44% Of People Use This Lip Product The Most - Glam Survey

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Lips are one of the most memorable elements in any makeup routine and have been that way for centuries. According to Upkeep, Queen Cleopatra wore lipstick made from crushed insects around 51 B.C., and the geishas of Japan wore two-toned lip products later in the 1880s. Other famous examples of lip makeup include Marilyn Monroe's iconic red pout and the painter Frida Kahlo's lip color. 


Like Cleopatra's knack for experimenting with makeup and Kahlo's love for lip makeup, the beauty community is always coming up with new and sometimes odd hacks for applying lip makeup. From TikTok trends like gym lips and using eyebrow tint as a lip liner to fan-favorite lip products like the Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil and ITEM Beauty's Lip Quip, makeup users now have a plethora of lip products available to help them achieve their favorite looks. But what product reigns supreme across vanities? To answer this, we got 587 Glam readers across the United States to share what their most-used lip product is, and the answers might surprise you. 

Lip balm is still that girl, but lip gloss is close behind

Chapped lips? We don't know her. Out of Glam's 587 survey participants, 44.63% of them — or 262 of them, to be exact — voted lip balm as their most-used lip product. For dry winters and hot summer days, it's great to know our readers have a trusty tube of lip balm like the highly rated Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm on them. Made with ingredients like emollients, oils, and sometimes sunscreen, lip balm keeps your lips supple and soft and serves as a great base to layer your other lip products on so they last longer (via LiveGlam). 


What's more, like a true high school makeup routine where lip balm comes first, a shiny lip product came second in Glam's survey. Right next to lip balm's 262 ardent users, 23.85% of Glam's 587 participants — 140, to be exact — revealed lip gloss as their go-to lip product. Fresh from almost being cast off for more matte 2016 makeup looks, lip gloss is making a comeback, and the #cleangirlaesthetic is championing the glittery cause. From lip balm to lip gloss, our readers love keeping it simple and hydrated.

Don't count lipstick out just yet

There are few makeup products as iconic as lipstick. Used as a symbol of strength in women-led protests, lipstick has been a part of revolutions, rebellions, and pop culture for seemingly forever, according to WYRL Beauty. Coming in third place, we found that 116 people, or 19.76%, of our 587 survey participants use lipstick the most. 


While pink and red lipsticks remain the most popular and historically-significant hues across continents, there are tons of shades for every skin tone (via Professional Beauty). As Lipstick History confirms, lipsticks can be slightly sheer, have a creamy or satin finish, or dry down matte on your lips. They can also be really shiny, nude, or pH-sensitive. Some even come in liquid form, a type that has grown in popularity over the years, per De'lanci Beauty. Whatever your style or shade, there's a lipstick for you, and Glam readers have that in the bag.

Lip stain and lip liner come in last

For those who do not like the boldness or the feeling of wearing lipstick but would still prefer some color, Maybelline names lip stain a worthwhile option to try, and our readers agree. Ranking in fourth place with 7.67% of Glam's 587 survey participants, 45 people revealed that they are ardent fans of lip stains and use the product the most. Unlike lipsticks which stay on top of the lip, Roselin Rosario, L'Oréal's associate principal chemist, explains that lip stains work by getting absorbed into the lips' top layer (via Makeup.com). Lip stains have gotten popular in recent years, with products like the Fenty Beauty Poutsicle Hydrating Lip Stain going viral. 


Finally, last on the survey with 4.09% of the votes is lip liner, which was revealed to be the most used lip product for 24 of the respondents. Lip liner, MAC explains, is great for shaping the lips before going in with lipstick or lip gloss. It can also be used on its own for a more subtle effect compared to lipstick. Hydration from lip balms, shine with lip gloss, and color from lipsticks, stains, and liners: our readers have their priorities in check.