an amazing fall activity for Sagittarius folks to try. As a mutable sign, Sagittarians are born explorers that can easily adapt to any environment. They also possess a unique blend of intensity, adaptability, and curiosity that make them well-suited to the twisting halls and jump-scares of a professional haunted house. Furthermore, Sagittarians prefer activities that challenge both their minds and bodies (via The Times of India). They are eager to be first in line for a haunted house and they're also likely to break away from the group and explore the space alone, per The Minds Journal. But Sagittarians rarely take a haunted house too seriously.


Haunted houses, whether they be local legend or temporary fiction, are attractive to a Sagittarian's curious mind. They long to understand the backgrounds of the haunted house's previous occupants. Very often, they will use their wit and cleverness to uncover the smoke and mirrors that scare their companions silly. A Sagittarius will also take risks and assert their independence while exploring a haunted house, which is frustrating for their frightened friends, but an absolute blast for them.

Leo: Tell ghost stories around a bonfire

Spotlight-seeking Leos thrive as their friend group's free entertainment. During the fall, they should use their talents for acting and general showmanship to tell ghost stories around the bonfire. Whether they tell a scary tale from memory or make one up on the spot, their charisma, commanding stage presence, and passion for creation in any form makes them the ideal person to lead the night's spooky narrative. Their dedication to the dramatic side of life also draws them to the paranormal, lending a touch of authenticity to their storytelling.


Leos aren't afraid to take center stage, even at a casual bonfire. They are fiery signs that, like the sun they are ruled by, need to be the center of attention at all times (via The Magic of Soul). They are bold, dramatic people that love to be loud, sing at the top of their lungs, and skillfully weave captivating tales for anyone who will listen. All they need is an interested audience, a flickering campfire, and a carefully planned jump scare to entertain.

Taurus: Go apple picking

Taurus is a fixed earth sign that leads a grounded, stable, and dependable life any time of the year. They are also highly resistant to change, including the transition of the seasons. Fall's arrival throws their beloved, established routines out the window, as noted by Co-Star. Taureans are also major homebodies that prefer simple, solitary hobbies, particularly ones that help them connect with nature, per Indian Astrology 2000. Tending to their perfectly symmetrical gardens and harvesting their plants is a sacred experience for Taureans in warmer months. To help this stubborn sign transition from summer to fall and keep them in the garden as long as possible, serene outdoor activities like apple picking are ideal.


Normally, Taureans grow gardens full of root vegetables and turn them into hearty, comfort meals (via Alamanac). However, their mastery of the five senses and penchant for beauty helps them bake lovely desserts as well. For a Taurus, spending a day in the local apple orchard and an evening transforming their harvest into mouthwatering apple pies, crumbles, or decadent caramel apples is the definition of a perfect fall day.

Cancer: Visit a pumpkin patch

Going to a pumpkin patch to hunt for the perfect pumpkin is a great fall activity for Cancers. Cancer season marks the beginning of winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. However, that doesn't mean this nurturing water sign can't enjoy the best of what fall has to offer. Cancers typically thrive in their own season, the start of summer, by reconnecting with their emotions, getting back to their roots, and softening their hard outer shells, per The Cut. Cancers can also appreciate autumn, however, because of the similar quiet the changing season brings for those very same transitional and reflective opportunities.


This zodiac sign is introverted, emotional, prone to bouts of extreme moodiness, and highly intuitive. They wear their hearts on their sleeves, a trait that makes them empathetic, but also susceptible to unease and difficulty with new situations (via Kellee Maize). Because of these personality traits, a Cancer isn't likely to enjoy small talk at a Halloween party, or the chaotic energy of a football game. Instead, Cancers often prefer quiet activities with small groups of close friends, like picking pumpkins. They will adore scouring the field for the best pumpkin while sipping on a hot cup of cider. Once a Cancer has their pumpkin in hand, a night carving jack-o-lanterns and decorating their home is a great way to unwind and prepare for spooky season.


