How Often Should You Be Getting Massages To Reap The Benefits?

Getting a massage used to be the ultimate way to pamper yourself. In the past, people only got massages on spa days and vacations. Grouped with saunas, facials, and pedicures, massages have always been the highlight of any day at the spa. That's why when most people think of massages, they have images of soft music, dim lighting, and unmatched relaxation. While they are still considered a luxury by many, massages are starting to work their way into more of a mainstream option to care for ourselves. In fact, now we can get massage therapy at doctor's offices, airports, and shopping malls (via Mayo Clinic).


The good news is that massages are incredible for our circulation and sore muscles. Arthritis Society of Canada says that massage therapy works to ease stiff muscles and lessen inflammation. This type of therapy is a great treatment for stress and anxiety, and massages are becoming a more accessible way to treat what ails us medically. Because they have become such an integral part of caring for our sore muscles and busy minds, many people wonder how often they should get a massage.

The benefits of massage therapy

Because of the incredible benefits of massage, it may be tempting to get one whenever you can, but there are things to consider when deciding how often to implement them into your health routine. Consider why you are seeking massage therapy. If you are looking for more of a general, physical tune-up, you can space out your visits every four to six weeks. But if you have pain or tension, you may want to consider seeing a therapist every one to three weeks until the tension dissipates, says Press Modern Massage.


In addition, if you are wanting a deliberate massage routine for your mental well-being, according to Skin Care by L'Oréal, the more consistently you get a massage, the better it may be for your mental and physical well-being. Healthline recommends getting a massage once or twice a month for ultimate relaxation and stress relief. Consider getting a 60-minute massage that focuses on relaxation to help ease anxiety. Medical Massage Group advises that it is also beneficial to see the same therapist each time. This will help you relax, and they will be able to monitor any changes in your body.

What kind of massage is for you

Massages benefit us on the inside as well as make us feel great on the outside. They help us to lower our stress, increase our immune function, and manage pain (via National University of Health Sciences). When deciding what kind of massage to get, consider why you need one in the first place. Swedish massage and sports massage are very similar. Long strokes focusing on preventing injury are employed. Similarly, if your muscles are sore and you are experiencing tension, a deep tissue massage or a trigger point massage may be the best choice (via Mayo Clinic).


Although it would be nice to be able to get a massage once or twice a week, that is not a reality for most people. However, if you can schedule a massage once or twice a month, your body and mind will reap the benefits (via Medical Massage Group). If you've got muscle pain, are going through a stressful time, or just need a little relief, see a massage therapist and feel the benefits they bring.