Your Guide To Embracing Capricorn Style

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Capricorns are the boss babes of the zodiac. Anyone with strong Capricorn placements likely has their own business, is obnoxiously responsible, and is the oil that keeps the office's machine running if they aren't the boss. Ruled by Saturn, the disciplinary planet of karma, productivity, and long-term goals, everyone knows a Capricorn in their life who keeps them grounded and motivated (via Tarot). Their bad girl energy stems from a place of checking things off their list, being a step ahead of everyone in achievements, and knowing they are capable of anything they put their mind to. Capricorn celebrities whose closets we'd love to raid include Michelle Obama, Kate Moss, FKA Twigs, and Issa Rae. 

Capricorn's captivating presence is fueled by their vision for success and ability to work hard. They have a girl-boss mentality that everyone can learn from and can be felt the second they enter a room. Here's your guide to embracing big Capricorn energy.

Claim your throne with a power suit

Nothing says boss girl energy like a power suit. Michelle Obama, the queen of executive chic and who former Barack Obama called his "rock," has given us many versions of commanding yet timeless suits (via Essence). Capricorns do best in positions of leadership and like to feel in charge. To channel their authoritative aura, choose a suit that adds a level of playfulness and color that you can wear on a girls' night out. If you really want to up the ante, opt for a deep-cut blazer dress like this one available on Revolve to effortlessly command the attention in a room.

Wear all black when all else fails

If you raided a Capricorn's closet, you would likely find an all-black section filled with every cut and shape of a good black dress. Capricorns have a no-nonsense practical mind that seeks ease and grace in all things (via Café Astrology). The last thing they want is to overthink an outfit. All black also gives them the dominating seductive power that oozes from their system. To fully try on the Capricorn spirit, pair your all-black fit with a strong red lip and pointed stiletto.

Wear heightened shoulder pads for an elevated look

According to fashion history experts at Perspex, padded shoulders became a symbol of the businesswoman in the 1980s, with the likes of Madonna and Grace Jones challenging ideas around gender and fashion with their masculine forward attires. Fast forward to today, brands are still using the design technique to inject their styles with structure and dimension. Yves Saint Laurent's Summer 2023 line is seen using shoulder pads against soft dress silhouettes and leather jackets. Hailey Bieber was also spotted in a gorgeous monochromatic pink suit with elevated shoulder pads in Paris this year (via Yahoo). For those bold enough to make a statement, it's a great page out of Capricorn's book.

Pair your sweater with a skirt

On the days when you'd rather focus your attention on your deadlines and not your outfit, pair your favorite sweater with a skirt. Capricorns are represented by the goat climbing the mounting, signifying their detailed concentration to reach success (via Café Astrology). They are playing the long-term game and are constantly devoting their attention to big projects that need every ounce of their attention. They don't always have time to plan the perfect look. A successful work outfit is both the comfort of a graphic sweater and the professionalism of a stylish skirt. 

Pairing shoes with dresses

Capricorn's boss girl energy is defined by their tenacity to get things done and their love of building empires (via Indastro). They are frequently on the go with meetings to attend and seminars to host. These entrepreneur-minded individuals are always presenting professionalism despite a busy schedule. To embody the girl who is fully booked aesthetic, try pairing a pair of retro sneakers with your business dress or skirt. Even glitzy dresses or sheer skirts can handle a chunky tennis shoe which can help ground a fit in true Capricorn fashion.