Virgo: Read a book and sip a pumpkin spice latte

There is nothing a Virgo loves more than getting lost in a good book. Ruled by the communicative planet Mercury, Virgos are huge bookworms who prefer to stimulate their minds with the written word rather than television or mindless conversation (via Indian Astrology 2000). A Virgo is very thoughtful and often prefers solitude to balance out their inner anxieties, per Labyrinthos. Reading is an excellent way for Virgos to escape their constant battle for self-improvement and the ongoing worry that they are disappointing people or giving off the wrong impression.


Virgos in search of the best fall activity for their zodiac sign should start their day at their favorite bookstore. Perusing the shelves will feed their inner need for creative stimulation and give them a sense of peace. Books with a cozy fall vibe, such as "The Secret History" by Donna Tartt or "Practical Magic" by Alice Hoffman, are sure to get a Virgo into the spirit of the season. To elevate the experience, they should enjoy their new book at a local coffee shop while sipping on a pumpkin spice latte.

Capricorn: Get crafty

Taking a break from busy daily life tasks and enjoying a fun and relaxing activity should be a major priority for a Capricorn during the fall season. Engaging in a fun arts and crafts project should be the number one fall activity on a Capricorn's list. In their everyday lives, Capricorns are hard-working, driven, and goal-oriented. They spend ample time planning, leading, and mindfully showcasing their authority. Their analytical minds and ambition find them in careers with structure, like accounting or financial planning. While these traits often make them wildly successful leaders in their chosen fields, this sign's penchant for overachieving makes them prone to burnout. They also struggle to express their true feelings and emotions for fear of being vulnerable.


Capricorns may be ambitious, but they are also very gentle creatures in need of some fun outside of work to stay balanced. Making art or a fall craft is the perfect way for a Capricorn to unwind and express their inner creativity. According to Craftsy, Capricorns also excel at baking. The combination of following a complicated recipe and creating something from scratch will appeal to every part of the Capricorn brain, particularly one that doesn't care for hot glue or craft glitter. Whatever they decide to make, it is important for them to rein in their competitive spirit when crafting, per Artspace. They will need to fight their natural urge to make the best wreath or pumpkin-scented candle and simply indulge in the art of enjoyment during this fall activity. 


Pisces: Explore a corn maze

Not everyone appreciates the complexities of a corn maze, but Pisces sure do. As a mutable water sign, Pisces are very go with the flow, which means they aren't going to find the twists and turns of a difficult maze stressful. They are also adventurous individuals that require constant stimulation and the excitement of new experiences to feel fulfilled. Pisces are creative and have a strong sense of intuition (via Dictionary). These traits will allow them to be imaginative and see paths that others will not notice, both of which are ideal for navigating a corn maze.


Pisces generally love hobbies that take them outdoors to help them relax and disconnect from their emotions, per Online Star Register. It is easy for them to get lost in their own thoughts. Getting out in nature and putting their minds to work solving a 3D puzzle is good for them and will help exercise the more analytical parts of their brains. However, Pisces should be wary of bringing people with strong, dominating energy with them to the corn maze. Doing so could trigger this sign's emotional, empathetic nature, especially if the maze proves difficult to solve.

Aquarius: Rake leaves for your neighbors

Aquarians are progressive, idealistic people who desperately want to change the world (via Astroyogi). They are the humanitarians of the zodiac calendar, constantly seeking out projects or causes that promote wellness. This combination makes raking leaves for neighbors the best fall activity for an Aquarius to undertake. It can be a solitary or group activity, which appeals to the conflicting needs of an Aquarius' personality, while satisfying the sign's desire to give back and helping out those in need.


Out of all of the zodiac signs, Aquarians make the best volunteers. They have a strong sense of community and enjoy spending their time helping others. However, Aquarius signs are also a bit detached. They struggle to find balance between doing the work they want and hiding themselves away for fear of losing an ounce of freedom or independence, per Co-Star. For this reason, some Aquarians may reach out to a local organization in need of volunteers to do fall yardwork. However, many will be happy to simply grab a rake and knock on doors in the neighborhood to ask if people want help with their leaves.