What Is This Fall's Best Unisex Style And How Can You Wear It?

Fall is the perfect time to try an outfit or certain garments you never have before. There are a variety of styles to try that are both cute and warm. Preppy looks during this time are especially popular, whether it is a skirt with tights, collared button-ups, or fashionable loafers. Now, collegiate fashion is all in again. The letterman jacket, also known as a varsity jacket, has been spotted on the runways for this upcoming fall, with designers like Louis Vuitton showcasing a street-style focus with the jackets.

The nostalgic factor of the varsity jacket is a big plus for some people. Not only is it a cool look, but wearing it may take you back to the good old days. "I think older millennials like me are feeling a deep sense of nostalgia for our youth and finding a newfound appreciation for how cool some of the cultural phenomena of our younger years really was," founder and creative director of Rowing Blazers, Jack Carlson tells TZR. The varsity jacket offers a vintage throwback look that can work for just about any style. These days, it isn't restricted to a jock, sporty look either. The best part is that anyone can rock it.

1. Preppy elements

Style the varsity jacket with the same elements it came from, as Cyrpus Mail spells out in some of their suggestions. Piece together a preppy look using one or all parts of what would complete the full outfit. For example, wear a short schoolgirl skirt with thigh-high socks and a button-up top. For extra flare, throw in a tie or a scarf under the collar. Sneakers and loafers work perfectly with this style. Top it off with a varsity jacket to complement the look. Or, opt for a look where you wear the different elements separately, but always with the jacket.

2. Dress it up

Because of the varsity jacket's evolution, the styling possibilities are endless. In fact, this sporty look can now be dressed up for an elevated feel. A popular look for this style is by wearing it with a short slip dress or skirt, a designer-style purse, and heels. Dress pants and dress shoes with a monotone varsity jacket to match also brings it up to another level. Many designers like Givenchy offer the jacket in a simpler style with the brand's logo for extra elegance.

3. Keep it casual

You can never go wrong with a casual look. Go for the classics like a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers for optimal comfort and style. This look matches more of the jacket's origins by creating a look that leans into that sporty feel. Because of denim's versatility, you can wear just about any color and style of varsity jacket you'd like with it. Plus, any cut and style of the top and jeans will always work with it. The jacket will complement it every time (via Lookastic).

4. Streetwear style

The varsity jacket is already meant to offer a baggy and sometimes oversized look. This is perfect for a street-style look because of the fit and the colors. Here, you can implement elements of a street-style outfit like oversized jeans, cargo pants, graphic t-shirts or designs, hats, and a variety of accessories together. Another popular street-style pairing would be a matching sweat suit for that ultimate comfort and style in one. Sneakers and boots are often the shoe choice for this look (via NYLON).

5. Punk meets jock

While it may have been an impossible feat in the past, jock and punk styles can harmoniously agree on one thing today: fashion. The varsity jacket is designed using popular techniques found in punk fashion and silhouettes. The patchwork embroidery and unique colors that sometimes clash are characteristics of both styles. Therefore, much like punk style, the varsity jacket pairs perfectly with dangly chain jewelry, plaid prints, and leather materials. Throw in skull, bone, or other punk imagery for the ultimate combination. Amp it up with a pair of platform shoes or boots for that extra touch of punk meets jock (via Pure Wow).