Miniskirts Are Going To Be Everywhere This Fall. Here's How To Rock The Style In Chilly Months

When it comes to dressing up for the fall months, the first thing that comes to mind is layering as much as possible. While many try and layer up as many pieces as possible, this fall season will see us shedding some fabric from our outfits. Thanks to many high fashion designers and the '90s fashion trend comeback, mini skirts are going to be a big part of our fall closets.

Even though we might not equate fall weather with mini skirts, these pieces are going to be everywhere come the fall season. While mini skirts have been around for a long time, their recent resurgence is due to their popularity during the Fall 2022 runway shows. During the Chanel Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear show, we saw how the brand showcased mini skirts in their iconic tweed fabric. Like Chanel, many brands decided to focus on using mini skirts with other popular fall fashion pieces.

However, just because we are using mini skirts in the fall, it doesn't mean that we have to freeze in the name of fashion.

Thigh-high boots

Just because mini skirts expose the legs to the elements, it doesn't mean they need to stay uncovered. Footwear like thigh-high boots is perfect to keep you warm during the fall season while still looking chic.

Even though thigh-high boots can be a cute shoe choice to go with your mini skirt, there are a lot of pluses that go along with choosing this footwear. Wardrobe stylist Donna Lisa tells TZR, "My favorite way to style a mini skirt once temperatures cool down is with tights and/or a chunky tall boot. Leg warmers or chunky socks with platform loafers are another fun winter add-on for minis." Because thigh-high boots cover so much of the leg, you can take advantage by slipping in warm socks underneath to help against the cold weather.

Taking a cue from content creator Nicolette Mason, who wore over-the-knee leather boots with a black mini skirt, a great way to ensure that you stay warm and chic no matter the weather. This combination also serves as a great way to wear a mini skirt with a mixture of something edgier.

A long coat

One of the pieces you simply cannot go without in the fall season is outerwear. Whether it's a trench coat or a long shacket, these pieces are classics in the fall and will go with almost any outfit. Besides being a chic third piece to your outfit, these pieces are key to battling chilly weather.

One of the best ways to style a long coat with your mini skirt is by simply matching them. Fashion content creator @vivienwtang does this by matching her mini skirt with a denim long coat embellished with fur. The same concept can go if you want to style a leather mini skirt with a leather coat of the same color. Using the same color also lets you play with a colorful accent top that can add a statement to your look.

Dua Lipa also shows how a monochrome outfit with a mini skirt and coat can be the recipe for a chic look. Styling a black leather look with a black sheer blouse and black mini skirt. A monochrome outfit complete with a coat is the perfect fall look, as it keeps you warm and levels up any outfit. Regardless if you go for color or monochrome, you can never have too much warmth with a coat.

Cozy knit sweaters

Apart from being a fantastic way to keep warm, a knit sweater is a symbol of chilly weather. While a knit sweater probably already is part of your wardrobe, styling them along with a mini skirt is a new way to make a statement this fall season.

Whether you go for a form-fitting or chunky knit sweater, both help add an extra layer of warmth and chicness. Like thigh-high boots, knit sweaters let you also wear something underneath, like a thermal, in extreme weather. Fashion content creator Lydia Okello shows off how a bright-colored mini skirt paired with a neutral sweater can be the perfect fall combination. Fashion Gum also shows us how a chunky sweater within the same color combination as a mini skirt can serve as a stylish casual outfit. In this case, the combination consisted of a plaid black and white mini skirt with a black chunky knit sweater. If you want to uplevel this look, try incorporating as few colors as possible, like Fashion Gum. This turns your everyday outfit into a stylish street-style look. Either type of chunky sweater can help you keep your upper half warm while you show off your mini skirt.

Stylish turtlenecks

Another staple of fall fashion comes in the form of turtlenecks. A chic way to remain warm on top, a turtleneck is the perfect layering piece. Also, because turtlenecks tend to be more minimal, they are the perfect piece to wear with mini skirts and create a preppy minimal look.

Raelann Langas shows us how a simple white turtleneck, tan blazer, and black mini skirt is the chic minimalist look everyone will want in fall. While it is low on saturated hues, this outfit combination is big on preppy vibes. Besides being great for minimalist lovers, it's also great for those who want to make a subtle statement.

Shapely Chic Shari does exactly that in the perfect fall outfit. Pairing a black turtleneck along with a plaid mini skirt, this outfit combination gives an academic chic look that doesn't take much to achieve. Just like this outfit, pairing any neutral turtleneck with a statement mini skirt is the perfect way to create a memorable look while still keeping it simple. Like any long-sleeve top, a turtleneck can help you keep warm by itself or when paired with any outerwear piece.

Leather jackets

Another major trend for the season comes in the form of leather everything. One of the biggest fabrics seen throughout Fall 2022, leather is something you need to have during the season. The best way to sport leather along with your mini skirt is with a leather jacket. Along with being very chic, a leather jacket can help keep you nice and warm during the fall months.

One example of how to sport a leather jacket comes from Vanessa Hong, who went for a mini skirt along with a leather racing jacket. This is a unique way of turning a leather jacket into a statement jacket. Besides the classic black leather jacket, there are many statement leather jacket options that you can use to make a statement outfit.

If you are keen on a more classic look, a black leather jacket will be your best friend. Amina Muaddi shows how a black leather jacket along with a black mini skirt can be the chicest combination. Muaddi combined a black leather jacket with touches of fur along with an all-black outfit. This monochrome black outfit is the key to a luxurious fall look.