How Does A Taurus Show Love In Relationships?

At its worst, the Taurus bull can be strong-willed, uncooperative, and unwavering. Known for their stubborn energy, Taurus individuals get a bad rap for being too tight-fisted and hard-headed, according to best-selling authors and astrologers, AstroTwins. Vying for their love isn't easy either, as this Earth sign has high standards with a refined taste linked to luxury materialism and sensual comfort. This also makes them incredibly devoted lovers, ruled by Venus, the planet of romance, beauty, love, and sensuality (via Café Astrology).


As a fixed sign, their need to remain steadfast, responsible, and inflexible is what can manifest as stubbornness, but it's also the same fuel that leads to immense loyalty and devotion. In love, Taurus individuals are the ride-or-die of the zodiac and will go to the end of the universe for the ones they love. Despite the tough defenses they create to ensure stability and strength, you will always feel their enduring love.

They're in it for the long haul

If you're looking for a Taurus to announce their love to you immediately, don't hold your breath. According to astrologers at Tarot, the Earth sign bull is consistent, stable, and patient. They are incredibly loyal in love, but before committing, they are slow-moving in order to ensure what they choose to be devoted to is right for them. As a fixed sign, they are focused on security and creating a long-lasting love that is fundamentally strong (via Astrology Zone). A Taurus individual is steadfast in love and before you can feel them express love to you, their practical nature needs to be sure you can meet their needs for foundational success.


Despite their tough exterior, those born under the Taurus sign are gushy hopeless romantics on the inside. They crave a deep unbreakable love that can stand the tests of time and are fully ready to give their all to make it last. If you don't feel any direct expressions of love in the early stages, just hold tight because the best is yet to come.

They love to spoil you

The love of a Taurus is slow-moving yet all-encompassing. Because of that Venus ruling, these earth signs experience and express love from a place of deep lust and sensuality (via Ganesha Speaks). When committed to a relationship, they are unshakeable and grounded in their connection to others. They also love to spoil and want you to experience love the same way they do — through their senses. A Taurus in love will make a sexy dinner at home for two, followed by rose petals in the bedroom and a hot oil massage. Even though they're slow to take the initiative, they are the most passionate lovers and are fully devoted to making you feel loved and secure every day. 


Taurus individuals are very concerned with material stability, per AstroTwins. By showing their love for you, it's not uncommon for them to spend loads of money on a partner or show security through money. They want you to know they are a strong source of stability and will flaunt their financial status to prove their devotion. Whether it's through gifts, romantic dates, or shopping trips, the Taurus star sign will always make sure you feel comforted and secure in their love.