Clogs Are Suddenly Everywhere - Here's How To Style Them For Fall

Clogs are back in a new, reimagined way during a time when fashionistas have prioritized comfort in a lot of their looks. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid have been spotted wearing this trending shoe of the season. Even though these are comfortable shoes, that doesn't stop them from being stylish and versatile. You'll find many clogs flat, heeled, with a platform, and with silver or gold buckles for that elevated touch. In fact, this shoe trend has been quite popular in the summer, but it's also a perfect addition for colder months as fall and winter make their way in (via L'Officiel).

The flexibility of a clog offers many styling options. "I actually think they are quite sexy in an understated way," founder and creative director of Loeffler Randall, Jessie Randall, tells TZR. "During the pandemic, we all got used to comfortable, slip-on shoes and clogs are both of those things. They go anywhere — they are both casual and polished at the same time." Keep it casual with a street-style look, a comfortable outfit, or dress it up with a hint of elegance. You'll love the many ways you can style a pair of clogs to fit your personal style.

Street style

In true street-style fashion, pair your clogs with something cool chic. Try an oversized coat, jacket, or sweater paired with your favorite style of bottoms. A skirt may give it that extra '90s kick. An oversized t-shirt and clogs with crew socks may also achieve the look. Because it is street style, there is so much freedom to mix and match your garments to create an effortless look. The tone of street style then allows a pair of clogs to fit right in. Bonus points if they are platformed (via Grazia).

Simple chic

Clogs are also perfect for the days when you're trying to keep it simple and casual. This may look like a t-shirt and jeans. It could also be a tank top and a refreshing pair of linen trousers. You can even take it another step forward and rock the shoes with a dress. Whatever simple route you take, clogs offer an adaptability to work with this style because of its easy slip-on look similar to that of a pair of sandals (via Vogue).

Pop of color

Maybe you like dressing in neutral tones with a pop of color every now and then, or maybe you like having a statement piece or accessory in your outfits. Clogs were often found in brown leather and wooden styles when they were first popular in the '90s. Today, you'll find them in an array of textures and colors playing off the Y2K burst of color. Add colorful clogs to your outfits to give them that extra pop. It could even work with an outfit that is already colorful itself for some added creativity of color blocking or mix and matching (via Stylecaster).


Don't be afraid to wear your clogs with something a little bit more formal. Elevate your look with a dress or a business casual route. Perhaps one of the most popular ways to do so is with an oversized blazer for that girl-boss chic style. This can work with your choice of bottoms or a matching set. Under the blazer, wear an elegant button-up top. Platform clogs or clogs with heels would work the best with this kind of outfit (via L'Officiel).

Monochrome matching

In following another popular trend, match your clogs directly with the colors of the rest of your outfit for a monochrome look. For example, try an all-beige coastal outfit, or opt for something darker, like all-black. Essentially, your clogs should be the same color, if not very close to the same color, as the rest of your outfit. This could also work if your clogs match directly with another piece of the outfit, like the top, bottoms, or coat (via L'Officiel).