Outerwear Trends We're Obsessed With For Fall

Nothing screams fall like bundling up in a warm jacket while watching the leaves turn brown and fall to the ground. However, like all fashion trends this year, outerwear will look a bit familiar. Since we are seeing more nostalgic fashion making a comeback, you can expect to see outerwear that was once a trend enter the fashion world again. WGSN senior strategist of womenswear forecasting, Laura Yiannakou, tells InStyle, "[The jacket trends for fall 2022] are all iconic outerwear pieces that tap into the trend for nostalgia. The timeless, heritage element of these items draw in the customer with a comforting and familiar feel. They're widely recognized and have constantly been re-invented throughout fashion history."


Whether you are a fan of the nostalgic fashion trend or not, outerwear is a must-have piece for any fall wardrobe. Since fashion trends are also about practicality now, you want to ensure that your outerwear will keep you warm no matter the weather. Thankfully, the outerwear trends we see for fall are all about looking chic while keeping warm.

Shearling coats and jackets

If your goal is to stay warm during fall but still look edgy and chic, you need a shearling coat or jacket. These pieces are usually leather throughout with a shearling collar and lining. However, you can also find jackets made entirely out of shearling. Either variation will give you warmth and style up any look.


If you opt for a full shearling jacket, styling it will be easy. One way you can make your jacket pop is by using the power of contrast. Style a white shearling jacket with a monochrome black outfit to elevate your look (via Instagram). This minimalist style will help create a luxurious look that doesn't need to cost a lot.

Sheerluxe stylist Anna Bromilow also shares different ways to style your shearling jacket. One way you can create a more sophisticated and preppy look is by wearing all denim or adding tweed fabric in the form of skirts or shorts. Bromilow also suggests pairing it with your favorite loungewear set for a Scandi girl look.

Quilted jackets

Another trend that is ready for another year in the spotlight is the quilted jacket. This outerwear piece has become a fall trend in recent years and shows no sign of slowing down.

The most popular variation of the quilted jacket was the green quilted jacket. This quilted jacket comes in all fabrics, making it a versatile piece. For example, Influencer Caroline Sullivan paired her green quilted jacket with a simple pair of jeans, a black top, and pair of sneakers. Ideal for those casual days, a quilted jacket is the best piece to throw over your outfit and walk out the door.


If you want to dress up your quilted jacket for a better street style, you can also try to play with color and design. Danique van der Wel showed off on Instagram her unique way of styling a quilted jacket that will make it look more luxurious and elevated. By going for cropped and beige, you can get a different type of look that is less casual. Van der Wel styled her look with a white shirt dress and cream boots. This neutral look is easily put together but can make your fall outfits more elegant.

Bomber jackets

Another trend that we are seeing rise in popularity again is the bomber jacket. While this trend isn't new, it is coming back for another round.

The bomber jacket is the perfect outerwear piece if you want an edgier street-style look. Apart from being chic, the bomber jacket is a great piece to protect you from the wind. One way to style your bomber jacket this fall is by choosing a pop of color (via Instagram). When you think of outerwear pieces for fall, you tend to stick to neutral or dark colors. However, adding color can help brighten your outfit and make it much more fun.


On the other hand, a sleek black bomber jacket can also be a fantastic choice for the fall. Fashion content creator Julia Benz shows us how a black bomber jacket, styled with other dark items, can help create a moody fall look. Benz went with an oversized bomber jacket with a pair of grey shorts, a black top, and black boots. This sleek combination of dark colors will help make for a chic, easy outfit that will become your go-to fall uniform.

Puffer jackets

Also known as a padded jacket, puffer jackets and coats are routinely mistaken for quilted jackets. While their names are often interchangeable, one main difference between the jackets is that puffer jackets usually have insulation, down or synthetic fibers. These materials give them their iconic puffed-up look (via Pediaa). You can also find that puffer jackets have a horizontal lining, while quilted jackets usually have a hexagon or diamond shape.


Puffer jackets can be overpowering on any outfit, depending on the amount of padding. This extra padding can make it more challenging to style any look underneath. Influencer Claire Rose perfectly styled her puffer jacket with a monochrome black outfit. Although her puffer jacket is more glossy, the one-color look makes it look serious and chic. The ideal way to keep warm during the colder weather, you can easily throw on a puffer jacket for a stylish look. Along with black accessories, this outfit is the best moody outfit that takes little to no effort.

Trench coats

It would not be the fall season if it didn't include a trench coat. The beauty of the trench coat is that it can be as versatile as you want it to be. With so many options for trench coats, it's easy to see why this piece has lasted so long as a must-have fall outerwear trend.


One way you can remix this classic piece is by choosing a trench coat in a different color or pattern. Olivia Mahan showed off her black and white trench coat with a monochrome black for a sophisticated look. While she used a pair of sneakers, this look can go from day to night by just changing the footwear. While Mahan is just wearing black sweatpants, the addition of the trench coat makes it look much chicer.

Although everyone loves to remake a classic, there's nothing more true to fall than a beige trench coat. Made famous in various vintage films, such as "Casablanca" and "Breakfast at Tiffany's," the trench coat is synonymous with elegance and sophistication. Marina Norjes brings this classic look into the modern era by styling the beige trench coat with a blazer dress and white button-up combo. While you could essentially wear anything underneath a trench coat, dressing up makes it feel more put together and refined.